Reviews For Desire
Reviewer: jujubinha Anonymous Date: Oct 17 2017 03:16 PM Title: Movie Night

I love it, I love it when you leave new chapters, thank you for bringing it, even though you have so much to do ...... so anxious for you to bring the old stories..... thanks

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Oct 16 2017 11:26 PM Title: Movie Night

Netflix n chill (basically lol)! Exhibitionism! Language kink! I loved all all of this! My heart melted when she responded in sign language. That was pretty dang cute! 

I also liked how protective the guys got when she was hiding under the blankets. That bit about how the world responds to women being sexual vs. how they treat the men was painfully true. Kudos to them for being woke about that. 

This more than makes up for any wait!  

Reviewer: zKrazy1 Anonymous Date: Oct 16 2017 07:08 PM Title: Movie Night

i'm like split down the middle between "well that was pretty romantic and sexy" and "GODAMMIT alucard and sebastian you DON'T just jump into the friggin voyerism... HIDE her or freaking get the other guys out WITHOUT announcing that you're in the middle of movie sexytimes" like i get that they don't care but that's not gonna stop some of those other guys from being a**hats to seras later. not to mention they didn't exactly ask seras if she was ok with continuing cuz they have freakin magic powers so they could've all set themselves to rights without anybody realizing what was going on...aaaagghhhh (i'm not mad nor did i dislike this chapter, i'm just a bit worked up from the second-hand embarrassment for seras)

Thanks for continuing to write for us, and good luck with school! 

Reviewer: a french girl Anonymous Date: Oct 06 2017 02:45 PM Title: Their Piece of Heaven Part 2

It's been a long time since I wrote a review here, but I still love your stories.  This one reminds me of one you wrote on FanFiction, and that I had enjoyed.


In any case, I can't wait to read a new chapter about the story "Lost and Alone ". 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Sep 29 2017 10:19 PM Title: Their Piece of Heaven Part 2

Alucard, Sebastian....*breathes in* bois. Look at your life. Look at your choices. Those misguided idiots. 

I loved the cringy puns though. Those we're great!  

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Sep 14 2017 04:10 PM Title: Blood Droplets from the Heart Part 2

Hello Most Awesome Authoress! I'm a few days late, oh darn! Oh well, this review ain't gonna write itself!

Ah I remember this one, they finally let her remember then-*needle scratches*Wait ... what-what-WHAT? The two undead bakas actually turned tail and ran, before even waiting to hear her reaction?!

If I didn't find Seras' scene so sad I would think this is hilarious! ... Yes, I'm mean, what of it?

An unexpected turn, but I love it all the same!

Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Sep 12 2017 10:31 PM Title: Lost and Alone Part 2

I'm so happy they accepted him! Damien is such a little cutie that it'd be hard not to love him. And so smart too! I wonder how he would react to seeing the Jurassic Park movies! He'd probably lose his mind. 

I'm also happy they forgave her quickly. That had the potential to turn really angsty and ugly. The makeup sex will be good lol!  

Reviewer: Jareth'squeenbtch Anonymous Date: Sep 07 2017 08:09 PM Title: Blood Droplets from the Heart Part 2

They are lucky Seras is so forgiving and was so rational this time...I really hope she'll be able to find them soon! They need to get this sorted out asap!

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Aug 28 2017 02:47 PM Title: Night Passions Part 2

A new chapter? Yay! Now lemme see here *puts on reading glasses*

Ohhh I remember this one, it's been a while, but it's worth it! I was expecting Seras to have a broken heart when they started talking about mates then a little while later Alucard said they didn't love her ... You lying undead baka! Don't lie or your nose will grow!

As much as the idea terrifies me as I'm a firm fan of AxS(xS) I often wonder what would happen if another female turned up who was a crazy and unhinged as these two and wanted to get rid of Seras (or if Seras was also their mate then either make her look bad or keep them for herself ... Stop it! Bad thoughts! I would never do that Seras!). Okay, rant over, I'm good! 

Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Aug 25 2017 11:08 PM Title: Night Passions Part 2

Ooh, Seras is a FREAK!  Match made in heaven (or should I say hell?) right there. I snorted reading, "do you know the best place to eat out?" Just way too funny. 

But those two. Oh my god. Maybe if they actually spoke plainly and without those little riddles that just end up confusing her, you wouldn't have had that moment of bitterness and angst! Freaking dummies. 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Aug 23 2017 03:45 PM Title: Love is Baffling Part 2

Once more: super sorry I'm so late reviewing thismlatest chapter Most Awesome Authoress! Now where was I? *puts on reading glassees*

I won't lie, I had to double back re-read the first part of this one, as soon as I remembered Part 1 had that "Madame Vampire" it all came back.

Heehee once again you delivered something awesome, even more so this time because Crazy and Crazier-Still are not happy to share this time around! Well ... I guess Sebastian wouldn't mind at this point but this is the first time Alucard has openly tried to attack him to keep Seras for himself. Is it bad I kinda want Sebastian to come out the winner here even though at the same time I can't stray from my love of AxS? Which I just did by suggesting that ... Oh forget it!

Thanks for another brilliant chapter! Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Aug 17 2017 12:43 PM Title: The King's Princess Part 1 (UPDATED)

Oh darn, late again! Please forgive me TT--TT

Now, where was I? *gets out reading glasses*

Ohhh a rewrite where Little Seras is a Vampire, I like it already ... Ah, Mr and Mrs Victoria still die ... (Just once I'd like to see these two to get along with their in-laws!)

I like this idea, even if you don't decide to go any further with it just know I enjoyed reading both versions of it (I won't lie, I like this version a bit better!)

Awesome as always and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: zKrazy1 Anonymous Date: Aug 14 2017 04:13 AM Title: The King's Princess Part 1 (UPDATED)

i do have to say i like this version better with seras having already been born a vampire, less awkward than turning her as a four-year-old. rather curious as to how you'd have a born-vampire child grow and age as apposed to a human child, would it be not so different or would there be added growing pains as far as newly awakened powers or differing blood-lusts? eh, questions that roll around in my head... anyway, looking forward to whatever you write next!

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Aug 13 2017 10:13 PM Title: The King's Princess Part 1 (UPDATED)

It is much better. I wasn't even thinking of them being like THAT in the first version, but it is understandable how that could be uncomfortable now that it was pointed out. No harm done though. You realized your mistake and fixed it. (((:

Seras being told her parents didn't love her reminds me of when my brother and I were kids and he'd tell me things like that to get me to cry and leave him alone.  Lol. Aren't siblings so nice?? 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Aug 13 2017 10:22 AM Title: The King's Princess Part 1

Apologies for the late review most Awesome Midian!

Now that I've read this I'm kinda sad it might be a stand-alone chapter ... but at the same time I'm okay with it so this is that great!

Now let me count the ways: firstly poor Mr and Mrs Victoria, one minute they're looking at a dress colour for their little girl the next they're dead either by blood loss or ... soul loss! I guess on a weird way it's good that Seras wandered off otherwise she would have seen the mess ... then the undead baka and idiot butler would have realised (kind of) who Seras was but she would have been traumatised for eternity ... then they would have had to erase her memory ... then she would have remembered when she was older ... they would erase her memory again ... a never-ending cycle. If that's the path you would have taken, but maybe I'm just lacking imagination.

To summarise: I liked this chapter a lot, irregardless of undead stupidity! If it's no inconvenience to you I really would like to see more storylines set in this time era: back when Alucard was the dashing Count not bound by Hellsing?

Awesome as always I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: Demonic.Cheshire Anonymous Date: Aug 12 2017 07:49 PM Title: The King's Princess Part 1

Your story is amazing but in terms of your story about Seras body. Yes, I know in your story she's gonna be capable of changing her form into whatever body she likes but her true form is of a 8 year old girl, she still didn't develop, if she has a lover she's not gonna fell sexual attraction him because she didn't hit puberty and also could be pedophilia even if she is 100 years old and changes her body into an adult her mind only gonna mature in some parts but not in others, also the thought of Alucard and Sebastian who their true forms are of adults having Seras whose true body is of a young child has a lover not also is wrong in so many ways it also makes me cringe to my very soul. Please comment my review, I don't mean to very negative about your story, I been watching and loving your stories for a long time but this one just put very uncomfortable. 

Author's Response: In all honesty, I didn't really think about it biologically like you did. Originally, the story was just going to be them as her fathers, but I don't really know what happened. Thank you for opening my eyes and seeing my mistake. If I can't find away to fix their sitiation I'll either scrap the idea or change it completely. Again, thank you. 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Aug 10 2017 09:52 PM Title: The King's Princess Part 1

Interesting! I can't believe he's turning her already. I'm getting war flashbacks to Interview With A Vampire and Claudia. But I think her problem was that she stuck in a young body while Seras will be able to change her age and appearance if she wants to. Definitely wouldn't mind reading more of this. 

Reviewer: Jarethsqueenbtch Anonymous Date: Aug 05 2017 09:01 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 8

Aww, Sebastian got all flustered. How sweet. And to call her "hot" instead of a more refined adjective? I liked that. Seems like the humans must be rubbing off on him a bit. I had a feel in she would react like that to the taste. Pretty quick thinking when the janitor walked in on them after all the sexy stuff happened. Which reminds me of Alucard being all understanding when Seras denies becoming like them again. He's a good guy under all that madness. 

I can't believe that sister though! Wow. I knew she was a bit stuffy and strict, but to do all that? Yikes. She deserved getting blackmailed by Sebastian. 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Aug 04 2017 12:57 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 8

The one and only thing I would fix about Destiny's Gateway is being able to receive email alerts when new chapters are added, if that happened I would never be late to read and review again! Ahem, moving on:

Wait, so Alucard actually ... remind me to politely decline if I ever go to visit Seras and he offers a refreshment! I'm almost certain that particular 'treat' is reserved solely for Seras but still!

Still these two manage to piss me off! They know they're going to have Seras for eternity so what is a few more years? Not to mention, however unlikely it is, Seras may very well have a growth spurt in the next few years! ... Nah!

Hehe and that custodian is right: glitter is evil and should be purged from this world for eternity muahaha Okay I'm done!

Today is a sad anniversary for my family and reading one of your new Hellsing chapters cheers me up.

My gratitude like always Most Awesome Authoress and I'll see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: kisaragiyuki Signed Date: Aug 03 2017 09:25 PM Title: Eternally Yours Part 8

Wow I did not know he likes undertale. <3 I started playing last year and the truth is that I still can not get enough of it. No doubt  already has a follower for her new stories about on the Frans. :3


Hehe great story as  always, I died of laughter to imagine the face of Alucard after the slap of Seras. A great way to cover up what they were doing. n.n