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 You might want to put the whole thing through spellchecker though. I found an unusual amount of typos in there (sparing vs sparring, for example) but that would honestly be my only criticism. 

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Particularly liked the touch with Usagi's mother being in on the whole thing, though my favorite aspect (as with most your SM work) is the conflicting emotions our progtagonists go through when finding out each other's identities. 

I really enjoyed this little work (though my favorites remain your Seras x Alucard works) and am amazed at how quickly and thoroughly you write. It's inspiring.

Never stop! And I hope you start feeling better!   

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One thing I'm a little confused in the last scene: when Mamoru's binding Usagi's hands in the bathroom are they in front of her or behind her back? Because in his bedroom he's pulling her hands over her head, but I think that'd be a little awkward and painful for Usagi (also not something I'd ever seen/read her doing before); of course if her hands are in front of her, I would've expected her to be hitting Mamoru a little more (rather than just kicking) as he kidnaps her.

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