Reviews For Desire
Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Jan 17 2017 07:59 AM Title: The Quiet Game Part 5

Love this chapter can't wait to read the next one 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Jan 15 2017 11:31 PM Title: The Quiet Game Part 5

Yes, Seras, yes! Freaking punch him in the face! I love how truly regretful he was and how furious Sebastian was. Because I don't think hitting women is Alucard's style. Other than grabbing her at the hotel in the series, which I wholeheartedly believe was out of corncern, he didn't go around attacking women who weren't on the bad side. Sebby standing up for his little mate was perfect. So was Alucard getting all wounded and jealous of Seras going using Michaelis. They really can be big kids.

And I thought that would be a trainwreck once integra caught them. But cool Walter helped them out. I'm glad you kept him alive too!  I like him. Well, in au's where he doesn't end up betraying them and turning into (hot) 30 year old "dark Walter." Yet another anime guy that I find attractive. Gotta love those tall, pale, and brooding anime boys...

Reviewer: a french girl Anonymous Date: Jan 14 2017 02:14 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 4

Your stories are always enjoyable to read. I love them ! =)

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Jan 12 2017 01:46 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 4

Back to this storyline again? I love it! Let's see here:

Poor Seras, why not tell Alucard and Sebastian sooner? Or maybe even tell her parents? Surely they would understand and not pressure the poor kid about her bloody grades! She's only *squee*ing 9 people!

Ah, this old chestnut: Seras witnessing her parents' murder ... Where exactly were Crazy and Crazier-Still when she started getting scared (I know where they were but I'm just surprised they weren't keeping an eye on Seras like they first did when she started school)?!

That ending though ... Not scared of intimacy this time (way too young for that part anyway) but instead scared of these two crazy bakas (justifiably to a degree) who are meant to love and cherish her forever and she love them despite their obvious case of the Crazies? Noooooo!

Seriously though: Sebastian should have taken Seras out of the room beforehand then have Alucard bring the pain or vice versa! Seems to me these two idiots dropped the ball here, Seras could have died while they were playing with their food! At the end though ... Are they going to stop seeing Seras altogether or keep watch on her from afar? If your other works are to be believed then baaad things happen in that orphanage (especially if there are nuns involved!)!

Heartbreak and bad case of the Angry Feels aside, awesome as always and see ya next time Most Awesome Midian Author ^_^

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Jan 10 2017 10:39 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 4

My sweet little ball of sunshine has to go through so much! Luckily those two showed up just in time to save her. And then she's afraid of them again. Which is understandable, and kind of hardcore of her two stab TWO people in the eye. Alucard and Sebastian handled her fear well. Seras is such a smart little cookie to choose to go to an orphanage in order to clear her head and sort out her feelings about all of this. No way would she be able to do that around the two. I just kind of wish she didn't because, well, those two were looking so forward to having her live with them! Ah, Must be so disappointed. Plus, Alucard and Sebastian could totally get jobs as motivational speakers! 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Dec 31 2016 03:21 PM Title: Love is Baffling Part 1

Happy New Year from the other side of the Atlantic, Most Awesome Midian Author! Long may you continue to reign as the best author of AlucardxSeras(xSebastian)!

Now let's see here ... Ooh a full chapter of the Sneak Peak Chapter, I love it already! Hmm ... Raena's back, I liked her in the sneak peak (impersonating Seras aside) ... Wait, what the hell's going on here?! Oh hell no those ar$eholes did not hurt our Police Girl! Thank the Fiction God Alucard and Sebastian got to her in time, sorry Raena you were an okay 'sister' but I love Seras more!

... Wait, oh my Oprah this is historic! This is the first chapter in ... Hellsing only knows how long, where the three main characters do not get up to anything PG-13 never mind adulterated!

An awesome end to 2016, I hope to keep reading your awesome chapters for centuries to come, see you next year!

From a humble English Dragon fan ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Dec 29 2016 04:04 PM Title: Love is Baffling Part 1

Four for you, Alucard and Sebastian! For not falling for Raena's trick. Would have been a huge violation of Seras if they had. I'm trying to put into words how awesome this chapter was but it's difficult. There's a lot of things I liked about it. Like, I can tell Sebby and Alucard are going to be so petty in later chapters (and I love me some snide pettiness like this), and how Sebastian said his catchphrase, both of them charming her, and Seras unintentionally torturing them by greeting undressed in front of them; Making Alucard nervous. I love that too. I'm not surprised with Seras thinking Alucard is asexual. He does seem to just get his pleasure and kicks from slaughtering things. 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Dec 18 2016 08:40 AM Title: Eternally Yours Part 3

Seras is a sweetheart to comfort Sebastian like that! Sebastian must be a much happier that his mate accepts him fully....Well, if she ever finds out about the old woman and that little girl...There might be a bit of trouble. And Sebastian feeling upset about the rabbit was so cute! So w as the CD. Although, I wonder how Seras' mom's pregnancy will effect the story in the future? Will they neglect Seras a bit for her new sibling? That would probably give "Janet" more time with her. 

Reviewer: jujubinha Anonymous Date: Dec 18 2016 05:00 AM Title: The Girl on Fire

Wow, chapters 26 and 27 were amazing .. vampire you are my favorite writer and so anxious for the next, I hope it does not take long

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Dec 17 2016 01:34 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 3

WHAT-WHAT-WHAT?! Did that nasty old bat (sorry Alucard) really just say all those things to Seras?! I've never said this before but I am sooo glad Alucard and Sebastian got hold of that gossiping old woman! Good riddance and good work you two!

Poor Seras, having such rotten neighbours! I hope Alucard and Sebastian knock some manners into their skulls ... or teeth out of their skulls, I'm okay either way! But why was that woman so evil about Seras' family? Will we ever know or is it just a case of 'people are horrible for no reason'?

Aww, that little scene with Sebastian thinking Seras would never accept him but finding out she did was so cute! Watching these two making cupcakes with Seras (Alucard was in the kitchen so it still counts!) was just priceless :D

Now I sit and await that magic moment when Mr and Mrs Victoria get to meet 'Janet' (I'm evil aren't I?)!

Awesome as always (super cute too) and see you next time ^_^


Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Dec 17 2016 12:21 PM Title: Naughty This Year

Just when I think this pairing (is it still a pairing when there are three characters involved?) has run out of ideas you keep printing out new awesome chapters like this! How can you talk poorly of your own work? A Dragon would NEVER miss a chance to boast about her great work so don't you make that mistake Midian!

Let me count the ways! We have:

Alucard, Seras and Sebastian!

A less than wise bet made while drunk (thank you Bernadotte)!

Said bet results in a shared night of Vampire/Demon hotness!

AND Dumber and Dumber-Still are actually nice to Seras and even tell her they l-o-v-e her!

Felt like crap last night so couldn't even read without feeling nauseated so this was a fab read while recovering! Awesome as always and see you next chapter ^_^

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Dec 16 2016 11:20 AM Title: Naughty This Year

I'm probably on the naughty list for reading all this smut b year round...but, Santa, can I please have Alucard and Sebastian under my tree, naked on Christmas morning, wrapped in red and green bows? It may be a bit uncomfortable to explain to my mother...but I'm willing to  try to explain. 

Author's Response: OMFG!!! I think that's the best review yet!

Reviewer: Kanameyuuki55 Signed Date: Dec 12 2016 10:01 PM Title: The Quiet Game Part 4

I love all of your stories can't wait to read the next chapter. I really hope you bring back some your older stories I miss reading them. You are a good author.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much!

I am working on a few of my older fics, but I don't know when I'll be able to post them. Sorry.  

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Nov 25 2016 11:17 PM Title: The Quiet Game Part 4

I love this chapter! One, you have Seras singing (that was just everything). Two, you have Seras showing signs of being a feminist. And third of all, you gave Seras the nickname of Nightingale! Just so awesome! And that ring sounds really pretty. 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Nov 25 2016 04:11 PM Title: The Quiet Game Part 4

I say this every chapter (or something to this effect) and I'll say it once more: I liked this very much!

I was so sure sh!t was about to go down when Crazy and Crazier-Still remembered they'd been ignoring Integra but thank Fiction God it didn't!

Poor Seras though ... it does sound like something that would happen to her, I'd love to give her tormentors a good seeing to in ways that would make Alucard and Sebastian cringe! Now ... I just have to think of those ways ... Bert! To the Plotting Cave!

That ending though, the mention of those two having a second mate makes me nervous cos I dread how Seras would feel especially if that other Vampiresss/Demoness was stronger and more blood-thirsty ... Nope! Just these three is all that's needed for an epic time!

Now to explain to Walter what happened to the piano ... but more I importantly I worry about Integra hearing about Seras being 'engaged' ...

WAIT!!! Sebastian gave Seras a blue diamond ring right? That doesn't mean what I think it does, does it?! Bert demands to know! ... +_+ see? He's dying from not knowing!

Haha anyways, awesome as always and see ya next time ^_^ 

Author's Response: Lol! No, it's not Ciel's ring. Ciel's ring had a silver band, and his is more of an emerald/sapphire. Seras' ring is just a diamond that has light blue shading. If you look up blue diamonds you can really tell the difference between the two.

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Nov 23 2016 06:35 AM Title: Eternally Yours Part 2

Here is a brief summary of my emotions when reading this new chapter of Eternally Yours:  

Seras' first day of pre-school? Sounds cute! ^_^

*finishes reading part about playtime* 0_0' oh HELL NO! Did these two psychos really just off a little girl in the playground cos they were jealous?!

*reads about Seras' dream* +_+' oookay little girl dreams of dead people ... oddly not the creepiest thing that's ever happened in one of your fics!

*reads Seras calling Crazy and Crazier-Still old* aww so cute cos it's true! ^_^

*reads Seras' reaction to Sebastian being a demon* =_=, aww poor Bassy!

Seriously though! These guys are 500+ and 3000+ years old respectively, you'd think another 16 would be totally easy! Visit little Seras at night (by the Fiction Gods that sounds creepy saying it aloud) and protecting her if need be ... but no decapitating little kids! I think the part that bugged me the most this chapter was little Seras touching the dead girl's blood!

Oh well, this is a Hellsing fanfic so not everything will be fluffy kittens and baby hippos, right Bert? +_+

Hehe, anyway awesome as always and see ya next time ^_^

P.S Mean as this sounds I'm looking forward to Mr and Mrs Victoria finding out the 'imaginary friends' are real! If they live that long anyway ... Oy vey! 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Nov 22 2016 11:46 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 2

Oh my god. Oh my god. That was evil of YOU. Ugh. Poor Sebastian having to deal with the knowledge that when his mate find out what he is, she'll respond like that...Just constantly hanging over his head. And it was so sweet and fluffy and playful (I love that it's canon that Sebby is touchy about being called old) before that drama started. Well, after the drama and traumatization of seeing that little girl get slaughtered. You really seemed to pull a twist with this chapter. It seems that Alucard is usually the one being irrational and impatient in regards to Seras. I can not wait for the next chapter of this one and more of the others as well! 

Reviewer: Bee Anonymous Date: Nov 10 2016 03:02 AM Title: A Christmas at Hellsing- Alucard vs. Saint Nicholas

I enjoyed the new Seras and Alucard oneshot. I was a fan of your stories on fanfiction.net before they took down your stories. I am not really a fan of the Threeway couple, but to each their own. I look forward to any new chapters and the chance to reread your older stories.

Author's Response:

I had to take them down because someone kept threatening me. Sorry

I know that AlucardxSerasxSebastian fics are weird, but I actually like the three of them together. Though I have been planning a AlucardxSeras fic for awhile. It might come out soon if my muse will allow it. And I do plan to post my original stories after I practically rewrite all of them.

And thank so much for following me from Fanfiction to here! : ) 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Nov 09 2016 02:43 PM Title: The Quiet Game Part 3

Wow ... I need a break after this chapter, it was hella long! I really was worried about Seras last chapter of this story, honestly I still am, but that little moment where she knew they loved her back was a super cute raindrop in a tropical storm of private time!

But that little mention of Integra ... oh boy, wouldn't wanna be her when that day comes!

I can't count all the ways I love this chapter (mainly cos it's late and I'm too lazy to do math when I'm tired) but this was bloody brilliant! Pun totally intended!  

My compliments! Bert approves too! +_+' See? He's speechless!

Awesome as always and see you next chapter ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Nov 07 2016 11:02 PM Title: The Quiet Game Part 3

Welp.. feel like I need to say a few hail Marys after reading this wonderfully sinful smut. 

Shout out to J Michael Tatum for letting us know what Sebastian sounds like moaning and grunting in sexual ways. *cough cough* nun scene *cough cough* end of season 2 ep 3 during the "next episode sequence...