Reviews For Desire
Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Dec 12 2017 09:12 PM Title: Sneak Peek: A Special Night Off

Rip Seras' virginity lol! I can't wait for the full versions of the fics. 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Dec 12 2017 08:58 PM Title: Sneak Peek: The Walk of Shame

Seras...Dudette...they are slut shaming you, girl! They have no right to be angry if they haven't spoken to her about their wants. Ugh. Men. 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Dec 12 2017 08:51 PM Title: Double the Trouble Part 1: UPDATE!!!

Alright. This version was a bit painful to read since Miles was a nicer guy...but he still shouldn't have out his hands on her. So he kinda deserved to die? At least in they guy's minds. 

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Dec 12 2017 07:24 PM Title: Double the Trouble Part 1: UPDATE!!!

i like this version better, miles seemed more like someone seras would actually like and attempt a relationship with than the a$$ he behaved as before. and it helped that he seemed to actually care about her as a person here, even if he turned out to be too much of an introvert for her.

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Dec 07 2017 03:59 PM Title: Double the Trouble Part 1

Apologies for this late review Most Awesome Authoress, I've felt like crap the last few days :p but am feeling better now, especially after this newest chapter! Now lemme see here *dons reading glasses*

Ah yes, I liked this storyline and glad to see the next part of it. So the weeks after the week before? Haha! Oh wow, these three are voracious this time aren't they? I love it!

Oh ... that Miles is, or was a real ass! Should've never laid a hand on Alucard's (and Sebastian's) woman!

That ending though ... will there be joy and shock in equal measures? I certainly hope so! So ... who is the baby daddy? Seriously I need to know to send a box of cigars lol!

Thanks for this newest awesome chapter that has me feeling better, especially win your busy schedule. Right now it's nap time for mE!

Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Dec 05 2017 10:48 PM Title: Double the Trouble Part 1

i liked this story but if i may say, it would have been nice for miles to have SOME redeemable feature? like at first i feel for seras being guilty about cheating on him - even if they'd already mostly grown apart anyway. i mean at first we're like 'poor guy, this is gonna sting' only to be introduced to the biggest dudebro loner that seras "can't even remember what had attracted her in the first place". I'm not saying you can't have him react poorly or be an abrasive loner but there really should be SOMETHING for a fairly confident girl like seras to be curious about. His sudden jerk behavior felt tacked on, when seras mentions meaning to break up, this wasn't the 'why?' i felt got built up. It seemed more that they'd just stayed in the relationship out of some mutual convenience rather than 'oh he's just an a-hole that only wants her for her body anyway'. I don't mean to harp or rant like this and i'm not saying that she couldn't be gaslighted into some form of relationship like this. but he doesn't come off as any kind of smooth and i just feel that seras would have years even as a human of dealing with those types of guys, how did THIS one somehow make the cut for dating?

 Food for thought, i'm gonna shut up now...I did like the rest of the stuff in this chapter just fine. Good luck with school.

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Dec 05 2017 12:10 AM Title: Double the Trouble Part 1

Deviants. The lot of them. I guess it makes sense that Seras would be good at The Succ™ too lol. I didn't even know that nose thing existed! What the heck? Poor Alucard...

Miles was an A-hole. Something told me he would end up hitting her and I was right! Just yesterday I was thinking about this fic. I swear it's like I have ESPN or something...Sebastian kissing her cheek afterwards was such a nice touch. 

I can't believe she's pregnant! I shouldn't be shocked considering her heat, but wow. I hope they'll be happy to hear that. I'd love to try and see them be gentle with her during her pregnancy lol.  

Once again, it feels like your writing has improved after your short absence :) 

Reviewer: Demonic.cheshire Anonymous Date: Nov 16 2017 05:25 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 9

Greatly loving your stories, I just hopelessly pray that Seras doesn't get rape in the next chapter.

Reviewer: Jarethsqueenbtch Anonymous Date: Nov 14 2017 10:51 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 9

Sofia is a such a sweet little girl and Scott and his gang can all get wrecked! That's beyond bullying! I love the fact Alucard beat up the person who was bothering her. The defender of children! Scott's plan will never work. She's just not that into you, dude.

That talk about demonic children...I felt squeamish reading that! What a horrifying mental image.

I also love how far they're willing to go for her happiness and comfort by trying so hard to be human like for her. Although starving themselves was pretty stupid, their hearts were in the right place.  

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Nov 14 2017 11:39 AM Title: Eternally Yours Part 9

A new chapter? Yay! This is one of my favourite on-going storylines at the moment so I'd love to know how things are going for Seras, Crazy and Crazier-Still! Now let's see here ...
A midnight tryst in the garden? So long as no one catches them-aww, what a cute little kid! Don't let them eat her O_O ... Oh okay, so she's going back to bed-wait ... what-what-WHAT?! When did Scott graduate from a sex pest to a psychopath in the making?! I want this muthaf***er to SUFFER for hurting sweet little Sofia >:(
Sorry Most Awesome Author, not even the funtime scenes can erase what Scott (and by the act of standing by his cronies) did to that poor little kid!
Well, no one gives fut punches to the feels like you do! So long as Scott is there for Alucard and Bassy's 'mealtime' I think I can get over it ... yay?
Awesome as always and see ya next time!
Laters ^_^

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Nov 14 2017 11:38 AM Title: Trouble in Paradise Part 2

Dunno what was edited this time but I still love this storyline ^_^ now lemme see here *dons reading glasses*

Aww, Seras can have some alone time with Bassy while King Crazy is out on a mission? Kawaii! Haha I couldn't stop laughing at Sebastian's 'be a dear' moment! No idea why but I was reminded of that line from BioShock for some reason ... Oh well!

Now they're talking about their feels, and assuring each other? Too cute-wait a sec ... WHAT THE #$@* is going on here?! This woman stayed loving King Crazy and took 100+ years to get to England to find him? I really can't decide if that's devotion or stalking!

But she said she was mated to 'Vlad' and was his Queen ... I'm kinda wondering if the 'Vampire Queen' has an army at her command or something and what will she do next but Seras will just kick her ass!

Alucard, my undead baka? You done donked up big style here! At least Bassy was a gent and didn't leave any skeletons in his naughty closet! I'm with Seras here! Start begging!

Wow, this was a good one and I can't wait for the next part of this saga!

Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Oct 23 2017 04:20 PM Title: Movie Night

I'm so very sorry for this delayed review Most Awesome Authoress. In a nutshell:

I adored Their Piece of Heaven, even if it is sad seeing them be so mean to their future blonde queen (and I hope she makes them beg for forgiveness when she's grown!) and I also greatly enjoyed The King's Princess (original) and will take the time to carefully read the re-write and the next chapter when I have a full battery.

For this chapter though? Seriously I thought Bernadotte was gonna die when he walked in, kudos to the undead bakas for telling them off too cos it is a double standard, humph!

Awesome as always and I'll catch you ~next time~

Laters ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Oct 22 2017 11:14 PM Title: Trouble in Paradise Part 2

Oh my god!!! I am legit hating Alucard right now!! How could he? Why would he tell Seras to let her go? What the heck?! 

Reviewer: jujubinha Anonymous Date: Oct 17 2017 03:16 PM Title: Movie Night

I love it, I love it when you leave new chapters, thank you for bringing it, even though you have so much to do ...... so anxious for you to bring the old stories..... thanks

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Oct 16 2017 11:26 PM Title: Movie Night

Netflix n chill (basically lol)! Exhibitionism! Language kink! I loved all all of this! My heart melted when she responded in sign language. That was pretty dang cute! 

I also liked how protective the guys got when she was hiding under the blankets. That bit about how the world responds to women being sexual vs. how they treat the men was painfully true. Kudos to them for being woke about that. 

This more than makes up for any wait!  

Reviewer: zKrazy1 Anonymous Date: Oct 16 2017 07:08 PM Title: Movie Night

i'm like split down the middle between "well that was pretty romantic and sexy" and "GODAMMIT alucard and sebastian you DON'T just jump into the friggin voyerism... HIDE her or freaking get the other guys out WITHOUT announcing that you're in the middle of movie sexytimes" like i get that they don't care but that's not gonna stop some of those other guys from being a**hats to seras later. not to mention they didn't exactly ask seras if she was ok with continuing cuz they have freakin magic powers so they could've all set themselves to rights without anybody realizing what was going on...aaaagghhhh (i'm not mad nor did i dislike this chapter, i'm just a bit worked up from the second-hand embarrassment for seras)

Thanks for continuing to write for us, and good luck with school! 

Reviewer: a french girl Anonymous Date: Oct 06 2017 02:45 PM Title: Their Piece of Heaven Part 2

It's been a long time since I wrote a review here, but I still love your stories.  This one reminds me of one you wrote on FanFiction, and that I had enjoyed.


In any case, I can't wait to read a new chapter about the story "Lost and Alone ". 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Sep 29 2017 10:19 PM Title: Their Piece of Heaven Part 2

Alucard, Sebastian....*breathes in* bois. Look at your life. Look at your choices. Those misguided idiots. 

I loved the cringy puns though. Those we're great!  

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Sep 14 2017 04:10 PM Title: Blood Droplets from the Heart Part 2

Hello Most Awesome Authoress! I'm a few days late, oh darn! Oh well, this review ain't gonna write itself!

Ah I remember this one, they finally let her remember then-*needle scratches*Wait ... what-what-WHAT? The two undead bakas actually turned tail and ran, before even waiting to hear her reaction?!

If I didn't find Seras' scene so sad I would think this is hilarious! ... Yes, I'm mean, what of it?

An unexpected turn, but I love it all the same!

Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Sep 12 2017 10:31 PM Title: Lost and Alone Part 2

I'm so happy they accepted him! Damien is such a little cutie that it'd be hard not to love him. And so smart too! I wonder how he would react to seeing the Jurassic Park movies! He'd probably lose his mind. 

I'm also happy they forgave her quickly. That had the potential to turn really angsty and ugly. The makeup sex will be good lol!