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Hi Everyone, I'm a person who is a very avid fan of love stories, anime, classic music, all that stuff. I'm a hopeless romantic so that should explain why I often enter this site. I love the stories many people submit and every once in awhile I'll submit some of my own. Most of them will be from Twilight, sailor Moon, etc. But those will be the main ones. Hope you guys will like them.

Currently I'm working on a Twilight, SM, and a very steamy SM story and I know none are done but I promise you guys I'll be adding and writing to these a lot much soon. It's just some hassles that keep me tied up and my new computer. So please please be patient with me. If someone can help me and be a BETA reader for me I'd appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.

Love always,

           Cosmos Lover


Okay, so now I'm seriously getting back into writing, I had to deal with a whole lot of things lately I have not been able to write at all. I'm sorry all but I will try to do my best and give you at least 1 brand new chapter in each story each week.

Beta-reader: Yes
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Stories by CosmosLover
Rated: M 15+
Summary: Bella and Edward go thorugh tests in their lives before the big wedding takes place.From telling her parents about the engagement to sneaking around behind Alice's back to spend at least a little time together while Bella's concious.Of course Alice is in charge of all the wedding preparations.So if Alice says something no one should think about saying no or running from her. She will see it before you even start. That means you guys!
Categories: Books > Twilight > Bella And Edward
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Warnings: Not Suitable For Children
Challenges: None
Series: It's All Love
Chapters: 2
Completed: No
Word count: 7122
Published: Aug 15 2008 / Updated: Sep 12 2008

Rated: PG 13+
Summary: Usagi and Mamoru keep hiding their true feelings from one another. But what can happen after a little encounter when mamoru changes his mehtods when dealing with her. Will they change when they realize their true identities and the true meaning of their hate-relationship? Will things change for the better or the worst?
Categories: AnimeManga > Sailor Moon > Usagi And Mamoru > Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Kamen
Genres: Action, Fantasy
Warnings: Contains Adult Themes
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: No
Word count: 3450
Published: Aug 28 2008 / Updated: Sep 12 2008