By KogasAngel
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Chapter One

Kouga came to a stop, causing Kagome’s stomach to leap into her throat. When she looked up, she found herself looking at a whole bunch of hungry wolf demons lounging on various cliffs. Kouga smiled at his people and carried his soft bundle underneath the waterfall and into the tribe’s main den, his wolves following closely behind. Once inside, he set Kagome on her feet, and grabbed her upper arm, hauling her deeper into the den. Kagome’s eyes were frantic. She could hear the wolf demons smacking their lips and eyeing her small form with a hungry look in their eyes.

Kouga led her over to a large fur and threw her upon it. His tribesmen came over and started to call out various body parts that they wanted to feast upon.

“This girl is off limits. I’ll kill anyone who tries to take a bite,” Kouga snapped.

The wolf demons quickly stepped back. Calling a few wolves over, Kouga told them to keep an eye on his prize. He smirked at Kagome, and then left.

All Kagome had wanted to do was repair the jewel and then go back to her normal life. Now, here she sat as a prisoner to a bunch of man-eating wolf demons. Could her life get any worse?

Inu Yasha growled out his frustration. How in the hell could Kagome have allowed herself to get captured? He looked to the heavens and screamed, “DAMN!”

Miroku and Sango stared at each other. Didn’t the hanyou realize that Kagome was taken because he wanted to go after the wolf demon leader? It had dawned on the monk and slayer that when Kagome had shouted out that he had shards, Kouga saw her as an opportunity too good to pass up. They were fairly certain that the wolf chieftain would not kill their friend, but wanted to use her to find more shards for himself.

Not to far away sitting on top of a boulder, Shippo sat besides Kilala, crying. He missed Kagome and wanted her to come back to him. He felt the neko demon’s soft face pressing against his cheek, trying to calm him. He reached over and threw his arms around her neck, burying his face into her fur and cried for Kagome. He was sure that by now the wolf demon had killed her and was now sucking on her bones.

Inu Yasha had finally calmed down a bit and stopped his pacing. He looked over at his companions and saw the saddened look in their eyes. He blamed Kagome for this situation, and he would be damned if he saved her ass once again. Let her get out of this one on her own. If she wanted to return to the group, she would have to prove herself worthy by bringing with her Kouga’s jewel shards. But, there was only one problem with his plan. He needed Kagome for her ability to detect the shards. Wait; there was one other person who could see the shards. Kikyo. She had been the shikon jewel’s protector when she was alive and she should be able to see the shards. With his mind made up, Inu Yasha announced that they were leaving.

“Come on, we’re leaving!” he announced.

“But what about Lady Kagome?” Miroku questioned.

“Feh! She’s going to have to get herself out this one. I am not going after her again.” He began walking back the way they had come, back to the village near his forest. “Besides we don’t need her. The only reason I let her come is because she could sense jewel shards. But Kikyo is alive again and she was the protector long before Kagome was. If she can’t sense jewel shards, I don’t know who can.”

With his comrades staring at him in shock, he turned away from them. With one last look at the mountains, Sango and Miroku sighed and then followed. If they were correct, Kagome would be safe until they could convince the hanyou to save her. Until then, Kagome would have to rely on her own smarts to protect herself. Shippo looked at the mountains with tear-filled eyes. He promised himself he would avenge Kagome if she were indeed dead. And Kouga would not be the only one to suffer his wrath. Inu Yasha was also at the top of his list.

It had not been long before Kouga and his two companions returned from their hunt. On his shoulder, Kouga carried a large boar and brought it to where Kagome sat. Without a word, he dropped the carcass down in front of her, and waited for her reaction.

Kagome stared at the boar with wide eyes. She had never been this close to a wild animal before and she could not help but stare at the poor lifeless animal before her.

Finally, Kouga spoke to her. “We are attacking our enemy, the harpies, at sundown. You need to eat in order to have strength.”

Kagome stared at the demon before her. “Ummm, that's okay. Really. I am not that hungry.” She said, with a queasy look.

Kouga stared at her for a minute, and then it dawned on him. Humans don’t eat uncooked meat. He sighed and then picked up the boar, tossing it to one of his men.

“Cut off some meat and cook it. Then make sure the girl eats. I don’t need her to pass out from hunger while we are in the middle of battle.” Kouga ordered.

He saw the wolf demon that had caught the boar nod. He then walked down into the den and sat with his friends, Ginta and Hakkaku.

Both males were looking at the girl, who was staring at the small group of wolves that sat near her. For a few minutes, neither of the males spoke, but when the curiosity became too much, Ginta spoke up.

“Why did you bring a human girl here, Kouga?” Ginta asked.

The air in the main den became silent as everyone eagerly listened for their leader’s explanation.

“The girl has the ability to sense jewel shards. She will be able to detect the harpy king’s shard and tell me where I need to strike. After this, she can locate other shards and then our pack will become invincible.” Kouga said. The look on his face was enough to convince everyone this was the perfect plan of action.

The wolf demons grinned. They were lucky to have such a wise leader. Everyone’s attention was perked when Hakkaku gasped suddenly. He was staring at Kagome and the other wolf demons followed his gaze. The young girl was still upon the furs, but the small group of wolves, that were keeping an eye on her, had inched closer to her until the largest wolf in the pack came over to her and sniffed her hand. When he was satisfied that she was not a threat to him, he allowed her to pat him on the head. The group of wolves, seeing that the largest of them was not afraid, approached the girl and surrounded her. They, too, sniffed at her, causing her to giggle when their noses tickled her skin.

Kouga was stunned. His wolves were known to be the most vicious of all the wolf demon tribes and now here they were snuggling up to a little human female. But his angry thoughts quickly left him when he heard her laugh. The light sound soothed Kouga in a way that he had never experienced. He, along with his tribe, watched as the largest wolf laid his head in her lap and barked at her when she stopped petting him. It seemed that she no longer needed to fear them. In one day, this small human female managed to tame the most vicious and feared wolf pack in Japan.

Kouga saw that his men were amazed. He decided that it was time to gather their weapons and head out to battle. Standing up, he walked over to the small female and bent down so that he could look her in the eyes. He stared at her for a bit, taking in her features. For a human, she was very pretty. No, beautiful was more like it.

Her blue eyes were large and looked at him without a hint of fear. Her dark hair was thick and hung down to the middle of her back. Her body was slender, and he could see no fat upon her. In all honesty, she was a perfect example of what a woman should look like. Kouga then sniffed the air. He looked at the girl in surprise. Her scent was not like that of any human he had ever smelled. The soft scent of lavender and vanilla nearly drove him crazy. He found himself leaning over and taking in another deep breath. His groin tightened as thoughts of him pushing her onto her back, and ravaging her, marking her his mate flashed through his mind. He had never wanted a female like this before, and if everything went right during the battle, he would make this human girl his. She was perfect for him; there was no denying it. Smirking, Kouga sat up straight. He saw the look of worry in the girl’s face and declared for all the pack to hear. “I have decided to make you my woman.”

Kagome felt as though she had just been smacked. What did he mean, make her his woman?

Kouga reached out and grabbed the human girl around her waist. He pulled back, bringing her close to his body.

“Umm, Kouga? She is just a human, you don't want her. I thought you were going to eat her after you were finished with her, not marry her.” A redheaded wolf said.

“Yeah, what makes her so special?” Asked another wolf.

“Fools! This woman, remember, can sense jewel shards. As my mate, she will obey me and tell me where to look.” Kouga explained.

The wolves around him began to laugh. Their leader was brilliant. They would support their leader’s choice of a mate. Besides, if the wolves liked her, then she had to be something special.

Kagome was lost. She felt as though she had lost her mind. One minute, she was a prisoner, and now… now she was supposed to be the bride of some wolf demon? What the hell was going on?

Kouga looked down at the soft bundle in his arms. He hooked a finger under her chin and said, “Wolves mate for life. You are mine now. Got that?” He asked.

Kagome just stared at him for a minute. Then, the dam broke and Kagome let loose. She reared back and delivered a stinging slap to the side of Kouga’s face.

“I don’t belong to anyone, you overgrown fur ball! How dare you? Who in the hell do you think you are?” Kagome hissed.

She was now standing, looking down on the shocked wolf demon. Her hands on her hips, and eyes blazing, she looked very scary. The other wolf demons took a step back from her. No way in hell were they going to step in. The honeymoon was definitely over.

Kouga raised a hand to the cheek that Kagome had smacked. He could not believe it. She was actually defying his authority. He could not help but think that he would take great pleasure in taming his new little vixen. Kouga stood up and looked down on the angry woman.

“We will discuss this after the battle. For now, eat.” Kouga ordered. He turned and walked away from her, motioning to the wolf demon that was cooking the meat to give her some food. The wolf demon cautiously approached her and with a shaking hand, held out the plate to her.

Kagome stared at it for a minute then took it from him. “Thank you,” She mumbled.

The wolf demons were shocked. Never before had anyone thanked them for anything. It would be interesting to see how their leader got her under his control.

Kouga soon called for his men to exit the den. He walked over and reached down. Before, when he had held her arm, he was rough and didn’t seem to care if he hurt her, but now, his touch was tender, and he lifted her up to her feet. When he was sure that she was ready, he moved his hand down to hers, and grasped it, holding it tightly in his so that she would not be able to run. He led his men and Kagome to the mountain where they would engage the enemy in battle. It was time to kill off the threat to their people and take from them their power.

Chapter Two

The battle had gone very well. Kagome had found where the harpy king was hiding, and with a stroke of luck, Kouga managed to kill the offending creature. When the body of the king landed on the cliff, Kouga looked around for the shard. Kagome, seeing the shard’s glow, walked over to the corpse and lifted the tainted shard from the former king, purifying it on the spot. Kouga smirked. The woman would be of great use in the future. He walked over to her and held out his hand, silently demanding the shard. Kagome sighed, and placed the shard in his palm. Kouga shoved the shard into his arm, happy now that all of his limbs had shards in them, and content in the knowledge that his people were safe from the filthy scavengers.

He walked over to Kagome, who was standing between Ginta and Hakkaku, and took hold of her upper arm. He told his men to head back to the den. While Kouga picked up Kagome, threw her over his shoulder, and began running away from the den. She had done a good job and he intended on rewarding her for it.

He ran for almost an hour, finally stopping at a small hot spring that had a waterfall running into it. Kagome gasped at its beauty. Never before had she ever seen such a sight. Kouga let her down and allowed her to explore. His eyes never left her, and he could feel the stirrings of his passion for the tiny human. He finally gave in and walked up behind her, startling her when his arms wrapped around her lithe body. He brought his face to her neck and nuzzled the soft skin, taking in her wonderful scent.

Kagome froze. She had never been in a situation like this, so she was not sure what she was supposed to do. “Relax. I am not going to hurt you. I simply wish to thank you for helping me defeat the harpy king.” Kouga explained patiently, when he felt her tense in his arms.

“Ummm, your welcome, I guess? Can I go back to my friends now?” Kagome asked, in a nervous voice.

“No. You belong to me, now. I told you. You are my woman. You will stay by my side until the end of time and even then I don’t think I will let you go,” Kouga told her. He dipped his head down and captured her lips, as they were about to argue again.

Any thoughts that Kagome hoped to convey orally were sent to hell in a hand basket as Kouga kissed her. Kouga’s kiss lit up emotions in her that she had never known about. Even though Kagome’s head was twisted at an odd angle she was still enjoying herself. He was a very skilled kisser, never being too pushy, but not allowing her to dominate him either. When he finally broke the kiss he looked down into Kagome’s confused face. ‘Her first kiss.’ He realized, smirking. He looked around and sighed. This place always brought him comfort. In fact, this is where he had decided to cause an upstart and force the former leader from his position.

Kagome’s mind was in a frenzy. ‘OHMYGAWD! YOU LET HIM KISS YOU AND NOW HE REALLY BELIEVES THAT YOU ARE HIS. ARE YOU STUPID OR IS THIS SOME KIND OF ACT? BECAUSE I MUST SAY IF IT IS AN ACT, YOU ARE ONE HELL OF AN ACTRESS!’ Her mind screamed at her. She brought her fingers to her lips and touched them. She had to admit, he was a wonderful kisser, but she still did not want to be with him. Her place was at Inu Yasha’s side. So, Kagome did the only thing she could do at the moment. She tried to reason with him. She leaned forward and twisted up so she could look directly into his eyes.

“Listen, it is nice of you to want me as your, umm, woman,” Kagome began, “But, I have to go back to my friends. We are hunting for shards because I am the reason it broke in the first place.”

“How did you break it?” Kouga asked. Now he was curious. This girl was certainly unusual. Her outfit was highly indecent, something he was going to make her give up when they returned to the den, and her manner of speaking was also strange. She spoke with confidence and authority. She acted as though she were not afraid of him and his men. But, what really got him was that she treated his men and wolves as though they were her equals. Most humans believed themselves to be above demons and treated them like dirt. But not this girl.

Kagome sighed. She had told this tale so many times it was getting tiresome to repeat it. “Well, a demon called Mistress Centipede attacked me and I was able to escape, but she found me again in a village. I was able to draw her from the village and ended up in Inu Yasha’s Forest, where the demon confronted me. She bit into my side, and out popped the jewel. I was able to free Inu Yasha from an enchanted arrow and he killed her off.”

“Ok, so how did the jewel break?” Kouga prodded.

“I was trying to go home when I was kidnapped and a crow demon stole the jewel and swallowed it. I used an arrow to hit the crow, but my arrow accidentally shattered the jewel in the process. And that’s how it came to be shattered.” Kagome mumbled, looking down at her hands.

Kouga stared at the girl. He could not smell any deceit from her, but he was still unsure.

“Prove to me that what you say is true.” Kouga challenged.

Kagome stared at him. “What do you mean ‘prove to you’?” She asked in a slightly irritated tone.

“I mean, show me some kind of proof that you are not lying.” Kouga elaborated, his eyes narrowing.

Kagome thought for a minute. She then sighed. She reached down and lifted her shirt from her side. Kouga stared at the sunburst shaped scar that marred her perfect skin. He reached out and gently touched the area, being careful not to scratch her. He then looked up at Kagome’s face, but she was looking elsewhere.

“This is where the jewel was ripped from my body,” she sighed.

Without warning, Kouga’s hands shot out and yanked Kagome toward him, bringing her into a warm embrace.

“As my woman, I will make sure that no one hurts you ever again. This I swear on my life.” Kouga whispered to her, running his fingers through her hair.

Kagome stared at the sky, wondering what she did to deserve this kind of aggravation. But, at least he had not said that she could not return to her friends after he heard her reasoning’s.

“Sooo, can I go back to my group now?” Kagome asked, hopeful that he would be sympathetic.

“I told you, my love. You are mine, and I will never allow you to leave me. If you are so eager to find those shards, then we will hunt them together,” Kouga stated firmly.

Kagome sighed. She had just known that this was going to happen.

“I will inform the pack that in a few days we will set out to find the rest of the shards. With your ability and my leadership, they are as good as ours. Now, let’s return. I am sure the women of our tribe have prepared dinner by now,” Kouga said.

Kagome cocked her head. “What women? I didn’t see any women.”

Kouga laughed. “Women are not allowed in the main den. It is for their protection as well it allows the males to speak without the fear of getting bopped upside the head for some comment he makes about his mate.”

Kagome could not help it, she giggled. It was a smart move, actually. Kouga looked down at her and grinned when he heard her giggle.

“The women live in an area that houses several dens. That is where we live. The way to get to those dens is through the main den, and since the males are the only ones that are allowed in there, any intruder will have to go through the males before getting to our females. So, you see it is more for safety than anything else,” Kouga explained.

Kagome nodded. She had been wrong in her initial opinion of Kouga. She thought him nothing but a brainless lunatic, but here he was, calculating and protective of his people. All of a sudden, Kagome felt herself being lifted up and slung over Kouga’s shoulder. He grinned when he heard Kagome’s ‘eep’ of surprise. Suddenly, they were lost in a whirlwind, heading for the dens.

Inu Yasha was not having a good day. He and the others had made it back to the village and found out that Kikyo had left the village, and had went south. Inu Yasha had growled and told his companions to stay in the village while he went to find the un-dead miko.

Miroku and Sango agreed. They needed some time to think about what they had done. They left their friend, a girl who had sacrificed her life on several occasions for theirs, to a wolf demon who had a craving for human blood.

“I don’t feel all that well,” Sango confessed to Miroku as they watched Shippo and Kilala play in a field close to the village.

Miroku nodded. “I, too, feel the stirrings of disgust. I have to wonder how Lady Kagome is fairing,” he mused.

“I just hope she has found a way to keep them from hurting her. I still can’t believe that Inu Yasha won’t go after her,” Sango exclaimed, her eyes flashing with anger.

“Perhaps we should go after her. Inu Yasha doesn’t control us, and we have the right to go and look for our friend.” Miroku told her.

Sango nodded. Together they agreed that they would leave out in the morning. Night was quickly approaching and they would not be able to do much until the sun rose again, so silently saying a prayer for Kagome’s safety, they called Shippo and let for the village.

When Kouga and Kagome returned to the den, they didn’t stop in the main den like before. Kouga proceeded through the main den to a passageway that was hidden in the back wall of the cave. When he stepped through the tunnel, he lowered Kagome to the ground, taking note of her green complexion.

“Are you ok?” Kouga asked.

“I think I am going to be sick. I hate riding over your shoulder,” Kagome grumbled.

“Ahh, you’ll be ok. We’ll get some food into your belly and then you can get a good night’s rest and be better in the morning.” Kouga told her, smiling.

He took her hand and led her over to a group of females that Kagome didn’t notice earlier, since she was too busy trying not to be sick. He introduced Kagome to every single one of them and the females greeted her happily.

“Ok, Kouga. Leave her here and go away. We want to get to know our new sister,” A dark haired wolf said, her eyes smiling at her leader.

Kouga held up his hands and backed away. “Ok, ok. Just make sure that you return her to me after dinner,” he compromised.

The females all nodded and watched as Kouga walked off. Then they turned to her. The dark haired female looked at her and smiled.

“So, you are the human girl who caught the attention of our leader. Way to go. He is quite the catch among the female wolf demons. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Miku and I am mated to Chiori.” Miku explained. She had a kind voice and Kagome liked her already.

Kagome smiled, nodded, and listened as the other females introduced themselves. They began talking about how wonderful it was that their mates would no longer have to deal with the harpies and that there pups were now safe. They were slightly awed that when they heard Kagome had played a major part in the battle, and if it were possible, warmed up to her even more. After all if this small human helped to get rid of the threat to their pack, she was going to be honored.

Kagome listened to them telling funny stories about their mates and ended up giggling and telling some of her own stories, especially about Miroku and his wandering hand. The females all decided that the human was a good influence on Kouga. Already their leader had mellowed out and calmed down a bit.

Miku looked Kagome up and down. The manner of her dress was strange and indecent. She quirked her eyebrow up at the other women and then nodded to Kagome’s outfit. The females all nodded. They got up and grabbed Kagome by her arms.

“Come with us. We want to give you something,” Miku said.

“Is it going to hurt? Because if it is, you can keep it.” Kagome answered anxiously.

The females all laughed. “No, it is not going to hurt at all,” Miku assured her. They pulled the miko into one of the many spare dens. Miku let go of Kagome’s arm and went to a wardrobe. She opened it and pulled out a dark blue kimono. She turned around and looked at Kagome.

“Kagome, we don’t mean to offend you, but your manner of dress is highly inappropriate. That and the fact that you are now our leader’s woman, you need to dress a certain way. It would not do to have a visiting noble to see you in such an outfit, especially since Kouga is a prince,” Miku explained.

“He’s a prince? I never would have guessed,” Kagome exclaimed, her mouth working before her brain had a chance to process the information. She blushed and looked down in embarrassment.

Miku and the other females laughed. “We all know that he is a bit brash, but he is also the youngest leader to run this tribe ever. We are considered top of the food chain in wolf demon circles. You see, the leader before Kouga was his older brother, Namu, and it was Kouga who forced Namu from this den. Kouga saw that Namu was ruining our tribe with his selfishness and pride. Kouga may be a bit prideful, but he loves his people, and now he loves you as well,” Miku explained gently.

Miku walked back over to Kagome and nodded at the women. All of a sudden, the sounds of fabric ripping echoed throughout the air, and Kagome stood before the females in her bra and panties. The females all asked about her underclothing and Kagome explained as patiently as she could. Finally, Miku slipped the kimono over Kagome’s shoulders and turned her around. Another female named Boku, tied the black obi and stepped back to admire the young woman.

“Simply beautiful,” Boku murmured.

Miku saw Kagome’s confusion, and quickly explained, “Boku is the demoness that makes all of our kimonos.”

“Its beautiful,” she murmured in awe.

“Yes Boku has always been very skilled in seam stressing,” Miku confessed. “It’s time to go and meet our mates everyone,” she announced.

Kagome nodded and followed the females back to the main den, where the men were sitting around a large bonfire. As they walked closer to the males, Miku grabbed Kagome’s arm.

“Listen, because you are now considered as Kouga’s woman, you must sit in front of him, and between his legs,” Miku confided to her.

Kagome stopped walking and turned pale. “I am so not going between his legs,” she whispered back.

Miku stared at the human, and then remembered that the girl had not been around long enough to know certain things. “It is not like that. It is a show of respect and trust from a female to her male that he is strong enough to protect her. Basically, think of his legs as a protective cocoon. As long as you are there, nothing can get to you, understand now? There is nothing sexual about it. If you don’t, it is almost as though you slapped him in the face.”

Kagome began to fidget. “Well, I already slapped him in the face today.”

Miku began to giggle. “Please tell me that you didn’t.”

When Kagome didn’t reply, Miku’s giggles became outright laughter. “Oh Kami! That is rich. I have never heard of anyone slapping Kouga and walking away,” she giggled to herself. “But you need to follow wolf traditions, even if you are human, ok?”

Kagome gulped and nodded. She would rather sit under the waterfall in the dead of winter, but this was what she had to do. After all, even though she really didn’t want to be here, she was still a guest and had to respect the hosts’ ways. She squared her shoulders and walked with Miku to the group of males, most of the females were already seated in front of their males. Miku smiled at Kagome as Kagome followed her lead. When she sat down, she felt Kouga’s hands on her waist pulling her back against his chest. Kagome could feel the blush rise to her cheeks, but managed not to gasp or do anything else to embarrass herself. Kagome listened as the males spoke, telling how the battle went.

Just as the wolf named Ginta began to tell how he and another wolf, Hakkaku, had killed a harpy that attacked one of their brothers, the large wolf that had been the first to come up to Kagome in the main den, came to sit by Kagome. He laid his head down on her thighs, whining softly for her to scratch his head. Soon, other wolves came over and huddled with her.

“Hey Kouga. Looks like you got competition for your woman already,” Hakkaku smirked, smiling as he watched the wolf leaning into Kagome’s touch.

Kouga grinned. He leaned down and tapped the wolf on his back. When the wolf looked up at him, Kouga said, “This is my woman. Go find your own.”

The wolf looked at his leader and then yawned. To show Kouga that he was not worried, he reached up and licked the side of Kagome’s face. Kouga began to laugh.

“Well, I suppose that I can learn to share. But only with you,” He warned, patting the wolf on his back.

The group joined his laughter, and Kagome smiled. The wolf nuzzled her hand and gently nipped at her. She returned to her previous activity of scratching him.

Soon dinner had been served and everyone ate. The wolf demons asked Kagome about her origins and she answered as truthfully as possible. She didn’t tell them that she was from a different time, but she suspected that Miku thought that she was definitely not from the area, even though she said that she was born locally.

Soon, Kouga informed her that it was time for bed. He stood up and reached down to help her up. He lit a candle and then wished his people a good night and led Kagome to his private den. He led her through the entrance and brought her to the back, where his bedroom was.

He lit some more candles and Kagome had to bite back a gasp. The room was beautiful. It had a large bed in the center of the room, adorned with silken pillows and furs. A large wardrobe stood in the corner of the room with a large desk beside it. ‘How could he have gotten such beautiful things?’ She wondered.

Kouga noticed her amazement. “When we raid villages, we take things from it. I got most of what I have from raiding wealthy land owners,” He explained.

“So, you steal these things,” Kagome said. She shook her head. She could not believe that he was a thief, but then again, he was a kidnapper, so why should she be surprised?

Kouga walked over to the young woman and put his hands on her shoulders. “Kagome, look at me,” he demanded. When she looked him in the eye he continued, “We raid villages in retaliation. Normally, we keep to ourselves, but sometimes a village will send slayers after us and it is necessary to scare these villages into submission. As for the wealthy landowners,” he shrugged, “They can always replace what we take. They have no qualms about stealing from us, so why not return the favor? Normally, we are not violent.”

“Oh, is that so?” Kagome asked. “What about the villages that you allowed your wolves to destroy?”

Kouga faltered. He had forgotten all about that. “I can assure you, those villages had it coming. The village that I found you in was hiding a thief who stole from me. I had no other alternative but to let my wolves sniff him out, but as my wolves looked about, the villagers threw rocks and other items at them. I will never allow the mistreatment of any who are under my leadership, and that includes you.”

He pulled Kagome to him and held her in his arms. Kagome was too tired to fight him. She leaned into him and rested her head on his chest. Soon, Kagome was asleep, her even breaths telling him that it was time to put her to bed. Kouga reached down and lifted Kagome into his arms easily. He carried her over to his bed, and lifted the furs, revealing silk sheets. He placed Kagome upon the sheets and then covered her with the furs. He quickly removed his armor and then blew out the candles. He didn’t dare remove his fur. He knew that she was still a bit skittish about being his mate. Better for her to get used to him first before letting her see his goods. ‘Yep,’ He thought, placing his hand behind his head after crawling into bed, ‘I am one happy wolf.’

Chapter Three

Kouga woke early the next morning and began thinking about what he was going to do that day. He looked down upon his chosen woman and smiled. This would be the day that she learned how to take care of her male. His grin grew broader at that thought. It would be nice to come back from a day of hunting to find his dinner over the fire and his den cleaned. He needed a mate that would take care of him just as he would take care of her. After all, it was a male’s responsibility to protect his woman and provide for her needs. He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Wake up, love. It is time to get up.” Kouga whispered to her happily.

Now, Kagome was not a morning person so when she stirred and heard Kouga telling her that it was time to get up, all she could mumble was, “Five more minutes. Too early. Sit!” Before falling back asleep.

Kouga grinned at her. Obviously, she was not a morning person. But, she had much to do and to learn, so he did what he had to. He got off the bed, took the sheets in hand, and yanked them up hard, sending Kagome crashing to the floor. He grinned as he heard her yelp of surprise.

Kouga let go of the sheets and went to the other side of the bed. Kagome was buried in furs and he could hear her ranting incoherently. He lifted the furs and peeked inside. “I said, wake up, love. It is time to get up,” he said calmly, as if speaking to a child then let go of the furs and watched them fall over Kagome’s angry, groggy face. He turned from her and began to laugh loudly. The rest of the pack heard his hearty laugh, but that laugh soon turned into a yelp of pain. Kouga turned around and saw a very angry Kagome standing behind him, his tail in her hand.

“If you want this back in the condition that I found it, I would suggest that you never do that again,” she informed him between clenched teeth.

Kouga’s mouth dropped open in surprise. He had not heard her be so forceful yet, and he was pleasantly surprised that she could muster up enough anger in her to retaliate against someone who she thought did her wrong. He reached over and gently pried his tail from her hand.

“Well, the next time I say get up, then get up,” He told her, smiling down on the angry woman.

“Why in the hell are you so happy this morning anyway?” Kagome grumbled.

“Because, love, I have the most beautiful, smart, and courageous woman in the pack as my mate, so of course I would be happy.” Kouga replied.

“Kouga, I have not agreed to be your mate. I am nothing but your prisoner. You won’t even let me go back to my friends,” Kagome argued.

“Kagome. You have friends here, with my pack and me. We are your friends and family. So, no more talk about leaving,” he chided her. And as an after thought added, “You are my woman. Now, let’s get outside and get some breakfast. I am starving and we have a lot to do today,” Kouga informed her.

“What do you mean by ‘we have a lot to do’?” Kagome asked nervously.

“Well, I have to go hunting and bring back food for the tribe. You will stay here and learn how to take care of your new mate, and become a good alpha female,” Kouga replied, while he took her hand and lead her out of the den. Kagome’s eyes roamed the area, looking for those nice females that had spoken to her the night before. Finally, she spotted Miku sitting and folding her laundry. Miku looked up and waved to Kagome, then motioned for Kagome to come to her. Kagome pulled her hand from Kouga’s and walked over to the female.

“So, how was your night?” Miku asked. She looked at Kagome’s neck and did not see a mark upon her so it was clear that Kouga was going to take things slow with her.

“Well, I kind of fell asleep,” Kagome told her with a sheepish look.

Miku smiled. “Well, I am not surprised. You had a very long day, yesterday. So, now that you have rested… what do you think of the tribe?” she inquired.

“Everyone is really nice, and I am not as afraid as I was when Kouga first brought me to the main den. Overall, this seems like a nice place to live,” Kagome answered truthfully.

“Good. I am glad that you like us. So, what do you think of Kouga?” Miku asked, slyly.

It was well known around the tribe that Kouga was infatuated with the human girl, but everyone wondered if she liked his or her leader back.

“Kouga… is ok,” she replied slowly, looking anywhere but at Miku.

“Oh, come on! Just ok? He is totally gorgeous and is head over heels for you. He is strong, brave, and the leader of the most powerful wolf demon tribe in Japan. And all you can say is that he is ‘ok’.” Miku replied, narrowing her eyes a bit.

Kagome blushed. The faint scent of arousal hit Miku’s nose. ‘Hmm, perhaps she is a bit confused. She says that Kouga is ok, but her body says that she wants him. It might be worthwhile for me to play matchmaker.’ Miku thought. She grinned a large smirk with her fangs poking out at the girl, but Kagome didn’t notice.

“Well, don’t worry. He’ll grow on you, most of the males here do,” she mused, speaking more to herself then to Kagome. “Anyways,” she continued, “Kouga asked my mate if I would show you what to do around here, so let’s get started.”

Kagome gulped and nodded. Miku finished with her laundry and took it into her den. When she came back out, she grabbed onto Kagome’s arm and hauled her to Kouga’s den. Once inside, Miku and Kagome began to clean it up. After a few hours, they admired their work.

“Not bad. Kouga will be shocked, but very pleased. I am glad he has you; I swear I am tired of doing his laundry along with my mate’s. Speaking of which, grab up the laundry and we will go and wash it,” Miku told her.

Kagome picked up the basket that they had put the dirty clothing and linens in, and followed Miku. The women worked on the clothing until the early afternoon, and when they were dried, the women folded and put them away.

Kagome wiped the sweat from her brow. She never imagined that taking care of another could be such hard work. Miku must have read her mind because she said, “I know that you are not used to this kind of thing, but I promise you, taking care of one’s mate is very fulfilling. It shows that you love him and want him to be happy. But, this is also not the usual day. See, we generally keep our dens very clean, but since Kouga has not had anyone to care for him, this was an unusual situation. If you clean as you go, you will find that your days are pretty light and easy.”

Kagome nodded. Well, if she was going to be stuck here, she might as well make herself useful. Perhaps Kouga would tire of her and let her go. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Miku and Kagome finally sat down with the other women and they began to talk. Kagome told them about her friends and the women seemed to think how Sango dealt with Miroku’s notorious hand was especially funny.

“They are both completely in love with each other already!” Kagome exclaimed. “I don’t know why they just don’t tell each other,” she mused. “It would be so much easier on both of them to just get it out in the open.”

After an hour of relaxation, Miku told Kagome that it was time to get dinner started and Kagome nodded. She was led back into Kouga’s den, and watched as Miku led her into a small kitchen-looking area. She looked around and then told Kagome that they would have to go and pick some vegetables. She took Kagome to a large garden and together they gathered all the things that they needed. Once back in the den, Miku and Kagome put the vegetables away, and proceeded to cut, chop, and shred. They even made a loaf of bread.

When they were done with the dinner preparations, they went outside to sit with the females again. All that was left to do was add meat to the dinner, and that was the male’s responsibility to bring, so now they had plenty of time to chat and relax before having to worry about feeding their men. The women began to tell jokes and watched as the pups frisked about, playing and pouncing on each other. Kagome could not help it, she felt at home in this strange place. Maybe being here would not bad.

By the time Kouga and the men returned to the den, the females had all gone back to their own dens and waited for the finishing touches to their dinners. Kagome sat on a chair in the small kitchenette and waited. She had fully explored the den and squealed when she discovered a make shift bathroom, complete with a hot spring. She had to admit, Kouga’s den was really nice, and he had also made the make shift bathroom look good. Kagome could not wait to take a bath in the spring. Completely forgetting she was trying to escape, she had asked Miku for a rag, and went over the furniture with it, dusting the huge wooden pieces off. Finally, she sat down, and waited.

Kagome heard Kouga’s voice ring out and tell his men that he would see them later. He soon came into the den and nearly dropped his catch in shock. He handed the large piece of meat to Kagome, who got started on the rest of the dinner. He walked though his den, marveling at how clean it was. He was mostly impressed that she had done his laundry, folded it, and put it away. He noticed that she had cleaned the sheets and made the bed up. He could feel his heart swelling and how deeply he felt for the human girl. He had obviously made the perfect choice in a mate for himself.

He walked back into the kitchenette and watched as Kagome prepared his dinner. She put the meat on a stick and let it cook over the fire. She had set the small makeshift table and put slices of bread down on a plate. When her hands were empty, he came up behind her and put his arms around her.

“I can see that you have been very busy today,” he said, softly.

Kagome nodded. “Miku and I worked hard, so don’t you dare go messing anything up,” she told him, eyeing the meat.

Kouga laughed. “Yes, ma’am,” he said with a laugh, giving her a small salute.

When dinner was ready, Kagome got the meat, and sliced it into small pieces. She added it to the vegetables that she had chopped, and reached for Kouga’s plate. Kouga was impressed. She knew to serve her male first. That was good. He had worried that he would have to teach her how to act, but she was polite, did as she was told, and offered little resistance. But, he noted, she fights back when she feels that she is not being treated fairly, so he would have to watch that. When Kagome handed him his plate, she fixed hers and then sat down to join him. They ate in silence for a few moments, before Kouga spoke.

“Kagome, this is delicious. Thank you,” he said, giving her a loving smile.

Kagome smiled back. “You’re welcome,” she replied. She watched as he turned his attention back to his meal and she could not stop the thought that he was actually very handsome. Kagome wanted to smack herself after that thought, but she let it go. To hell with it, he was a very good-looking demon, even if he was a kidnapper.

Kouga smirked into his meal when the faint scent of arousal drifted to his nose. ‘So, I turn her on more than she is willing to admit. Perhaps it is time to see how far I can take her before getting smacked.’ He wondered.

He waited until after dinner, and had bathed. Kagome insisted that Kouga go and talk to his friends while she took her bath, and he did so, but turned down the bed first. He gave her a sleeping kimono and left the den. He sat and bragged to his friends that he had never had such a meal before and that his new woman was a very good cook. He could see Ginta and Hakkaku snickering.

“What are you two laughing at?” Kouga demanded.

“Well, we were wondering when you were going to mark her. I am sorry Kouga, but I doubt that girl will let you close enough to kiss her, let alone let you mark her,” Ginta laughed. The other males laughed as well.

Kouga allowed a smirk to cross his lips. “Actually, Ginta. I have kissed her. And she is as sweet tasting as she is beautiful.”

Now, all the males were staring at him with their mouths hanging open. He held back the urge to say, “Nyah, Nyah.” to them. But that was far beneath him as a prince.

The males nervously cleared their throats, and Ginta coughed nervously. From the look on Kouga’s face, he was telling the truth, and he had never known his leader to lie. That could be the reason why the little human was so nerved up after they returned to the den the day before.

Kouga soon wished his men a good night, and he walked back into the den. When he got back to his bedroom, Kagome was looking at a scroll that he had hung up on his bedroom wall. He walked up behind her and told her softly, “My father gave that to me before he died. It was his father’s before him and so on. It is a poem about our family.”

Kagome was impressed. She had never realized that demons could be so family oriented, but then again, the only demons that she knew anything about were Inu Yasha, and Shippo. Kouga walked to his wardrobe and got himself a pair of white hakamas to sleep in. He took a quick bath, and washed his long hair. After he got out, he decided to leave his hair down and dried it thoroughly. He dried his body off and then dressed back into the hakama. He walked into the bedroom, blew out almost all of the candles, except for the one, and got in on the other side of the bed. He decided to see if he could make Kagome’s arousal spike. He reached over and took a hold of Kagome’s arm. He heard her take in a breath, and gently brought her to him. When she was right next to him, he felt her stiffen. ‘Let’s see if I can loosen her up.’ He thought with a smirk. He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“I really enjoyed the dinner, Kagome. It was delicious. How can I thank you?” He purred, his lips grazing over her ear as he spoke.

Kagome gulped nervously. “Umm, that’s ok. Really. You don’t have to thank me,” she said, in a shaky voice.

“Nonsense. I want to give you something for your delicious meal,” He said, thrusting his hips against her.

Kagome’s eyes went wide and she gasped. That was not the kind of payment that she wanted, no thank you. She tried to scoot back over, but Kouga had an iron grip on her, she was stuck.

“Kouga, listen. I am positive that I don’t want any payment for dinner. Let’s just go to sleep,” She said, hoping that he would agree.

Kouga laughed silently at her discomfort. “But Kagome, it would not be right if I didn’t thank you in some way. Now, let’s see what I could do to you to show you my appreciation,” he mused out loud.

Kagome was frightened now. She was a virgin, and damn it, she wanted to stay a virgin. She watched as Kouga’s hand came closer to her face, and gently grasp her chin. He tilted her chin up and lowered his mouth onto hers, covering it and allowing his tongue to probe at her lips. He wanted her to open her mouth, and when she refused, he bucked his hips again, and caused her to gasp. That did it. Score one for Kouga! His tongue swept into her mouth, trying to entice her tongue to join his. And sure enough, it did, though very shyly.

Kagome was shaking. She could feel his tongue having its way with hers, and she could not help but wonder if that was all that was going to happen. Finally, Kouga broke the kiss. He nipped at her lips and then whispered, “Thank you, my love. Good night.” He took one arm off of Kagome and reached for the candle, then blew it out. He brought his arm back around Kagome and forced her head onto his chest, kissing her forehead before he closed his eyes in triumph. He had gotten the response that he desired. There was no question in his mind now. She was attracted to him, and he would work on her until he finally won her over.

Kagome stared at the ceiling. That worrying was all for nothing, and what made it worse was, she had a feeling that he made her worry on purpose. Well, two can play that game she decided. If he thinks that he could do this to her, she would turn the tables on him. Problem was, she was inexperienced. She would go to Miku in the morning and get some help. Oh yeah, he was going to pay.

Chapter Four

When Kouga awoke, Kagome was nowhere in the room. He jumped out of bed and quickly dressed in his furs and armor. He walked outside and found Kagome and Miku talking quietly amongst themselves. They were giggling about something, and then they turned to look at him. When they saw him, they looked at each other and then giggled again. Now, Kouga was curious. What in the hell was so funny? He shook his head and then turned when he heard Ginta call out to him.

Kagome had gotten up quite early and left the den, making sure not to wake Kouga. She was glad that Miku was also an early riser, and she went to join her new friend. When Miku asked how her night was, Kagome told her everything, and about her plan to get even with Kouga.

Miku was impressed. She thought that human females were all weak and docile, but Kagome had a spark about her. It was quite nice, and would prove to be entertaining. Their leader loved a challenge and here she was. So, when Kagome told her about some of the things that she planned to do to get under Kouga’s fur, she had to stop herself from bursting into loud laughter. Instead, the two females giggled. Then, Miku caught the scent of Kouga and the females turned to look at the leader, who was staring at them with curiosity written all over his face. They couldn’t help it, they started to giggle again. They calmed down and watched as Kouga walked over to where Ginta stood. It was time to put part of Kagome’s plan to work. Kagome and Miku got up and walked over to where Kouga stood.

When they had the leader’s attention, Miku asked Ginta if she could talk to him, leaving Kagome alone with Kouga.

“How did you sleep, Kouga?” Kagome asked, using her best innocent voice.

Kouga narrowed his eyes slightly. He smelled a trick, but he played it cool. “I got a good night’s sleep, my love. And what about you?”

Kagome’s eyes sparkled. “Well, I slept fine, but….” She trailed off.

Now she had Kouga’s undivided attention. “But what?” He prodded.

Kagome had to fight the urge to smirk. “I was a bit cold.” She said in a small voice.

Kouga raised his eyebrow. “Well, if that were the case, you should have snuggled up to me, I would have kept you warm.” He said, winking at her.

Kagome smiled up at him. “Really, Kouga? You would do that for me?” She asked, lowering her eyes.

Kouga reached over and hooked a finger under her chin, forcing her to look at him in his eyes. “Kagome, I would do anything for you. You are my woman, and if you need my warmth, then I would gladly give it.” He said, looking down into her eyes.

Kagome grabbed his hand, forcing it open and bringing it to her cheek. “Maybe I’ll do that tonight.” She said, leaning into his hand.

Now Kouga was stunned. He had wanted her to open up, and now, here she was and she was letting him touch her. It was a step in the right direction. What he didn’t see was Miku nodding at Kagome, and Kagome winking at her. When he reached to pull her into an embrace, Kagome stepped back, letting his hand fall.

“Well, I will let you go so that you can go hunting. Have a good day, Kouga.” Kagome said, turning around and walking back over to where she and Miku were originally sitting.

Kouga stared after her. His arms ached for her, and he was dying to feel her body next to his. He growled low in his throat, and barked for his men to gather. It was time to go hunting for his woman and provide for her. With another look at Kagome, he and his men were off, leaving a whole bunch of amused females behind.

“Kagome, that was terrific. You had him speechless.” Miku said, laughing. “He didn’t even know what to do.”

“Now what will you do?” Nasume, a red headed wolf asked.

“Well, I plan on snuggling up to him tonight, but if he thinks it will go further than that, he will have another think coming. After what he did last night, I think he deserves to sweat.” Kagome said, giggling.

She and Miku explained that Kagome would be dropping little hints to Kouga, driving him crazy with want. Sort of like what he was doing with her. After they explained, the women all looked at each other. It was too obvious. Their leader and the little human liked each other and were teasing one another. It was a weird courtship, but then again, it was a weird match. So, it made sense that their courtship also be weird. However, they did not notice that a male was eavesdropping on them. His lips turned up into a smirk. Now, it was confirmed. He could tell his leader that his intended mate held feelings for him. It was almost too perfect, and if the women were going to join in, it was only fair that the men get to play as well. Ah, yes. The small human was definitely a breath of fresh air for the tribe. He grinned as he slipped out unnoticed. His leader was about to get a nice surprise.

Sango, Miroku, and Shippo flew on Kilala over the mountains looking for any sign of Kagome. Shippo had been so quiet since Kagome had left and they were starting to worry about him. They searched the area where Kagome had been abducted and were angry at Inu Yasha for not following and rescuing the young miko. But, they had left the hanyou behind, and were now going to reclaim their friend.

Kilala kept sniffing the ground, and finally, she caught a scent. It was not that strong, but it was strong enough for her to follow. The three companions followed the battle cat as she walked along a trail and after a few hours, came to a beautiful waterfall. That was where she stopped, and meowed loudly.

“The trail stops here, so what do we do now?” Sango asked, rubbing the back of her neck.

“Perhaps there is something through the waterfall. It would be wise to check every nook and cranny before we up and leave.” Miroku said.

Sango sighed, and drew her sword. She cautiously stepped through the waterfall and then called for her companions. After they were all in the den, Kilala’s head perked up and she started forward. She hurried to the back and found the passageway to the living dens. Sango was the first to enter the passage and soon she found herself looking at a group of female demons, with Kagome in the middle, laughing and talking with them. It looked as though Kagome had made herself some friends. When Miroku, Shippo, and Kilala joined her, she called out.

“Kagome!” Sango yelled.

Kagome’s head shot up and the look on her face told them that she was shocked. But she got up and waved.

“Hi guys. How did you find us?” She asked, her voice a bit shaky.

The small group made their way down to her and saw the females backing up from them and heard their warning growls. One of the females put her hand on Kagome’s arm and said, “Kagome, they should not be here. If Kouga and the other males catch them, they will kill them. That is a certainty.”

Kagome paled. She looked at her friends. “Please, I don’t want to get you killed.” She said.

“We are not leaving without you, Lady Kagome. Please, tell us what is going on and where is that wolf that took you from us.” Miroku asked.

Kagome sighed. “His name is Kouga, remember? He is out hunting with the other men. They will be back shortly and Miku is right. He will probably try to kill you.” She said.

“Then we will leave. Come on, Kagome.” Sango said. But Kagome didn’t move.

“Kagome, we need to get out of here before that wolf comes back and kills us all.” Sango said, urgently.

Kagome shook her head. “Kouga won’t kill me. He wants me to be his mate. And I kind of like it here.” She said, looking at the other females who beamed at her.

“But what about the shards, Kagome? What about Naraku?” Miroku asked.

“I still want to get the shards, and I want to help you guys kill Naraku, but I have done some thinking. Come with me and let’s talk. I need to tell you what I have decided.” Kagome said, walking over to a corner.

Sango and Miroku looked at each other. This could not be good. Was it possible that their friend had fallen for her kidnapper? They sat down next to Kagome and she began to speak.

“I have been with Inu Yasha for a while now, and I realize that he doesn’t respect me or appreciate me in the least. He runs off to Kikyo whenever the opportunity strikes and leaves me behind, knowing that I cared for him. Now, I am not sure if it is because of the fact that I hold her soul and that is why I felt for him, but I do know this. I am tired of being his ‘jewel detector’ and I won’t do it anymore, and as far as me giving him the completed jewel, he can forget it. I won’t taint it with his selfish desire. I love you guys, but it is not healthy for me to stay in a group when the leader looks at me as not worth of his kindness and respect. Kouga actually respects me and he treats me well. He doesn’t try to insult me and he even compliments me when I do something right. Hell, I even pulled his tail yesterday, and instead of hurting me, he removed his tail and spoke to me gently. I know that this seems sudden, but I actually like him and I need to see if there is something here.” Kagome said, speaking from her heart.

Sango sighed. “Well, I wish I could say that I disagree with you about Inu Yasha, but what you say is true. We wanted to come after you, but he stopped us, saying that you needed to get out of this yourself. Kagome, all we want is for you to be happy. Are you happy?”

Kagome nodded. “It sounds weird, but yes. I am very happy.”

Miroku smiled. He reached out to hug his friend when a large hand clamped down on his shoulder.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Kouga said, his fangs lengthening.

Kagome jumped up. “Kouga, they only wanted to make sure that I was alright. They mean no harm.”

Kouga ignored her. He sniffed at the monk. “Tell me why I should not kill you.” He said, flexing his claws in front of Miroku’s face.

“Because, we are not here to force Lady Kagome to leave. She has said that she likes it here and we will not force her against her will. Also, think of how angry she will be if you murder her friends in front of her eyes.” Miroku said, glancing over at Kagome.

Kouga followed the monk’s eyes and looked at his intended. She looked worried for her friends. Kouga bit back a sigh. His love was making him soft. He threw the monk to the ground and told Kagome that he wanted to speak with her. He turned and walked into their private den, and Kagome followed him.

When they were gone, Sango helped Miroku up and looked at all of the angry male wolf demons. Miroku straightened his robes and said, “Good day, I am the monk, Miroku.”

At the mention of his name, all of the females glanced at each other and then placed their hands on their backsides. They were taking no chances.

Miroku saw this and chuckled nervously. “Apparently, you ladies have heard of me.”

Kouga paced in the bedroom. He was worried that Kagome would want to leave with her friends. When she came into the room, he turned to her.

“Are you going to try and leave with them?” He asked, his eyes narrowing.

To his surprise and relief, Kagome shook her head no. “I told them that I like being here and that I wanted to stay. If that is ok with you.” Kagome said, shyly.

Kouga stared at the small woman before him. He could not believe it, she actually wanted to be here and with him. He strode over to her and took her into his arms. He kissed her forehead and said, “Of course, it is ok if you stay. I would be hurt if you left. After all, who would warm you at night?” He said, smirking.

Kagome gasped at his comment and then tried to pull away, only to have him hold her tighter.

“Oh no, my sweet. You are going to stay here and let me hold you for a bit longer. Now that I know that you want me, you are going to have a hard time getting rid of me.” He said, chuckling.

Kagome sighed and placed her head on his chest. “What about my friends? Will you let them go?” She asked.

Kouga thought for a minute, and then said, “If they can tell me how they found this place and where that mutt-face is, then I will allow them to live. They can leave whenever they want, and I will have a small den set up for them to sleep in. But, they will be told that any attempts to take you will result in their deaths. And that mutt stays away from here.”

Kagome nodded. “I do believe that they will agree to those terms.” She smiled up at him, and saw him lean forward. His lips met hers in a soft kiss, but then they were interrupted by a loud ‘SMACK’ followed by Sango yelling, “YOU HENTAI!!”

Kagome giggled and stepped back from Kouga. She grinned at him before walking out of the room. Kouga’s eyes shone brightly. Hakkaku had been listening to the women before he joined the males in the hunt. He had heard everything and now he was going to use this to his advantage. His woman was about to learn that he was the master at playing games. He gave a soft chuckle and then walked out, intent on confronting the tribe’s guests.

He found the slayer standing over the monk, with her hand clenched into a fist. The monk was on the ground and rubbing his face. The males kept staring at the slayer with a bit of fear in their faces.

He quirked an eyebrow at their behavior and they quickly readjusted, growling at the uninvited guests.

“My Kagome says that you are friends of hers. I will allow you to stay on a few conditions. The first, you don’t try and remove her and you don’t reveal this location to anyone. Second, the mutt stays away from here and her. Third, you must obey the rules of my tribe. Now, if you can respect these conditions, then you may stay, if not, leave now.” Kouga said, staring at the strangers.

Miroku stood up, a handprint clearly seen on his face, much to Kouga’s amusement, and said, “We thank you for your hospitality, and we will gladly accept and conditions. Inu Yasha will not come here. He is off with his clay miko.”

Kouga nodded, and then turned towards Kagome. He walked past her and gave her a small smile, letting her know that everything would be alright. When he passed her, Kagome fought the urge to shiver. What in the world was happening to her? She shook her head, and then felt Miku’s hand on her shoulder.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yep, I am fine. Come on, I’ll introduce you to my friends.” Kagome said, walking towards her old friends.

When they came close enough, Kagome made introductions. “Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kilala this is Miku. Miku, these are my friends.”

Miroku’s eyes glazed over. He grinned and stepped forward. Within a second, he had Miku’s hands in his. “Miku, my beautiful maiden, would you do me the honor of bearing my children?” He asked.

All of a sudden, growls filled the air. Miku’s mate was snarling, but being held back by a few other males.

Sango stepped forward and looked at the snarling male. “Allow me. I know how to handle him.” She said, confidently.

Sango walked behind the monk and tapped him on his shoulder. When he turned, he was greeted with her fist and fell into an early slumber. Sango watched him fall to the ground, and then stepped over his body. “Hello, my name is Sango, the kitsune is Shippo, and the neko is Kilala.” She said.

Miku giggled. “I should have known better. Kagome warned us, but stupid me, forgot. It is nice to meet you. Shippo, if you would like, I can introduce you to a few of the pups. I am sure that you would like to play for a while. Dinner won’t be ready for some time.” When Shippo nodded, she led him to where the pups were and soon, Shippo was off and running with his new friends.

Kagome watched as Miku approached her mate and sooth him. When he calmed, he walked her to their den. Kagome blushed, she was pretty sure what they were about to do. Especially when Miku had told her that when male wolf demons are jealous over their mates, they tend to want to show their affections through physical love. Kagome snuck a peek at Kouga. Would he be like that as well?

Sango tapped Kagome’s shoulder and then led her over to some rocks to sit down.

“So, are you happy, Kagome?” Sango asked. She watched Kagome’s face contort into a soft smile.

“He makes me feel so loved, Sango. At first, I was really angry with him and scared, but they have made me feel at home. I really like the fact that they act like a huge family.” Kagome replied. She got up and told Sango to follow her. She had to start dinner and invited her friend to help her.

The women chatted while they cooked. Kouga brought in their share of meat, and left. But before he went, he kissed Kagome on her cheek, and then swatted her on her backside. Kagome jumped, and watched as he smirked before sailing out the door. Sango gasped behind her.

“My goodness, he certainly isn’t wasting any time, is he?” She asked, staring at the entrance.

“No, he isn’t. But then again, wolf demons are used to finding a mate and taking them almost immediately. Thankfully, he isn’t forcing me to do anything.” Kagome said, as she placed the meat on sticks to cook.

“So, where do you sleep?” Sango asked, cutting up some potatoes. When Kagome didn’t answer, she stopped and looked at her friend.

“Umm, well. See, I sleep in the bedroom.” Kagome said, not looking at Sango.

“I see. And can I assume by the way you are staring at the ground that Kouga sleeps there as well?” Sango prodded.

“Yeah.” Kagome whispered. She blushed a very pretty shade of cherry red.

Sango burst into laughter. “He must be something very special. Well, if it doesn’t bother you, then it doesn’t bother me.”

Kagome smiled at her friend and then began to pull plates out and set the table up. When the dinner was almost complete, Sango told her that she was going to go and check up on Miroku.

Kouga was stunned. When told how they found the den, Miroku told him that he lacked a strong defense. The monk had some very good ideas, and had offered to help with security measures. He told the wolf demons about Naraku and warned Kouga that Naraku would come after him because of the shards.


“Let him try. I would love to see him in action.” Kouga said, narrowing his eyes. He needed the shards to protect his people.

“Naraku is not someone to be taken lightly. Of course, neither is Kagome. She is the one who dealt him the largest injury.” Miroku said, smiling at the memory.

Kouga cocked his head. “What did Kagome do?” He asked. Now he was curious.

“Well, we were in battle, and Naraku surrounded us with his miasma. Kagome spotted Naraku and she fired an arrow at him, stopping his miasma. Then she fired another one, destroying his body.” Miroku replied, looking up at the sky.

“Wait, if his body was destroyed, then how can he still be alive?” Ginta asked, looking down at the monk.

“He is made up of several different demons. That body of his was just one of many. But, I do believe that he will never underestimate Lady Kagome ever again.” Miroku told him.

Kouga nodded. He had been wrong about Kagome. Sure, he thought that she was special, but now, he was sure that she went above and beyond special. His woman was a total package. One that he would treasure for the rest of his life.

Sango stepped up to the group of men. “Well, monk. I see that you have awoken. The dinner is almost ready. And Miroku, keep your hands to yourself if you know what is good for you.” Sango said, turning around.

“Your mate keeps you on a tight leash.” Kouga said, staring at the slayer.

Miroku began to laugh. “The lovely Sango is not my mate. I wish she would look at me with loving eyes, but alas, she does not.”

“That could have something to do with your wandering hand.” Kouga said, dryly. He got up when he saw Kagome come to the den’s entrance. She smiled at him and nodded, silently telling him that his dinner was ready. Kagome called for Shippo, and then walked back inside. He could not wait to get her into his bed again.

The dinner went well, and afterwards, Kouga took Miroku, Sango, and Shippo to where they would be staying. The tribe had decorated it for them but the only problem was….there was only one bed. Shippo had been invited to sleep in the pup dens, so that left Sango and Miroku to their own devices. After bidding them a good night, Kouga left. A smile formed on his lips as he wondered how they were going to work the sleeping arrangements.

“Ok, monk. This is how we are going to do this. We will share the bed, but if your hands come into contact with my body, you will be known is the handless monk of Japan.” Sango said, glaring at her companion.


Miroku held up his hands in defeat. “Sango, do not worry. My hands will behave themselves.” He assured her.

Sango sighed, and fingered the sleeping kimono that she was given by Miku, welcoming her to the den. She took a quick bath in the hot spring that was in their room and she then climbed into bed after putting on the yukata.

Miroku was already lying in the bed. She climbed in and turned towards him. “Kagome looks so happy, doesn’t she?” Sango asked.

“Yes, my dear. She does. Kouga obviously treats her well. I do believe that it is the nature of wolf demons to go above and beyond when it comes to the care of their mates. I am glad that she has him. He treats her well.” Miroku said, closing his eyes.

“What do you think they are doing?” Sango whispered, not really wanting to know, but she was in a strange place and she was not yet comfortable.

“Well, I do believe that they are doing something that we are not.” Miroku said, his voice suggestive.

Sango squeaked, and gave him a hard look. Miroku sighed. “I meant that they were sleeping, something I am trying to do.”

Sango gave a nervous giggle and then told him goodnight. She sighed, and closed her eyes. Yes, this Kouga seemed to be exactly what her best friend needed.

Kagome had just finished her bath and walked into the bedroom. Kouga had already bathed while she did dishes, and was now in the bed. He smiled at Kagome and pulled the covers back for her. She slid in and smiled over at him.


“Thank you for allowing my friends to stay. I really missed them.” Kagome said.

Kouga smiled back. “You are more than welcome, my love. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. If that means your friends being here, then they have a home with us. But, you need to warn that monk about seeking the services of our females. He nearly met the wrong end of a spear today.”

Kagome giggled. She then remembered about her plan. Smirking a bit, she scooted over to Kouga and placed her head on his shoulder. She heard his breath hitch and she smiled. Yes, she was winning.

Kouga smiled into her hair. So, the little vixen wanted to play, did she? Well, he was going to see how far she was willing to go. He began to growl low, allowing the growl to get louder as the minutes passed. Kagome raised her head to look at him. He was staring at the ceiling and as soon as she lifted his head, he got up, flinging his body to the end of the bed.

Kagome didn’t know what was happening. Did she do something wrong? She stared at the wolf demon and he snarled at her, making her shrink against the pillows. He got on all fours and tensed his body up, sniffing the air around them. Finally, he let out a snort. He moved forward, slowly and cautiously. He could smell Kagome’s fear, but also her arousal. His tail twitched in anticipation, and he narrowed his eyes. He began to bark at her, causing her to gasp and shut her eyes. She could feel his hot breath on her as he approached. Suddenly, it lifted. She opened one eye and was stunned to find him gone. She looked around, but could find no sign of Kouga. It was as if he disappeared. All of a sudden, he came running from the hot springs and with a snarl, he leapt at her.

Kagome screamed as she shut her eyes. Good-bye, cruel world. This is the end of Kagome. She was going to die… a virgin.

When he fell upon her, he began to tickle her, causing Kagome to laugh hard and loud. He laughed with her, making sure to hit every single spot that he knew to be ticklish, at least on him and apparently, on her as well. Kagome could bear it no more. She pushed against him and the wrestled around for a bit, until she ended up on top, straddling his chest with a smile that would have melted the coldest ice.

“Got you.” She sang, looking down on him. Kouga raised his eyebrow, and then wrapped his arms around her. Soon, she found herself on her back with him looking down on her.

“No, it looks as if I got you, mate.” He said, pausing after he called her mate. He looked into her face to see if she was upset with him.

Kagome blinked when he called her his mate. But, instead of panicking, she reached up and pulled him down in a kiss. She felt him catch his breath, but then joined her. The kiss had started out slow, but soon increased in its intensity. Tongues battled for control, and Kouga was not going to lose this fight. He quickly dominated her mouth, and reveled in his victory when she gave up the battle and submitting to him.

His mouth moved down her neck. He nibbled and licked, causing her to squirm under him. He groaned as he felt a familiar warmth in is lower body. If he didn’t stop soon, he would not be able to wait. He would claim her and mark her before she was ready. Besides, he wanted to allow her enough space so that she could be sure that she wanted to be his mate. It was for life and she would share his long life. Her life would end when his did. They would see the world change together, as mates. She would also bear him pups. There was a rumor that powerful mikos could mate with a demon and produce full-blooded demons. Well, Kagome was powerful, and even if the rumor was not true, he would love any child that she gave him. This had to be all about her. With a sigh, he pulled back. Kissing her once more on the lips, he crawled over to his side and laid down, pulling her to him and settling her at his side.

“Kagome, did it bother you that I called you mate?” Kouga asked, worried.

Kagome shook her head. “No. It didn’t bother me. I was surprised, but happily surprised.” She replied.

“So, does that mean that you would consider being my mate?” Kouga asked. He had to know. He wanted to be sure before moving on to the next level.

“Let me get used to this change in my life first, but yes. I will consider becoming your mate.” Kagome said softly, yawning a bit.

Kouga chuckled. “Good. That is what I wanted to hear.” He said, as he looked down. He smiled when he realized that Kagome had fallen asleep. His woman was tired. He pulled the blankets and furs around her.

“Don’t worry, Kagome. I will keep you warm tonight and for the rest of your life.” Kouga whispered. He kissed the top of her head, and closed his eyes. His life was perfect.

Inu Yasha was in a rage. His group had left him and had probably went to go look for Kagome. Kikyo had been reluctant to join him and his group, but when told that Kagome had been kidnapped, she joined. However, when they got back to where his companions were supposed to be, they were gone. He screamed his rage into the night’s sky. Well, they would not get away with this. He told Kikyo to wait for him and then he left, intent on finding his friends. He would probably have to get Kagome as well, but he would deal with that issue when it arose. He hoped that they were happy. They had caused him a lot of trouble, and they were going to hear about it.

Chapter Five

Morning came and it was business as usual at the den. Kouga made an announcement that Kagome, himself, the slayer, the monk, Ginta, and Hakkaku would be leaving to go shard hunting. He made it clear that when he picked a male to be in charge while he was gone, everyone was to obey him. The tribe agreed. Before he left, Kouga bent down and kissed Kagome.


“I will see you later. Try and be good.” He said, smirking. He burst out laughing when Kagome stuck her tongue out at him.

“Is that an offer, mate? I could always send the males out and we can go back to our den and put that tongue to use.” Kouga offered.

Kagome paled. “No, that’s quite alright.”

Kouga grinned and then told his men to move out. After they were gone, Miku grabbed her arm and hauled her to the circle of females.

“Kagome, he called you mate. Does that mean that you two have mated?” Miku demanded. The eager looks on the other females faces told her that they also wanted to know.

Kagome sighed. “No, we have not gone all the way. He called me mate last night, and when I said that it didn’t bother me, he got really happy.”

Miku nodded. “Well, that is because he feels that you are now his. Calling you mate is his way of telling others that you two are in a committed relationship. You are actually very lucky, Kagome. Kouga is a really good wolf. Sure, he is a bit of a jerk at times, but he really loves you.”

“Well after what he did to me last night, he is lucky that he didn’t get smacked again.” Kagome said, looking down.

Miku grinned. Everyone had heard Kagome’s scream. “Ok, tell us what happened.”

Kagome told the women what Kouga did to make her scream. When she finished, the women all broke out into hysterical laughter.

“Oh man. We have got to figure out a way to get him back.” Miku said, tapping her chin with her finger. Finally, an evil gleam lit up in her eyes.

“I got it. Kagome, do you want to make our mighty leader squirm?” Miku asked.

Kagome nodded. Miku told Kagome exactly what to do. When she was finished, all of the women blushed and then laughed. It was perfect, and for once, Kouga would be left speechless. Kagome nodded, and agreed to do it.

When the women went about their daily chores, Kagome straightened up the den she and Kouga lived in and got started on the dinner preparations. She then went to look for her friends. As she stepped outside, she heard a smack. She sighed and followed the sound. Sure enough, there they were. Sango was hovering over Miroku, and he was unconscious, a look of pure bliss on his face. Kagome stepped up to her.

“What did he do now, or do I even have to ask?” Kagome asked, looking down on the monk.

“Oh, he did what he normally does, but it was not I who hit him. Your friend Miku has a nasty right hook.” Sango said, giggling.

Kagome’s face went from shock to thrilled. “Well, serves him right. If her mate had been here, he would have slaughtered Miroku.”

Sango nodded, and then they went to go and watch the pups play. Shippo looked to be having the time of his life as he and his new friends ran around, playing. Kagome smiled. He deserved a family. Perhaps Kouga would allow him to stay with her. She always looked out for him.

Time passed by very quickly and Kouga and the men finally came back, carrying with them their bounty from a hard day’s hunt. Kouga followed Kagome into their den and gave her their share. Before he went back outside, he leaned down and claimed her lips. Their kiss started out soft, but soon turned frantic. He snatched her to him and held her tight in his arms, however, he was careful not to harm her. His tongue battled hers and she sighed when she gave into his more aggressive nature. Smiling in triumph, he broke the kiss and nipped at her lips.

“Wait until tonight, mate. I will give you a night that you won’t soon forget.” He said, sailing out of the den.

Kagome allowed a smirk to cross her face. “Not if I give you one first.” She said, softly.

Inu Yasha came upon the mountain and sniffed around. He could not pick up his friends scents and he began to worry. What if they got caught by the wolf demons and hurt. Then who would help him destroy Naraku and purify the jewel. He growled in frustration. This was all Kagome’s fault. Had she not allowed herself to get caught, he would not have to save her sorry hide. But, he then shrugged. After he got her and the others back, he would tell her exactly how he felt, and he didn’t care if she cried. To be truthful, he was getting tired of catering to her feelings.


He ran down the path to the spot where Kagome had been taken. The entire area stank of wolves. He continued on the path, and finally, he caught a whiff of Sango’s scent. He smirked. This would not be so hard after all. He ran, following the scent. Oh, how they would pay for making him worry.

Dinner had been delicious and everyone finally relaxed around the fire. The women were between their male’s legs, and Kagome was no different. This time, she was not embarrassed. She looked over at Miku, who nodded at her. It was time to play.


Kagome’s fingers began to creep up to Kouga’s thigh. She knew that her movements were concealed by her body, and she kept a straight face as she allowed her fingers to caress the soft skin of his upper thigh. She could hear Kouga’s voice catch, and his breathing become heavy.

Miku and the other women were enjoying the look on their leader’s face. At first, he looked shocked, but then it turned to pleased, and now, he looked extremely uncomfortable. Miku could almost bet that his discomfort was coming from underneath his fur wrapping.

Miku winked at Kagome and nodded slightly. Kagome smirked and allowed her fingers to go higher. She adjusted her body so that she could lay her head on his thigh while her head hid her traveling fingers. She could feel Kouga fidgeting. She bit back a laugh and could feel her fingers go underneath the fur he wore around his waist.

Kouga had never been so shocked in his entire life. His beautiful intended mate was torturing him with her soft touches. He could not take it anymore. He was so aroused that it was becoming painful. He quickly stood up, bringing Kagome with him.

“Well, I am feeling tired. Kagome, its time for bed.” He said. Miku smirked at her leader’s rush to get into his den. She had counted on this, and had told Kagome to walk slowly. And that is exactly what she did. Kouga kept her in front of him, shielding his arousal from everyone else. Kagome took tiny steps, enjoying his torment. Finally, he growled and turned her around. He bent down and threw her over his shoulder, and walked as fast as possible to their den.

The males looked at each other. What in the hell had happened? The women burst into giggles after the two soon-to-be lovers disappeared from view. When asked what was up, Miku explained. The males joined in the laughter. They now had material to tease their leader with and would do so the following morning. After all, what are friends for?

Kouga said nothing as he carried Kagome to their bed. He had his armor undone by the time he threw her onto the fur-covered bed. He whipped the armor off and threw it away from him.


“I see that you and the other women have been talking, my mate. Good play, making me hot for you and not being able to do anything about it. Well, that was outside, and we are not outside anymore. Are you ready to receive payback?” He growled, as he climbed onto the bed.

Kagome glanced around nervously. What, exactly, did he mean by payback? She glanced down and then away. She could see clearly what her actions had caused. She quickly looked back up at him when she heard his growl.

He reached out and pushed Kagome onto her back, making sure that he was not too rough, but he was also not wanting to be gentle either. She had awoken feelings in him that he had tried to suppress. Now, she was going to find out what it was to love a wolf.

Reaching for the obi, he untied it and threw it to the ground. He could see the fear in her eyes, but he could also smell her arousal. Without warning, he parted her kimono, revealing two pieces of cloth. One covered her generous breasts and the other covered her lower body. He growled softly.

“So, Kagome. Now that I have you at my mercy, what are you going to do?” Kouga asked, taunting her.

Kagome’s eyes narrowed. With reflexes that Kouga would have sworn belonged to a demon, Kagome had him on his back with her straddling his hips.

“I am going to do that, Kouga. Deal with it.” Kagome said, smirking. She reached and grasped both of his hands in hers. She brought them to her hips and placed his hands there. She slid the kimono off, watching his face as the material slid off of her. He looked like a child at Christmas. She held back her giggle and instead, leaned over and began to kiss his chest.

Kouga moaned and closed his eyes. He had wanted this for so long. To have a mate take care of him and his needs. He had originally planned to find a suitable demoness and mate with her for the sake of creating his heirs, but this was so much better. His hands grasped her hips and he bucked underneath her, causing Kagome to stop her ministrations on him and gasp. He smirked and did it again. Finally, he removed one of his hands, and allowed it to curl around the back of her neck. He brought her to his face and allowed his lips to brush against hers. Kagome sighed and settled down on him. He finally kissed her, taking it slow and allowing her to explore his mouth. He moved his hands from their current locations and down to her back. He was about to cut off the material around her chest, but his fingers brushed over the clasp, so he decided to try and get the breast binding off of her without ruining it. He nearly had it undone when a scream echoed into their den.

Kouga eased Kagome off of him and leapt off the bed. He grabbed his armor and threw it on. Racing outside, he found the reason for the scream. That damn hanyou was standing in the common area, holding his sword. The females were huddled together and the males had their weapons out.

Kouga stepped forward. “Leave my den, half-breed.” He growled.

“Not without my friends, shard detector, and your blood.” Inu Yasha bellowed. Too bad for him that his shard detector heard everything. As he ran towards Kouga with his sword ready to strike, Kagome’s voice rang out.

“SIT BOY!” She yelled.

Inu Yasha meet ground, ground meet Inu Yasha. While he was yelling curses from his crater, Kagome calmly walked over and grabbed the tetsaiga. She walked over to Kouga and smiled.

“How did you do that?” Kouga asked, motioning towards Inu Yasha.

“I have a subduing spell on him. Anytime I say the ‘magic word’, he plummets to the ground. Hey, Sango. Will you please hold the sword for Inu Yasha. He is not going to disrespect this den.” Kagome said.

Sango stepped forward, a smirk crossing her face, and took the sword. When the spell wore off, Inu Yasha pulled himself up. He stood up and brushed himself off.

“I come here to save your hide and you do this to me, you ungrateful wench.” Inu Yasha growled.

Kouga stepped forward. “Don’t speak to my mate in such a way.” Kouga snapped. He made sure to stand between Kagome and the mutt.

Inu Yasha laughed. “Kagome would never mate with the likes of you, you stupid wolf.”

“Sit, boy.” Kagome said. “Kouga is not stupid. He is smart, loving, brave, faithful, kind, compassionate…well, if I keep going, we are never going to get to sleep, so just think of everything you are, and Kouga is the opposite of that.”

The wolf demons snickered behind them. Inu Yasha stood up again. “Feh, if you want to stay with this pack of dirty wolves, be my guest. Sango, Miroku. We are leaving.” He said, turning to go back the way he came.

“Uh, Inu Yasha? We are not leaving. We actually like it here and we have agreed to help Kagome and Kouga find the shards.” Sango said, preparing herself for the storm.

“WHAT?” Inu Yasha screamed. Kouga smirked. “Here, let me break it down for you. You no longer have a pack to lead. They are with me now and we are going to hunt for the shards together.”

“Like hell you are. How can you guys do this to me?” Inu Yasha bellowed, not caring that he looked like a spoiled child who had not gotten what he wanted.

“We are joining Kouga and Kagome because he treats her well, and will treat us well also. You take Kagome and us for granted. Go find your dead miko. Let her help you.” Sango said, looking at him in disgust.

Inu Yasha snorted. “Fine. If that is the way you want it, you got it.” He snapped. “Give me my sword and I will be on my way.”

Kagome shook her head. “No.” She said.

Inu Yasha glared at her. “What in the hell do you mean ‘No’?”

“I am the one who pulled the sword out. It belongs to me. Now, leave before you are forced to leave.” Kagome said, staring at the hanyou she once loved, but now, could not think of a single reason why she loved him.

“I’ll get you guys for this. Just you wait.” Inu Yasha threatened.

Kagome narrowed her eyes. “Oh, really. Well, perhaps I should pay your brother a visit and offer him a deal. Help us find the shards and defeat Naraku, and the sword is his. I do believe that I can break the spell around the sword to allow him to touch it.”

Inu Yasha’ face went pale. For the first time, he saw Kagome. Not a thing to be used, but as a person who had been pushed too far. “Please. Don’t do that. I won’t do anything against you. But, please. Return the sword to me before the battle with Naraku. I won’t bother you until then.” He said, hanging his head. He had just been defeated, and he knew it. He could not allow Sesshomaru to get his hands on his sword.

“I will think about it, until then, stay out of our way.” Kagome said, taking the sword back and going into the den she shared with Kouga.

Kouga looked at the hanyou. “You heard her. Now, leave my den and don’t come back.”

Inu Yasha turned, his shoulders slumped. He walked away, wondering when his life landed into the mud.

When he was gone, Kouga looked at his tribe. “Make sure he leaves.” He said to some of the males. They nodded and left. “I want everyone to relax and enjoy the rest of your evening.”

He turned and walked back into his den. He went to their bedroom and saw Kagome sitting on the bed, the sword in her hands.

He knelt down beside her. “Are you alright, Kagome?” He asked, softly.

Kagome smiled at him. “I finally did it. I broke free from him. She said, happily.

Kouga smiled back at her. “Let’s go to bed, mate. It is getting late and we have a busy day. Tomorrow, we leave.”

Kagome nodded, and put the sword up against the wall. She heard Kouga’s armor hit the ground, and she turned around. Boy, did she get an eyeful. Kouga was standing in front of her, completely nude. She blushed and turned around quickly. The blush got worse when she felt Kouga come up behind her.

“Is something wrong, my sweet.” He purred, running his hands up and down her arms. He saw Kagome shake her head, and he smirked. Before she could react, he had her kimono off and in his arms. He carried her to the bed and placed her between the covers. He had to admit, she looked delicious in her underclothing. He got in and cuddled up to her. He could tell that she was uncomfortable.

“Kagome. You are going to be my mate. You are going to have to get used to seeing my body, just as you will have to get used to allowing me to see yours. Now, relax and let your male hold you.” He said, drawing her closer.

Soon, Kagome fell asleep, leaving Kouga alone with his thoughts. He loved the woman in his arms. This was right and he would allow no other to come between them. This he would swear on his life. He closed his eyes, preparing himself for the journey that would begin when he awoke. He would not change his life in any way.

Chapter Six

When they awoke, Kouga had gathered all of his people around him. He told them that he along with his companions were leaving and that they would be back within a couple of weeks. After appointing another wolf as temporary leader, Kouga lead Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Ginta, and Hakkaku from the den. He had also chosen to bring some of the wolves with them.

Soon, they were away from the mountain and were making their way through a thick forest. Kagome had felt the call of a shard and now, they were coming upon it. Kouga scented the air and smirked. He knew that rabbit demons resided in this particular forest, so it would make sense that one of them had the shard. They walked into a clearing and found what they had been looking for. Sure enough, a large rabbit demon was devouring a full-grown boar.

Kagome’s face grew pale. The rabbit demon looked horrible. Sango shook her head while Miroku’s voice broke the silence.

“I have seen rabbit demons before, and normally, they only eat vegetation. I wonder why this demon has decided to become a carnivore.” He said out loud.

Kouga shook his head. “Rabbit demons can’t stand meat. I am betting that his sudden interest in meat would have something to do with the jewel. Kagome, where is the shard?”

Kagome narrowed her eyes and looked the demon over. She finally found what she was looking for.

“It is right between its eyes.” Kagome said, looking at Kouga.

At that moment, the rabbit demon sniffed the air and then turned to the small group. Kouga, Sango, and Miroku stood before the group.

“Ginta, Hakkaku. Watch over Kagome and make sure that she is safe.” Kouga ordered. When the two wolf demons nodded, the three warriors set about on their task. Soon, the demon lay in a puddle of blood. Kagome pulled herself away from the two wolf demons and ran to the corpse. She scanned the body and then reached over and grabbed the shard, purifying it on contact. Kagome sighed with relief. It had been a good day.

Inu Yasha made his way towards the village. As he reached Kaede’s hut, he could hear the old crone’s voice, and the voice of Kikyo. He entered the hut, and found the two staring at each other.


“Kikyo, what a nice surprise.” Inu Yasha said, his face lighting up.

Kikyo tore her eyes away from her sister and said, “Inu Yasha, I am happy to see you as well, my love.”

Inu Yasha walked over and sat down beside the woman he had loved for so long. However, instead of feeling happy and warm, he felt sad and distressed. Kikyo noticed this.

“What is wrong, Inu Yasha?” Kikyo asked, her eyes narrowing.

“Nothing, Kikyo. I am just thinking, that’s all.” Inu Yasha replied.

Kikyo said nothing. She looked around. “So, where are your companions? Didn’t they come back with you?”

Inu Yasha shook his head. “No, they wanted to stay with Kagome.” He said, sadly.

Kikyo’s eyes narrowed. “Why would they want to do that? She is a weak little girl and doesn’t have full control of her powers.”

“Well, it seems that Kagome found herself a wolf demon to screw and apparently, Sango and Miroku like him, so they stayed with the two lovebirds and plan to hunt shards with them instead.” Inu Yasha growled.

“I see. Well, then. Let’s follow them.” Kikyo said, smirking.

Inu Yasha’s eyes lit up. This could be a golden opportunity to gain back his sword. He nodded his head and the pair smiled at each other.

Kaede said nothing. She and Kikyo had been discussing the hanyou before he walked in. She knew that her dead sister held no feelings for the half demon, but only desired the jewel to regain her life. When told that she could not use the jewel for such a request, Kikyo had said that she would go and see the aid of an amulet that would allow such a request. But, she would have to take the hanyou along for the journey. She was not strong enough to kill off so many creatures. Kaede had warned her against her plan, but Kikyo would not hear of it. Kaede sighed. She was not worried for Kagome. It would not be Kagome who suffered from Kikyo’s plan, but rather, Kikyo’s true reincarnation.

The day had gone well, and now the companions sat down for a nice quiet dinner. After roasting a boar, the group ate and told stories. Kagome told the wolf demons about where she came from and how she came to be in the feudal era. The three demons had been stunned, but then grinned. They were curious about where she was from to speak and dress in such ways. After dinner, Kagome announced that she was going to take a bath. Sango declined. She still didn’t think it was good to wash so much. Kagome giggled and left the group, fully aware of Kouga’s hungry eyes upon her.


She made it to the hot spring and set down her belongings. After removing her clothing, she stepped into the water and sighed. The heat soothed her aching muscles and calmed her nerves. She didn’t notice the movement behind her.

She dipped under the water to get her hair wet and then reemerged. She turned around to grab the shampoo, but found herself staring at a very naked Kouga.

Kouga had decided that he needed to wash as well, and what better way to wash than with his mate. So, he followed her and watched as she undressed. His groin tightened as he watched her nude form slip into the water. He then came out from his spot and relieved himself of his furs and armor. Slipping in quietly, he watched as she rose from the water, and then turn. Suddenly, he was faced with a very startled Kagome. His eyes lowered to her chest and he was delighted to see that they were generous. He would definitely have to explore those luscious mounds.

Kagome was shocked. Yep, that was a perfect word for how she felt. She watched as Kouga licked his lips and approached her.

“Would you like me to wash your back, mate?” He asked, his eyes twinkling.

Kagome’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. Suddenly, she yelped. Kouga had taken her silence to mean that she accepted his offer. He had taken her soap, and lathered his hands up. Then, he placed them on her back, causing her to yelp and jump a bit. He smirked and then whispered, “Relax. I won’t bite you. Not unless you want me too.”

He felt Kagome shiver and then set about in his task. His hands roamed her back, making sure to get every single inch of skin. His beautiful mate had started to moan at his attention to her body. His hands soon planted themselves on her hips and he turned her to look at him.

Kagome blushed as she noticed his gaze travel down to her chest. She tried to cover herself, but was stopped by a low warning growl.

“You don’t need to hide yourself from me, Kagome. I am your intended mate, just as you are mine. I have every right to see what belongs to me, just as you do. Now, quit being so damn shy around me.” Kouga ordered.

Kagome blushed and lowered her head. Kouga immediately regretted his words. He had not meant to shame her. He hooked his finger under her chin and lifted so that he could look into her eyes.

“Kagome, I’m sorry. I should not have been so harsh. I am not used to the ways of humans. A female wolf demon would not be shy, and I expected the same from you. Can we begin again?” He asked, hope laced through his voice.

Kagome took a deep breath and nodded. She forced her body to relax and then looked back up at him. She watched as Kouga’s eyes roamed her entire form. When he was done with his examination, he reached out and pulled her to him.

He began to kiss her neck, his hands rubbing soft circles on her back. The small whining noises that he made relaxed her and she placed her arms around Kouga’s neck. Soon, his lips came up to meet hers, silently telling her how much he loved her. He allowed his hand to travel to her stomach, and then allowed it to go a bit higher, until it brushed the underside of her breast. Kagome whimpered. Kouga broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers.

“Relax, my love. I will never do anything to harm you.” He whispered, and then moved his lips to her temple. His hand began to stroke the flesh just under her breast, causing Kagome’s body to heat.

Kouga was about to allow his hand to go higher, when his ears picked up a sound. He yanked away from Kagome and then hauled her to stand behind him. Suddenly, a figure crashed out from behind the bushes, followed by a very angry slayer.

Sango had seen Miroku go down the path that Kagome had taken, and she decided to follow him. When she caught him peeping, she used her boomerang and hit him upside his head, causing him to fall forward and land right in front of the couple. Normally, Sango was not one to blush, but seeing a very nude Kouga and Kagome standing right behind him, well, who wouldn’t blush.

She could hear Kouga growling. “Sorry about that. I had to come and get the monk. Enjoy your bath, you two.” Sango called out, dragging an unconscious monk behind her.

Kagome giggled and turned around to grab her shampoo. Kouga turned to her and raised his eyebrow. “Let me guess, the mood is dead.” He said, sighing.

Kagome nodded. “Yeah, it is. Now, take your hair down and then turn around.” She ordered.

Kouga did as he was told, but ducked into the water so that his hair was wet. He felt Kagome come up behind him and suddenly, her fingers were in his hair, massaging his scalp. Kouga couldn’t help it, he began to growl in pleasure.

Kagome smiled as she heard Kouga’s growl. She had learned how to tell the differences in Kouga’s growls. This growl meant that he was enjoying himself. When she finished, she patted his shoulder and told him to rinse the soap out. When he reemerged, he found that Kagome had turned from him and was now washing her own hair. She suddenly dunked under the water and washed away her soap as well. When she rose, Kouga told her that it was time to go back to camp. Kagome agreed and followed him to the shore. When they stood on dry land, Kouga crouched down on all fours, and before Kagome’s eyes, he turned into a black and brown wolf. The wolf shook his body, sending droplets of water to splatter onto Kagome. She giggled, wrapped herself in a towel, grabbed another towel, and then approached the wolf. Kouga sat on his haunches and watched her approach. He had feared that his true form would repulse her, but instead, she had taken the second towel and began to rub it over his fur. Her fingers moved up to his ears, and she gently rubbed them, cooing at the softness. Kouga looked up at her, and then brought his muzzle to her face. His tongue snaked out and he licked her cheek. This caused Kagome to laugh. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “I love you, Kouga.”

Kouga’s ears perked up and he barked at her. To hear her say that she loved him brought him great joy. And he was happy that she did not fear his true form, well, the smaller version of his true form. He felt her arms slip away and watched her stand. She walked over to her clothing and quickly dressed in a kimono. She looked over at him.

“Are you going to change, or are you going to stay in your wolf form tonight?” She asked.

Kouga thought about it. He actually liked being in his wolf form. He watched as Kagome grinned.

“I take it by your not turning back that you want to stay a wolf. Well, I am going to get your armor and furs and then we can go back to the camp.” Kagome said, gathering up his belongings.

Kouga barked at her, wagging his tail eagerly. Never before had he felt so loved and accepted. Together, they walked back to the camp. It was time to go to sleep.

Chapter Seven

When Kagome awoke, she found that Kouga was still in his wolf form and had his head resting on her stomach. She looked over and saw two other wolves that could only be Ginta and Hakkaku. They were curled up together and were also asleep. She suppressed a giggle and felt Kouga’s head move. She looked down and saw that he was looking up at her. She gently patted his head.

“Everyone is still asleep, Kouga. Why not try to get some more rest? I am sure that we have a long day ahead of us, so you might as well relax as much as you can.” She said, leaning over and kissing the top of his furry head.

Kouga yawned and then shook his head. He allowed his tongue to lick Kagome’s hand and then he stood up. Moving over to where his friends were laying, he pushed one of them with his head and whined at him. The other two wolves raised their heads and stood up. Kouga walked back to where Kagome had placed his furs and armor and he picked up his fur wrap in his mouth. He gave a glance at Kagome again and then moved to a large thicket of bushes. Within a few minutes, Kouga emerged, back in his humanoid form. His hair was hanging down his back and his chest gleamed in the early morning sunlight. Soon, Ginta and Hakkaku joined him. Kouga crouched down beside Kagome.

“Did you sleep well, love?” He asked, leaning over to place a kiss upon her cheek. He smiled when Kagome nodded. He sat down behind her and pulled her backwards. He had enjoyed the previous evening and could not help but marvel at the woman in his arms. Not only did she accept him for the way he was, she was attracted to him and was not afraid to show him her feelings in either of his forms. He could not wait to mate her, and make her his woman for all of eternity.

He felt Kagome shift a bit, and then watched as she leaned her head up against his shoulder. She sighed happily and closed her eyes. Kouga smiled down at her, and then directed his attention to Ginta and Hakkaku.

“Ginta, I want you to scout ahead and look around. Hakkaku, I want you to go and hunt for breakfast. We are going to be moving out after we eat, so be sure to be quick in finding food.” He ordered. When his men left, Kouga looked back down at Kagome, who had fallen back asleep in his arms. He lifted her up and moved her back to her bedding. After he had covered her, he moved to start a fire. Once it was going, he looked up at the sky and grimaced. The sky was dark and Kouga could tell that they would be in for some heavy rain later in the day. He would have Ginta and Hakkaku find them some shelter.

After Ginta and Hakkaku returned, Kouga woke Kagome up, and watched as she smiled at her friends. The monk and exterminator smiled back at her. The exterminator cocked her head and said, “So, do you think that Inu Yasha will try and follow us? I doubt that he will just sit back and let us find the shards on our own.”

Kagome shrugged. “If he does follow us, that is his business. Right now, all I am concerned about is finding those shards and putting the jewel back together again.” She replied.

Kouga narrowed his eyes. He could feel his stomach knot up at the thought of that mutt following them. Kagome was his woman, and he hated the fact that the mutt thought that she belonged to him. He growled low in his throat, and then looked away.

Kagome had heard Kouga’s growl and looked over at him. She was curious as to why he would growl, but the look on his face spoke volumes. Apparently, he was upset about Inu Yasha and the prospect of him following their group. When Kouga stood up and announced that he was going to wash up, Kagome stood up and smiled apologetically at the group. She saw Sango nod, and turned to walk after her wolf.

Miroku stared after the couple. “Did I miss something?” He asked. Ginta shook his head. “One thing about wolves you need to understand, when we fall in love, we are viciously protective and jealous. Kouga is upset that Inu Yasha might be following us because he sees Kagome as his mate and his jealousy will only get stronger until they actually mate with each other. He is trying very hard not to push her, but sex is a very important aspect of our culture and he feels that the only way to keep the hanyou away from Kagome is to mate and mark her.” He explained.

Miroku slowly nodded and then grinned lecherously. “I see. Well, I suppose by the time we get back to the den, our little Kagome will be a woman.” He said, laughing.

Sango’s eyes narrowed and she thwacked the monk upside of his head. “Keep your hentai thoughts to yourself, monk. Ginta, what happens if the wolf becomes jealous of another?” She asked, her glare locked upon the injured monk.

“Well, several things can happen. I can remember one time when a male grew so jealous over another male that he ended up killing his competition. It can get very nasty, especially when the jealous wolf is in a position of power. Kouga is the leader and prince of the wolf tribes and he views Kagome as the only woman good enough for him, so any other male will be seen as a threat until Kouga mates Kagome and possibly after. As I said before, sex is a huge part of our lives and though a wolf won’t hurt their intended, everyone else is fair game. I suggest keeping the monk away from Kagome until she and Kouga mate. If Kouga sees him putting a finger on her, he will rip his hands off and give them to the wolves to play with.” Ginta warned.

Sango nodded then looked at Miroku, who paled. He nervously nodded and then gazed at Sango’s rear. He allowed a goofy smile to cross his lips and sighed. If he could not touch Kagome, then Sango will have to accept his caresses. He reached out to touch her soft backside, and felt the soft material of her uniform before feeling the sting of her slap. He fell backwards and into an instant slumber, a serene smile upon his lips.

Kagome followed Kouga back down to the hot spring and stopped when she saw him stiffen. He slowly turned around to look at her.


“I wanted to be by myself.” He said, gruffly. He turned away from her and stared at the water.

“Did I do something wrong? Are you upset with me for something, Kouga?” Kagome asked, confused. Why was he acting this way?

Kouga bit back a snarl, but said, “You have done nothing, Kagome. And that is the problem. That damn mutt could be following us and you act like you don’t give a damn. Do you have feelings for him? Would you like me to step down and walk away so that you can go to him? Is that what you want, Kagome?”

Kagome’s lower lips trembled. Then it hit her. Kouga was jealous and needed her reassurance. Miku had warned her about this. Males were often jealous over other males they considered to be a threat to their relationship, and the usual way to reassure them was through physical contact. She took in a deep breath and walked slowly up behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and cuddled up to his back.

“I do not want Inu Yasha, Kouga. You are the only male that I want. I have never slept with Inu Yasha in the way that I sleep with you. He has never been in my bed and never will be. I have the male that I want, and that male is you. I love you, Kouga, and only you. The reason why I don’t care if he is following is because I know that he is no threat to me as long as you are around.” Kagome said, pressing herself closer to the wolf prince.

Kouga took in several deep breaths to calm himself down. He closed his eyes as he felt Kagome press her body against his and he softly groaned. The heat from her body was driving him insane and he really did not know how much longer he could take until the wolf inside of him demanded its right to claim their mate. He placed his hands over hers and pulled them apart. He turned to face her and saw that she was crying. Without a word, he tipped her chin up and gently licked away her tears, whining softly at her while nuzzling her soft skin. He pulled her to him and held her in a tight embrace, silently cursing himself for making her cry. Of course she wanted him. That damn wolf inside of him was growing anxious over the idea that the mutt would try to take their precious Kagome from them. That would never happen. Not while Kouga had a breath in his body.

A loud clap of thunder was heard, causing Kouga to pull back from Kagome and say, “We need to find shelter. Come on, let’s go back to the others.”

Kagome nodded and followed Kouga, smiling at his back and silently congratulating herself on a job well done. Miku had been right in telling her how to handle the wolf prince. However, the way he was holding her hand and his demeanor told Kagome that they were far from done with each other, and Kagome could only hope that the shelter they found would provide some privacy for what she knew would probably happen. Kouga would want to touch her, to show the wolf that she was theirs and to show her that she belonged to them. Well, perhaps it was time.

As soon as they got to camp, Kouga told everyone that it was time to leave. He sent Ginta and Hakkaku out to find shelter while they gathered their belongings. It did not take long for the two wolves to return and tell their leader about a small cave that was a few miles from where they were. Nodding, Kouga told them to lead the way. He lifted Kagome in his arms and carried her. Sango and Miroku rode on Kilala. All the way there, Miroku’s hands wandered, causing the exterminator to smack him several times. By the time they got to the cave, Miroku’s face was a huge bruise and he was grinning like a fool.

Kouga shook his head at the monk and set Kagome down. He would not allow her to go far from him, and told the other two wolves that he and Kagome were to be left alone. Nodding, Ginta and Hakkaku started a fire, while the monk and exterminator pulled out food from Kagome’s backpack.

Kouga lead Kagome to the back of the cave. It was dark, and that helped ease Kagome’s anxiety a bit. She did not want Miroku to see her and Kouga doing anything that would cause him to constantly grin at her. Kouga held her hand tightly and finally found a small area to sit down in.

He made Kagome straddle his lap, and started to undo her obi. Kagome could hear his breathing become harsher, and she knew that he was trying his best to keep his control, but did she really want him to control himself? She allowed her fingers to undo his armor and slide it away from his chest. Her fingertips explored his broad chest, causing him to groan. Kagome smiled, knowing full well that with his enhanced eyesight, he could see her, and bent her head down to his ear and whispered, “I love you, Kouga. There will never be another who can make me feel the way you do.”

Kouga felt his heart pounding in his chest. With trembling fingers, he opened her kimono and slid it off of her shoulders. He took in the sight of her and her undergarments. Kagome knew what he wanted, so she reached behind her and unsnapped the bra, letting it slid from her body and onto the ground. She felt him catch his breath and then felt his hot breath upon her naked breast. She closed her eyes and allowed his mouth to take her to places she had never known about. She knew that when she next saw her friends, she would no longer be a virgin, but mated to a very strong and powerful wolf who loved her like no other, and he needed her touch, something she would not deny him.

Ginta and Hakkaku could easily smell the arousal and could hear the soft grunts coming from their leader and his new mate. It was clear that they were in the middle of making love and would not be seen for several hours.

Miroku shook his head. He had seen the small grins on the wolves and he instantly knew what his friend and their leader were up to. Now, if only he could get Sango to love him and be with him in the way that Kagome was with Kouga, then everything would be perfect in his world.

Sango was oblivious as to what was going on. She was dividing her attention between her thoughts and Miroku’s hands. She kept inching away from him and soon found herself sitting next to Hakkaku. The wolf smiled down at her and said, “So, I take it that you do not find the monk desirable.”

Sango blushed. Of course she found Miroku desirable. But, his hands would not leave her alone. She shook her head, aware that all eyes were on her, including Miroku’s. “I do find Miroku to be very handsome, but I do not like being groped all of the time.” She explained.

Miroku cleared his throat. “Would you rather I grope you or other women. Sango, my hands would much rather be on you rather than on some other woman.” He said, his voice soft.

Sango felt her body heat at his words. Did that mean that he was willing to commit to her and to her only? As if reading her mind, the monk scooted closer to her and wrapped his arm around her. He leaned over and placed a chaste kiss upon her cheek. For him, this moment was enough to keep him happy for a while. Sango smiled at him, but then jumped when a howl was heard from the back of the cave.

She leapt to her feet and reached for her weapon, only to be stopped by Ginta. “Don’t worry, that was just Kouga.” He said, grinning.

Sango cocked her head. “It sounded like he was hurt. What if he and Kagome are in a situation that they can’t handle? We never explored this cave, so there could be some vicious animal lurking back there.” She said, worry lacing her voice.

Miroku began to chuckle. “Well, the only vicious animal back there is Kouga and trust me, dear Sango. They do not need our help.” He said, waggling his eyebrows suggestively at his love.

Sango stared at him for a moment, but then her eyes grew wide. She glanced towards the back of the cave and then at her companions, who were grinning their fool heads off. She sat down and stared at the fire. She would have to pull Kagome aside later and speak with her. If Kagome could move on and accept love from a demon who obviously desired her, what in the hell was stopping Sango from being with a monk who loved her and wanted to touch only her?

It was getting dark when Kouga and Kagome finally emerged. Something had obviously changed between them and they were constantly touching each other. It was nice to see Kagome so happy and loved. Miroku smiled at the couple, but knew that their eyes were only for each other at the moment.

Ginta cleared his throat. “Kouga, I am going hunting.” He said, smirking. He really didn’t think that his leader would notice that he had spoken to him, however, Kouga surprised him by nodding. Ginta looked down at the group and shrugged. Without a word, he left the cave and went directly towards the forest. He sniffed the air and then grinned. He had caught the scent of a stag nearby and that would make for an excellent dinner.

It had taken him a little over an hour to chase his prey and then kill it, but it was worth it. He lifted the beast up and began the long walk back to the cave. He stopped when he heard a cough. He snapped his head towards the direction of the cough and found the hanyou that had invaded the den standing by a tree. He looked upset.

“So, did your leader get Kagome someplace dry before the rain came?” He asked, his eyes narrowing.

Ginta growled. “Of course he did. He loves her and won’t allow her to go without anything. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to return.” He said.

Inu Yasha stepped forward. “I would like to come with you. I want to help. I know that I screwed up, and hurt Kagome. I do care for her and her well-being.” He said, running his hand through his hair.

Ginta bit back a laugh. “You claim to care for her well-being, so tell me, why did you not come for her when Kouga first took her and brought her to our den. From what I understand, you thought that another could perform Kagome’s duties and that Kagome was disposable. So, what changed?” He asked.

Inu Yasha growled. “I was stupid, and want to apologize to Kagome for my actions.” He said, glaring at the wolf.

Ginta shrugged. He knew that Kouga wanted to rip the hanyou to shreds, so he decided to allow the hanyou to follow him. It would be interesting to see Kouga beat the crap out of the hanyou and prove his dominance. Together they walked through the forest and finally reached the cave. Ginta entered, and said, “I ran into the hanyou on the way back, and he would like to speak with little sister.”

Kouga growled loudly and gently eased Kagome off of his lap. He stalked over to Ginta and in a series of yaps and growls, berated his underling for his foolish decision. Neither of the wolves noticed that the hanyou had entered the cave and had walked over to Kagome.

Inu Yasha crouched down and gave Kagome a small smile. He saw the curios look that she was giving him and he said, “Kagome, I apologize for everything. I was stupid and ask that you let me join you in finding the shards.”

Kouga snarled and was at his mate’s side instantly. “I am the leader of this group, mutt face and if you want to join us, you direct your request to me, and not to my mate.” He said, his face showing his obvious anger.

Inu Yasha stumbled back. Mate? Mate! Why in the hell was he calling Kagome his mate? He watched as Kouga extended his hand to Kagome and gently lifted her until she was standing beside him. Kouga smirked at him and reached for Kagome’s kimono. He eased the material down until a pair of fang marks were visible.

Inu Yasha felt his entire world crumble. He watched as Kouga brought Kagome into an embrace and felt his body shake with anger. “Just who in the hell do you think you are, wolf? She belongs to me, and only me. I am her protector and if I have to, I will remove your sorry hide in order to fix this mess.” He said, flexing his claws toward the couple.

Kouga eased Kagome over to where Miroku and Sango were standing. Both males snarled at each other and finally, blows were exchanged. Kagome covered her eyes, and allowed the tears to come. This was not how she wanted to spend her first night as a newly mated woman.

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