Reviews For A New Song
Reviewer: godloverk Signed Date: Oct 03 2013 10:47 AM Title: Chapter 3


Reviewer: godloverk Signed Date: Oct 03 2013 10:44 AM Title: Chapter 3


Reviewer: ayumimamiya19 Signed Date: Aug 12 2010 05:44 PM Title: Chapter 3

i luv it do you have more stories like this

Reviewer: cinnamon.pink@gmail.com Anonymous Date: May 19 2008 02:01 AM Title: Chapter 1

I'm sorry, but this story did not do Interlude any justice at all. For two thirds of it, all you did was re-hash every line of dialogue from the english dub. And the sex was pointless fluffy smut that didn't develop their relationship or the plot at all.
 Interlude was not canon. It dealt with the possibility of a forbidden sexual relationship between Serena and Darien. I wish you had explored more of the complexities and obstacles to their new relationship. Instead, you gave us fluff and smut.

Reviewer: jupiter_2005 Signed Date: Nov 28 2007 12:28 PM Title: Chapter 3

kool cant wait to read more on this.

Reviewer: mamo-usa Anonymous Date: Apr 04 2007 08:25 AM Title: Chapter 1

i love this story! i always read it whenever i masturbate in the evening!

Reviewer: Camilla Anonymous Date: Mar 08 2007 10:12 AM Title: Chapter 3

Oh that was SO cute. I loved every bit of this story, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout it. Well done. I loved the maturity of it as well, you made it flow nicely and believably. *nods*

Reviewer: yellowroses Anonymous Date: Nov 03 2006 11:28 AM Title: Chapter 3

i really liked ur story:)

u made it go along really well with interlude:)


Reviewer: Dancing_Ladybug Anonymous Date: May 22 2006 01:10 AM Title: Chapter 3