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Welcome all to my humble abode, please sit down and be ready to unload. My name is Ellourrah, and as you can see, this is my corner, my personal reverie. For if you are wearied by fanfic poor-written, I would invite you to come and be smitten, for I find such rare tales a handsome delight, that once tired of free-verse you might take flight and bask in the glorious newborn unformed, the joy of an untold tale sworn to reform the thoughts and the ravages torn from the norm and revamp the old-styled teen-shorn crappy form. To add a new style, as yet unworn.

Though I suppose that in time, some unknown name gaming might take it to mind and begin their task blaming that such things are done on a regular basis. If I alone might try to restate this: that I'm not the only one to take stand and fight for the right to write all that I please. Though age group and skill might demand that I die and live a suburban life and work hard to try to sound just like everyone who's ever wanted to fly; but I refuse to do all the same shit that you see -unless I can in some crazy degree, twist the lines and muck up the purpose, for I believe plot alone is a one-way circus, and that to be a good writer, no matter the kind, takes a joy, a fight, and is no waste of time.

So just sit back, relax; take a moment to wander and ponder and flounder from time to time amidst the pages and written prose here set before you now. Enjoy, drink soy, and don't try to be coy, because the pieces in this corner have a true purpose -not only to tease and please, freeze the thoughts in their circuits -it's taking the time to find out what I mean. Comedy, tragedy (maybe a ruptured spleen?) haha! No, I implore, sound out the score to inform you that this isn't the same old song and dance as before, and might even leave you wanting to come back for more. So open the core, send me some lore, tell me what Fate has in store so I can laugh in the face of the presumptions of men, take back what's mine, steal the time to remind you that a broken line or a thought at the time is appreciated, venerated, and honored in kind -with more.

In fine,


So, I haven't read any interesting bios lately, and thought that would be fun. Hope you could follow my timing and rhythm, I haven't done modern poetry before, lol. It was a long, fancy, (slightly arrogant, now that I look at it, sorry!!) way of saying welcome to my little writing nook, and please make yourself at home. (it's probably horribly written and confusing too, now that I take a second look, but I'm NOT rewriting it! Hear that Rosie!?!)

A little bit about me: I've been writing for 10 years now. I wrote my first full length novel at 16, and published my first poetry about then too. Since then, I've been nominated 5 years in a row for Poet of the Year by the a whole bunch of really snobby poetry people, and since then haven't done much with the medium. Most of my time is spent in pros, and I really tend to push myself to progress as much as possible and develop my own style in each story. As you can see below, I try each genre a little to see if I can pull it off. I'm really pleased with your feedback, thanks so much! Since I want to be a professional author someday, your kind words of encouragement and support are greatly appreciated. I want to take a moment to thank most especially those loyal readers who have read and left meaningful reviews for me -you guys are awesome!

On the writing desk: I know you're all waiting to see what I'm working on after the long hiatus, and I'm pleased to announce a new story, SoulBound, to the collection. It's going to be epic and romantic and all that girly stuff for you steamy romance fans. It will also be the only one of it's kind, so enjoy while you have the chance. For those who want to read with a little bit more purpose, the whole thing is going to be very psychologically based, and will delve a lot more into realistic situations and personality types that the original teeny-bopper presentation.

Also soon to be released are two more additions to Surrender, my one angsty, emo piece. Originally, it was only going to have one more, but when I sat down the other day , it just took too much to be a single installment. I know, you're all mad at me. Sorry.

Next, the fourth and last bit of the Simple Set, ‘A Simple Solution' is in the planning stages. Just as soon as I find my funny bone again, it'll be written and released. Don't know when that will be.

For all you ridiculously impatient fans of Out of Place, (it's not like a left off on a cliffhanger, seriously!) Book 2 is slated for release in May or June still, because I want to get some plot worked through and a head start on the editing before I start putting out chapters and whatnot, so you'll all just have to sit on Book 1 for a while. My apologies on that, but I promise you that the finale will be well worth the wait!

On the Original front!!!!!: While I was gone, I had a poem put up here on destinysgateway.com called ‘The Phoenix' which, unfortunately, wasn't edited. So I have to fix that. Also there is the imagery-based short, ‘Persephone', which you're welcome to check out if you have some spare time.

I'm also currently working on a full-length original novel for publication, which I'm ridiculously proud of! If anything happens on that front, you'll all be some of the first people to know! (I'll have to call my mom first, sorry. And prolly my best friend and editor, Dablackrose.)

So that's what it's all about right now. Thanks so much for checking out my profile, and please enjoy the works below. If you're feeling particularly kind, feel free to send me a line. Just fyi, flattery WILL get you almost anywhere with me, and I do requests on which chapter should come out next. Let me know. Love you all, hopefully be hearing from you soon!

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