By Gypsy-chan
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Chapter One

Late one morning at the Kamiya Dojo, Kaoru and Yahiko were finishing up their lessons for the day.

"I hate to admit it but you're getting better Yahiko," said Kaoru as she put her bokken back onto the rack on the wall. "We'll practice a little longer tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah whatever," replied Yahiko as he practically threw his bokken on the rack while rushing out of the training hall. A few of the bokkens fell to the floor.

"Come back here you little brat and clean this mess up!" she shouted.

"Can't stop now ugly, I'm late for work!" Yahiko replied while rushing out the dojo's gate.

Kaoru just shook her head and then began picking up all the bokkens that fell.

"Well at least he's becoming more responsible since he's been working at the Akabeko," she said while thinking on Yahiko.

After Kaoru had finished cleaning up in the training hall she prepared a hot bath for herself. The bath water soothed her tired aching muscles after a hard workout. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly she got a chill. Upon opening her eyes she realized that she was still lying in the bathwater. Judging from the wrinkles on her skin, she knew that she had been in the bath for hours. Kaoru hurried out of the bathwater and wrapped her yukata tightly around her before running into the house.

Upon reaching her room, she slid the shoji shut behind her and walked over to the mirror. She took off her yukata and stood naked before the mirror examining her body.

"Mou! Look at me! I look like an old shriveled up woman with all these wrinkles. How could I have stayed in the bath so long and why didn't anyone come to check on me?"

She stood for a moment and realized that the house was absolutely quite.

"I wonder where everyone is?"

Kaoru became worried. She quickly dressed herself and went to the kitchen hoping to find Kenshin. Upon reaching the kitchen she found that it was empty.

"Mou! What's taking Kenshin so long? He should have been back by now. He only went to the market to buy fish and tofu."

Suddenly she heard the gate rattle. She quickly went out to the yard saying, "If that's Kenshin I'm going to give him a piece of my mind for leaving me here all alone."

Upon reaching the gate she discovered that it had only been the mail carrier. She was too depressed to bring in the mail.

"I hate being alone," she said while poking out her bottom lip and slouching her shoulders.

"Yahiko must be working late today. I wished he were here. He really can be a pest at times but at least it's better than being alone."

Kaoru walked over to the porch and slumped against the post. She looked over toward the washtub and then up and the laundry hanging on the clothesline.

"Kenshin where are you?" she sighed.

The dojo gate rattled again. As she watched her friend enter the yard she could see that something was wrong. Kaoru's heart began to beat faster. Tae never left the Akabeko unattended during business hours.

"Tae-chan, what's the matter? Why are you crying?"

"It was awful, just awful," repeated Tae as she cried hysterically.

"Please calm down and tell me what is the matter. Is Yahiko alright?"

"Hai he is fine. But… but…."

Kaoru could see that Tae's knees were beginning to weaken. She knew that this wasn't a good sign. Something awful must have happened to Kenshin. She guided her friend to the porch and sat down along side her. Kaoru put her hand on her Tae's shoulder and said, "Has something happened to Kenshin or Sano?"

Tae looked down toward the ground and began telling her story,

"Earlier today at the restaurant, I overheard three strangers looking for a place to drink and gamble. Someone told them about the place that Sano and his friends usually go. I should have known those men were trouble. If only I had called the police. If only I'd…." She began crying again.

Kaoru's heart had begun to pound harder. She grabbed Tae's shoulders saying, "Tae-chan please stop crying and tell me what has happened to Kenshin!"

"He's gone."


Tae nodded.

Kaoru sat frozen with her hand held against her chest. "Kenshin's gone?"

Tae continued with her story.

"An hour after those men left the Akabeko they went to the gambling spot where Sano and his friends were. I heard that they entered the place demanding money from everyone there.

A fight broke out between all the men. The strangers pulled out guns and started firing at everyone in the room. After grabbing what little money they could find, they ran down the street shooting into the crowd. Many people were hurt."

Kaoru's heart began to sink into her stomach making her stomach feel queasy.

"A few children including Ayame-chan and Suzume-chan were playing outside of the medical clinic when those men came by shooting. Unfortunately they got caught in the gunfire."

"Kami-sama!" Kaoru said while clutching the top of her kimono. "Are they all right?"

"Hai. Kenshin-san was able to get them out of the way in time. They only sustained minor injuries. But he wasn't able to save all the children. Some of them sustained serious injuries.

Megumi-dono and Dr. Genzai are attending to them now. I closed the Akabeko so that Yahiko and Tsubame could help out at the clinic. I rushed over here as soon as I could to tell you what happened."

"Tae-chan, you didn't mention Sanosuke. Is he alright?"

"Sanosuke-san sustained many injuries, but Megumi-dono said that he will be all right. He is being stitched up by Megumi-dono as we speak."

Kaoru had now paled from hearing the bad news. While holding her stomach she asked, "What about Kenshin? Was he hurt too?"

"No. After making sure that all the injured were in the care of Dr. Genzai and Megumi-dono, he took chase after those men."

Kaoru immediately went into the training hall. Tae looked after her friend wondering what she was going to do. Upon returning she saw that Kaoru had her bokken in hand.

"Kaoru-chan, what are you going to…."

Before she could finish speaking Kaoru had left her sitting on the porch again while she entered the house. This time when Kaoru returned she was dressed in her training gi and hakama. Tae could see that her friend was dressed for battle.

"Kaoru-chan I know what you're going to do. It's too dangerous for you to be out there alone with those horrible men roaming the streets. You should stay here where it is safe."

"No. I'm not going to rest until I find Kenshin," she stated firmly. "Please look after Yahiko while I am gone," Kaoru said while running out the dojo gate.

"May Kami-sama be with you Kaoru-chan," she shouted while watching her friend leave. "She really is a courageous girl."

Tae locked up the dojo gate and hurried back to town.

Back at the clinic, Dr. Genzai and Megumi were working as quickly as they could with all the injured. Yahiko and Tsubame were assisting them.

Tae walked over to Dr. Genzai and watched as he freshened up the bandages on one of his granddaughters. After he finished he asked Ayame, "How does that feel?"

"Much better," replied Ayame. "The hurt is all gone."

"Hai, the hurt is all gone," chimed Suzume.

Ayame hugged and kissed Dr. Genzai saying, "You're the best doctor in the whole world grandpa."

Suzume hugged and kissed Dr. Genzai also while repeating, "The best doctor in the whole world grandpa."

Tae smiled and commented, "I'm glad to see you two girls feeling better."

They both smiled while still hugging their grandfather.

Tae walked over to Megumi. She glanced at Tae and asked, "Did you speak to Kaoru-chan?"

"Hai. She went out to search for Kenshin."

Megumi shook her head and mumbled, "Silly girl. She is so predictable."

"Is there anything you want me to do Megumi-dono?"

"Hai, we need some food and water for those patients who has regained conscientiousness," replied Megumi.

"Tsubame, please come with me," said Tae.

"Hai," replied Tsubame.

Yahiko was holding Sano down while Megumi administered his medication.

"Hey! What'd you doing to me fox? First you poke me with those needles and now you're trying to poison me?"

"Quit acting like a big baby," she quipped while whacking him on the head. "Stay still and drink this medicine down. It will help you to recover faster."

"Just give me some saki and let me go find Kenshin. He needs my help."

"You're not going anywhere. You lost a lot of blood and you need to rest."

Sano still tried to move saying, "These are only scratches. I've been hurt worst then this before."

He looked over at Yahiko who was sitting on his legs as Megumi had instructed him too.

"Hey get off me you little punk," he shouted. "I want to get out of here!"

"Shut up you big dump jerk and let Megumi-dono help you."

Megumi looked at Yahiko and said, "Hand me that big needle lying on the table next to you."

Yahiko smiled as he reached over grabbing the needle.

"Hey! I'm not letting you poke me with that needle again."

"Are you going to behave now?"

Sano folded his arms and began grumbling.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said while inwardly chuckling. "Watch him Yahiko and if he moves, use the needle."

Yahiko gave her a big grin and looked down at Sano and snickered. "Heh! heh! heh!"

Sano glared at Yahiko and mumbled, "little punk."

Megumi turned her back and smiled.

"I'm glad that big rooster head is going to be okay. He almost didn't make it."

She moved over to the next patient and began helping him.

Chapter Two

Kaoru was still out searching for Kenshin. She had searched for an hour with no leads. Upon reaching the edge of town she saw a few police officers and a small crowd. They were all gathered around three men that were lying on the ground. She decided to get closer to see what was going on.

"They never stood a chance," said a woman in the crowd.

"Those guys were brutally murdered," said another person from the crowd. "Who could have done such a thing?"

Kaoru peeked through the crowd down toward the men lying on the ground. She quickly covered her mouth and turned her head. "It's awful," she thought before becoming ill.

"Hai, officer. I saw everything," said a man speaking with the police. Kaoru moved a little closer to hear their conversation.

"The men on the ground were being chased by a man with long red hair. When the red headed guy caught up to the three men, the red headed guy took his sword out and hacked them to pieces."

Kaoru covered her mouth and gasped, "Kami-sama, he's talking about Kenshin!"

"Red hair huh?" asked a man who stood next to the police officer.

"Oh, Inspector Fugita, I didn't here you coming," said the startled junior officer. "I was just gathering some information from this witness here."

"You may proceed," replied Hajime Saitoh as he lit up his cigarette.

Kaoru carefully hid herself among the crowd so as not to be spotted by Saitoh.

"Where did he come from? With Saitoh involve this will only mean trouble for Kenshin. I must hurry and find Kenshin before he does."

"Please continue with your description," said the junior officer to the witness.

"Hai officer," answered the man. "Like I was saying, the man who killed those three men had long red hair and some kind of funny looking mark on his face."

"Was the mark on his face shaped like an X?" asked Saitoh.

"Yeah, yeah that's right," said the man. "It sort of looked like an X."

"Which way did he go?" asked the police officer.

"I think that way," pointed the man.

Kaoru quietly left the crowd in search of Kenshin.

After the police carriage arrived, they put the dead men bodies into it and carried them away.

"Okay, okay, the show is over," said the police officer. "Everyone go on home now."

The crowd had begun to disperse.

Saitoh stood and looked at the ground where the three men had once laid.

The junior officer walked up and asked, "Do you think the red haired guy that the witness described was the Hitokiri Battousai sir? I think..."

"The government doesn't pay you to think," replied Saitoh as he exhaled smoke from his cigarette into the direction of the junior officer.

"Hai, sir."

"Those maggots were wanted in three towns for the murder of innocent people. The guy that killed them just made our job easier. This case is closed."

"Hai, sir."

"And rookie, this matter is not to be discussed with anyone, understood?" he said while glaring at the officer.

"Hai sir," he nervously replied.

"I'll meet you back at the station."

"Hai, sir."

After everyone had left, Saitoh stood and stared at the ground again. He smiled inwardly.

"So, the Battousai has finally given up his silly non-killing vow. It's not that those scumbags didn't deserve death, but I'm interested in finding out what pushed him over the edge."

He flicked his cigarette on the ground and then took out his sword and began swinging it while saying, "Slay, Evil, Swiftly."

"Now that you have given up your non-killing vow, we can finally finish our battle."

Saitoh left the area in search of Kenshin.

It had gotten darker and Kaoru was in unfamiliar territory.

"Mou! I wished I knew where I was," she said while trudging through a narrow path in the forest.

As she reached a clearing she saw a small rundown shack. The lights were burning low and the smell of food was in the air. Kaoru's stomach began to make rumbling noises.

"Mou! With all that has happened, I forgot to pack something to eat. I wonder if the owner of that little shack can spare some food. Maybe they will let me spend the night."

She began slowly approaching the shack. As she stood in front of the door she braced herself and then knocked.

"Excuse me. Is there anyone home?"

No one answered.

She knocked again but still no one answered. She was now getting frustrated. Kaoru began banging on the door shouting, "Open up this door! I know someone is in there!"

Her banging caused the door to become ajar. She was startled but then decided to go inside. "Is… Is anyone home?" she asked while inching her way inside. Upon entering the shack she saw that it was empty. On the table were leftovers from someone's meal. It looked like fried frog legs.

"Ew!" she said while covering her mouth. "Who could eat this stuff?"

Her stomach began growling again. She held her stomach and said, "Well, I guess I have no choice but to eat this. I'm starving."

Kaoru broke a small piece and ate it. "Hmm…. not bad," she said while picking up another piece.

After she had eaten she began to get sleepy. "I am so sleepy," she yawned while rubbing her eyes. She looked over into the corner and found some blankets.

"I hope the owner doesn't mind if I rest here for a few minutes," she said while pulling the blankets over her head. Sleep had finally caught up to her.

After a few hours, Kaoru was beginning to wake up. She was still a little groggy and decided to lie still for a moment before moving. She let out a slight yawn and softly uttered,

"I've slept longer than I had planned. The rest did me some good but, I should leave quickly before the owner returns."

Kaoru tried to open her eyes but couldn't. She brought her hands to her face and felt something covering her eyes. Kaoru also noticed that her hands and ankles were bound. She struggled fiercely to free herself but she couldn't. She suddenly felt the presence of another person in the room with her.

"Whose there?" she called out.

There was no answer.

"Are you the owner of this house?"

There was still no answer.

"If you are the owner of this house, please accept my apologies for coming into your home. It was wrong of me to eat your food and sleep on your futon. If you release me I will be on my way."

The person never responded.

Kaoru was now growing angry. "Why won't you answer me? I said I was sorry."

The person still remained silent.

She could hear movement. It sounded as though the person was cutting something. She grew nervous.

"Kami-sama! What have I gotten myself into? I'm blindfolded and both my wrists and ankles are bound. I hope this creep isn't an ax murderer or something."

Suddenly the cutting sound stopped as her stomach began to make a loud rumbling sound. Kaoru became embarrassed. She then heard sounds of some one approaching her. Kaoru's heart began to pound fiercely. The person grabbed her by the arms.

"Hey! What are you doing!" she yelled while trying to resist the person holding her.

The person never responded but held her arms firmly lifting her up to a sitting position. Next she felt a hand take hold of her chin. The hand felt firm and rough. She knew it was a man's hand, someone who used a sword.

"What are you…" before she finished speaking she tasted a small piece of frog legs entering her mouth. She immediately spit it out.

"Keep your hands off of me you pervert!" she yelled. "Untie me at once!" demanded Kaoru.

The man didn't comply. He took another piece of frog legs and put it in her mouth. Again, she spit it out. The man finally walked away.

Kaoru was afraid, but she didn't want to show fear to her captor.

"What do you want from me? Money? If its money, I have money in my bag. You can have all of it," she said. "Please untie me and let me go. I promise I will never return to this place again."

The man never responded.

"Please sir, I beg of you to release me. I am searching for a friend of mine who is in trouble. His name is Himura Kenshin. I must find him quickly."


"Why won't you speak to me?"

Suddenly she heard the door opening and shutting closed.

"He left, but why?" she wondered. "I don't have time to waste figuring that out I must get out of here before he returns. I have to find Kenshin before Saitoh does."

Kaoru folded her knees behind her and got into a kneeling position. She leaned forward with her hands in front of her so that she could fall upon her hands. Once on her hands and knees she began slowly crawling around the floor.

As she crawled she felt her bokken. "I'll definitely need this," she said as she gripped it in her hand as she continued crawling.

"I must reach the table," she muttered as she crawled around the floor. "Maybe he left a knife or something on the table. I could use it to cut myself free. Then I can get out of this awful place and find Kenshin."

The man stood quietly in the opposite corner watching her crawling around.

"Why does she search for him?"

After reaching the table, Kaoru put her bokken in her mouth and tried pulling herself up to the table. She was now on her knees using her elbows to lean on the table. Kaoru stretched out her arms and began feeling around the table for the knife. She finally felt a small cutting knife. Kaoru grabbed it and immediately dropped back down to a sitting position.

She folded her legs closer to her body saying, "I'll cut the binding around my legs loose first so that I can move more freely."

As she struggled hard to reach her ankles, she accidentally cut herself. She winced in pain as small traces of blood trickled down her ankle. Kaoru didn't give up. She continued vigorously working to free her ankles.

The man continued standing in silence watching her. He knew that she was trying to free herself but he didn't make any attempts to stop her.

"Why does she risk her life for him? Does he really mean that much to her?"

Kaoru finally cut her ankles free. As she stood slowly the man could see that her ankles were bloodied and swollen. She took two small steps and stopped wincing in pain. She used her bokken as a cane to help her walk toward the door.

"I've got to get out of here. I need to find Kenshin," she said as she struggled toward the door.

"Why is she so determined to be with him? He doesn't deserve her devotion."

As she neared the door, she suddenly felt a rush of cold air as it opened and shut.

"He's back. I must prepare myself."

Kaoru took up her fighting stance and yelled, "Who's there!"

There was no answer.

"I'm tired of playing this game. I need to leave immediately. I must find Kenshin. I will not allow you to stop me."

There was still no answer.

Kaoru grew angry and decided to charge straight ahead. He could feel her fighting ki growing stronger. As Kaoru ran toward him, the man knocked the bokken out of her hand and grabbed her by the waist while holding her tightly.

She began screaming and kicking, "Let me go! Let me go!"

The man carried her back to the futon and laid her down. Before she could get up, he straddled her and pinned her arms over her head.

Kaoru became frightened. "Kami-sama! What is he going to do?"

Chapter Three

The man peered into her frightened face.

"Who is this woman that holds the heart of the rurouni? Why does he desire her so much?  It was he who compelled me to keep her here. But I feel the need to touch her, to kiss her."

As he moved his face closer to hers, she began thrashing her head side to side yelling, "Please don't do this to me!"

The man finally spoke. "Shhhh…. I will not harm you," he said in a deep baritone voice.

Kaoru froze at the sound of his voice. "That voice… It's… it's…Kenshin."

He took his lips and gently brushed it against hers. She trembled slightly from his touch.

"Kenshin, what are you doing?"

The Battousai began pressing his lips more into hers hoping that she wouldn't reject him. She gently pressed her lips back against his allowing him to kiss her. He began to deepened their kiss.

After breaking the kiss, the Battousai stared at her and asked, "Why do you search for the rurouni? What do you hope to find?"

Kaoru hesitated before answering.

"Killing those men must have forced the Battousai to come out. The Battousai must be protecting Kenshin. I have to think of a way to reach Kenshin."

"I was worried about you Kenshin. I wanted to make sure you were all right."

"I protect the rurouni."

"I want to protect him too. Can't you see, I need Kenshin and Kenshin needs me."

The Battousai didn't respond.

"Kenshin please remove this blindfold and untie my wrists. I want to see you and touch you."

He slowly unbound her wrists and removed her blindfold. After the blindfold was removed from her eyes, Kaoru blinked several times trying to adjust her eyes to the light. She looked into Kenshin's eyes and saw that they were solid amber.

Tears began streaming down her face. "Kenshin I was so worried for you," she said while hugging him. "Were you just going to leave me? Never coming back?"

"I have broken my vow and have returned to my former self," he answered while turning his head from her.

He finally got off of her and helped Kaoru stand up. "It is best that you leave now."

"No," she protested. "I won't leave without you. We're going home together."

"I cannot go back. Not after what I have done."

"I won't accept that from you Kenshin. You have a home and family that loves you. We can help you get through this Kenshin."

He remained silent.

"Please don't throw away our happiness on account of what those bad men did," she cried. "I love you Kenshin. Please don't leave me again."

The Battousai stood frozen. "How could she love me after killing again?"

Kaoru walked over to him and put her arms around his waist. As she looked into his face she said, "I love you Himura Kenshin, please come home with me."

"But I have broken my non-killing vow. I have become stained again. How could you have love for me?"

"Because I love you and accept you for who you are."

"And what if I kill again, and again? Will you continue to love and accept a murderer?"

"Kenshin, you are not a murder, you never were. During the days of the Bakumatsu everyone who entered the battlefield was willing to sacrifice their lives for their own beliefs. You did not enter the battlefield to slaughter innocent people like Udo Jin-eh. He enjoyed spilling the blood of men. You were different Kenshin. You went into that war to bring about a peaceful new era.

It was your ideas and beliefs that brought about the peaceful new era that everyone is enjoying now. Those men who you killed tried to rob others of a peaceful life. If it weren't for you, Ayame-chan and Suzume-chan would have died. By killing those men, you may have spared the lives of countless other innocent victims."

Kenshin turned his head from her and said, "Is that the only reason why I exist? To play the role of the executioner?"

"Kenshin please stop saying things like that," she said while crying. "It hurts to hear you…" she began crying more.

He pulled her closer to his chest.

"Gomen Kaoru. I didn't mean to hurt you."

She looked up into his eyes and saw that they were returning to their normal lavender color.

As they gazed into each other's eyes, they suddenly heard the door breaking open. Hajime Saitoh had used his sword to slice his way through the door.

Kenshin pushed Kaoru behind him and yelled, "Saitoh! What do you want?"

"Come now Battousai, you don't think the death of three men would go unnoticed by me don't you?"

"I know what I did was wrong. If you are here to arrest me, I will go peacefully, but I ask that you leave Kaoru-dono out of this. She has nothing to do with thier deaths."

"I didn't come to arrest you Battousai. It doesn't matter to me if you killed those three men or a hundred and three men."

"Then why did you come?"

"To finish our fight," he replied while grinning wickedly. "Now that you have broken your silly vow, we can fight to the death, your death that is."

Kaoru jumped between them shouting, "No, I won't allow you to fight Kenshin."

"You are in my way little girl."

Kenshin glared at Saitoh.

"You have one of two choices Battousai, you can fight me or I can arrest the girl for harboring a fugitive."

Kenshin put his hand to the hilt of his sword. Kaoru grabbled the sleeve of his gi, "No Kenshin, don't give in to him. I'll gladly go to jail for you. Please do not battle with him."

Kenshin gently removed her hand saying, "Gomen Kaoru, this is a battle that I cannot avoid."

Saitoh continued grinning wickedly as he withdrew his sword and began easing into his Gatotsu stance.

As they were about to begin, several police office rode up on horses along with a carriage. They rushed in shouting, "Inspector Fugita! Inspector Fugita!"

Saitoh was clearly perturbed. "Can't you see I'm busy now officer?"

"Hai, sir. But the governor wants to see you immediately. It is about…" he leaned closer to Saitoh whispering in his ear.

Saitoh stood up and re-sheathed his sword. "Tell the governor I will be there shortly."

"Hai, sir. Your carriage will be waiting for you outside." The officer promptly left the room.

Saitoh glared at Kenshin and said, "I see we will have to postpone our fight again." He put his hat on and said, "Until next time Battousai."

Kenshin didn't respond. Saitoh got into his carriage and left.

Kenshin turned to Kaoru and extended his hand to her, "Shall we be going?"

Kaoru smiled as she put her hand into his.

TWO DAYS LATER, everything was back to normal. Yahiko was running off to work at the Akabeko as Sano finished off all of the leftovers in the kitchen.

After taking her bath Kaoru walked out into the yard and looked toward the washtub. She smiled as she watched little Ayame and Suzume blowing bubbles in Kenshin's face.

Sano came out of the kitchen with a fishbone hanging from his mouth.

"So, what's for dinner Kenshin?"

Kenshin smiled at his friend and replied, "Whatever you want Sano?"

"Ok, how about some fish and sweet potatoes."

Kenshin smiled and nodded.

Kaoru stood in the background smiling too at the former gangster that had his arm still wrapped in a sling. After what he had been through, she did not have the heart to argue with him. She agreed with Kenshin. He could have whatever he wanted for dinner.

Sano took the girls back into town with him, leaving Kenshin and Kaoru alone.

Kaoru went inside the house into her room. She decided to take a nap. Before lying down she took the ribbon out of her hair. Long locks of silky hair cascaded down her back. Kenshin stood quietly outside of her door watching her brush her hair.

"Kenshin, you may enter," she said without turning around to face him.

Kenshin was startled, "How did she know I was here?"

"I am sorry to disturb you Kaoru-dono. I was wondering if you had any dirty laundry that needed washing."

"Hai, over there," she said while pointing toward the corner.

As he walked past her she extended her foot tripping him. He fell backward on her futon. She quickly jumped on top of him straddling over his stomach while pinning his hands down over his head.

"Kaoru-dono?" he said in surprise.

"Quite calling me Kaoru-dono and tell me why you haven't kissed me again!" she shouted while sitting on top of him.


"You know exactly what I'm talking about Kenshin. Two days ago when we were in that abandoned shack you kissed me. Of course I was tied up and blindfolded."

"Gomen about the blindfold and being tied up. Sessha tied you up because…"

"I know already. You told me a thousand times. It was because you were too ashamed of killing those men. And you didn't want me to see you that way. So the Battousai took over trying to protect your feelings from getting hurt again. I know that part. What I don't understand is why you kissed me that day and haven't kissed me since."

Sweat drops appeared on his forehead. "I… uhm…."

"Himura Kenshin, if you don't tell me why you kissed me, I will stay on top of you all day."

Kenshin smiled widely and said, "Sessha likes having you sit there."

Kaoru smiled and replied, "I see, so you won't tell huh? Well I have ways of getting things out of you."

She took her hands and began tickling him under his arms and on his stomach.

Kenshin began turning red from laughing so hard. He begged her to stop. But she wouldn't. She kept giggling and tickling him saying, "Are you going to tell me?"

"All right, all right I will tell you," he said after finally catching his breath.

Once she had stopped, Kenshin quickly flipped her over and was now straddling on top of her.

Kaoru blushed furiously and asked, "Kenshin, what are you doing?"

"You wanted a kiss didn't you," he answered while moving his face closer to hers. Then he leaned into her and kissing her tenderly.

After breaking the kiss Kaoru said, "You still haven't told me why you kissed me."

Kenshin smiled widely and replied, "The Battousai made me do it."

Kaoru playfully whacked him on the head saying, "Kenshin no baka!"

Kenshin chuckled and then kissed her again.






The End

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