By Empress Sarah
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Sarah stared at her reflection. On the outside she knew she looked like your normal average girl. But on the inside she was a wreck. Ever since she had come back form the Labyrinth she had tried desperately to get back there. Back to her friends, back to HIM. She had even tried wishing Toby away again, just for the chance, But he never came for him ,and somehow she knew he wouldnt.

6 years had passed and Sarah had grown. She  understood that she was overly mature for her age. She felt old, but she wasnt even beginning to be old. Her life was just starting! But every day seemed closer to the end. She knew he had loved her and hated herself for saying those words so many years ago. Over the years she had lost the Labyrinth book.

She decided it must have been lost between moves from her home to college.He haunted her every waking moment. In her dreams, everywhere. She just didnt feel whole, didnt feel complete. She sighed and got up to go to sleep.But she knew he would just be there too.

Sarah sat on the bench in the park where she first saw the owl. She came there every Saturday to watch for him....just in case. She sat there and watched the children play and dozed off in the breeze........when she awoke the park was deserted.

*Hmmm...where did everyone go?*

Sarah stretched and saw an old lady with a bag over her back coming near her.


"Well hello there missy.....how are ya? You seem a little sad, would you like to talk?"

"Well I dont know...."

"Awww come on, tell old Agnes what yer problems be.."

"Well, have you ever said or done something that caused you to lose something you wanted and need forever?"

"Well sure deary....is that what yer so sad about? Did you lose something hmmmm? Well maybe I have what yer looking for.."

She reached into her bag of what seemed to be junk and pulled out a book.

"Here deary, Im sure this isnt what you lost, but maybe it will help. And remember if all else fails, say yer right words."

"My right words? How do I know what they are?"

"Dont worry deary it'll come to ya! New chapters are being written all the time!"

"New chapters? What?"

Then Sarah heard a fluttering of wings. As she looked over to see where it was coming from the sound stopped and all that was left was a white feather. When she turned back the old woman was gone. sarah picked up the book and tore the paper off the covered it. Her mouth opened wide.....it was her labyrinth book! That old woman....I know she sounded familiar......the junk lady! Now I remember! She opened the book and placed the feather inside. Her right words.............

Sarah sat on her bed and flipped through the pages in her book. *The right words....new chapters...* She shook her head....what did it all mean?

When she reached that fateful part....."My will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is great"......"You have no power over me...."Sarah remembered the look in Jareth's eyes as the world had fallen down around her.

A single tear dripped from her eye onto the pages of the book and it all began to glow. When the glow faded, pages and pages of written words were there.

She read through some of them. It was her life, as it had been these six years. But, it included Jareth's as well. It seemed his life was just as sorrowful.

*This is what she meant by new chapters*

She skipped around and found some more about Jareth. It read:

"Oh Sarah..how I wish you were here to tell me you loved me so I could tell you. Just say your words and Ill be there.....you have so much power over me! If only you would see that! And I know I have power over you...think Sarah...think.....the words...."

Sarah held the book to her chest. How she longed to be with him.

"Jareth, my world is falling down! Why arent you here for me?"

Then there was a whisper...."right words..."

Sarah yelled,"Jareth you have all power over me!", in a cry of frustration.

Then her world went black.

When she awoke, Sarah didnt recognize her surroundings. Whatever she was lying on was extremely soft and smelled nice. She looked around her and saw the bed covered in rose petals.

*How sweet*

She got up and noticed she was wearing a silk nightgown. She looked around her room and found there was no windows. She shrugged and continued her inspection of where she was. Then she noticed a chair with a gown and shoes and accesories laid out for her.

There was a note attached. She read it:

Dearest Sarah,

Put this on and someone will be in to help you with the rest...then they will lead you to where you need to go.


Sarah smiled. What was this place? And what had she been doing before she had fallen asleep?

*oh well*

Sarah put on the long sliver velvet gown. The slit came to her hip and had a daringly low neckline. She put on some shoes and there was a knock at the door.

"Come in."

In came a little Goblin.

Sarah's eyes widened. She was here! Finally! She was here!

"Hello Mistress sarah....Ive been instructed to help you get ready and to lead you to your destination." sarah nodded and the little Goblin got to work.

Sarah stood in front of the long mirror in her room. she looked herself over again, just to make sure she looked ok. The little Goblin had dressed her and done her hair and makeup. She felt like a princess. Her long Medival style dress hung to the floor. It was made of velvet of the deepest blue. Her sleeves belled out over her hands. The edges were etched in gold and a gold braid wrapped around her waist. She loved it.

"Now, mistress Sarah, if you will come with me..."

Sarah walked behind the little Goblin. They walked down a lot of stairs and out into the back of the castle. There in the garden she was told to sit on a bench and wait.

There she was left, all alone. She took in her surroundings. It was beautiful. She walked along a little path in the garden. She plucked a rose and stuck it amongst the curls of her hair. When she turned around. A statue of Jareth was there. *was that there before?* She looked the statue over. It looked exactly like him. In every detail it was him, yet of course it was stone. She paced around it, studying it.

His arms were outstretched as if it were going to hug her. She got very close to it and traced her finger alone his stony cheek. She turned her back to it and leaned her back on him, wanting for those stony arms to hold her and keep her forever safe. She closed her eyes thinking of how he looked in the flesh,how he had held her in the ballroom. Then she felt warm arms close around her.  When she looked up, she saw Jareth's face. She spun around in his arms.

"Jareth..."she whispered.

"Hello sarah. I've missed you so...."

Sarah began to cry. She had waited so long for this moment and she didnt know what to say.

Jareth frowned. "Why are you crying?"

She wiped her eyes. "Because  I've waited for today for forever."

"Just think, it was only forever, not long at all. But now you're here, and we can eternally be together."

Sarah smiled.

Jareth smiled back and bent down for a kiss.

One of the goblins watched out of the window.


"Yes deary..."

"Look....I guess she found her right words after all..."

"It seems so."

The goblin looked out the window again.

"Alright now shoo....get away from the window ya hear! Give them some privacy.."

All the goblins scurried away. Agnes took one more look and smiled to herself and then left herself.

As they stood there in the garden Sarah whispered, "I love you."

He whispered back, "I love you too."

There they kissed and sat to watch the sunset...together.



The End

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