By AngelMoon Girl
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The Bun-Head in the Oven

Prompt: "Tomorrow"


Usagi Chiba (née Tsukino) was a great many things, but astute, she was not.

Twenty-freaking-one years old, and she still needed a cat to point her in the right direction.

"You really think so?"

"I really think so," the guardian feline with a shock of black fur purred, and there was just enough holier-than-thou inflection in her voice to set Usagi scowling. She straightened on the bed; folded two indignant arms across her chest.

"I don't know if I think so."

"Oh, I think so," the cat demurred, casually extending a few claws. Usagi eyed her small companion warily. "I also think, *if* I'm right, that this is hardly the time to turn a blind eye."

The blonde with buns for hair fingered nervously at one of the flaxen-colored wisps that tickled at her ear. She glanced toward the window, waxing sunlight catching her gentle profile so that she looked, just for a moment, like the Neo-Queen to come. A sigh rumbled in her throat.

"I suppose I shouldn't discredit the idea yet. But... it's *probably* just a bug, Luna."

"Don't you want to know for sure?" Luna parried, and her bright crimson depths flashed with something like motherly concern. Usagi chuckled as she threw up her hands like a criminal caught.

"Alright! Alright! I'll buy a pregnancy test tomorrow. Happy? Now. Mamo-chan will be home from work any minute, and I really have to get dinner going!" The vivacious young woman flounced from the mattress and made for the bedroom door, but not without a last mulish grumble under her breath.

"I still don't think so."

"I think so!" Luna shouted back, and she shook her head with affectionate exasperation when the only response was a slammed door.


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