Reviews For Anomaly
Reviewer: Eva Anonymous Date: Mar 08 2017 02:39 AM Title: Prologue

I really like your post about the sparkly dress and Sailor Moon. These are so beautiful and I saw many women love to write about these two. Bestsessays like this is so helpful to know about people's ideas and how they think about these awesome dresses and animated movies.

Reviewer: wannabe kairi Signed Date: Sep 10 2011 06:14 AM Title: Chapter 6

really good pls update

Reviewer: Kelly Anonymous Date: Jul 10 2011 06:30 PM Title: Chapter 6

Please please please continue the story!!!! i love it and it really captivated me!!! I want to know what is going to happen!!! who is the bad person??? is Mamo-chan coming sooon!!! I miss him also already! haha

Reviewer: Akumako_Ronso Signed Date: Oct 26 2010 12:39 AM Title: Chapter 5

Grr! Stupid cliffhangers!

I like your writing style, not overly descriptive and yet you give just enough. There's a bit of water churning in the flow of your story though. Your scene changing can be a bit abrupt.

I guess Neo-Queen Serenity's plans of romancing her man were cancelled. Shame that, but it was cute that she was plotting to take her man for a few hours.

 I look forward to the next chapter!

Reviewer: Megumi-chan Anonymous Date: Oct 12 2010 02:18 AM Title: Chapter 5

Ahh!!! What a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE cliff hanger!!


Whats gonna happen???? >.< Anywho...great job so far, I'm really sucked in right now =]


PLEASE update soon <3

Reviewer: Red_Elephant Signed Date: Mar 02 2010 06:12 AM Title: Prologue

Wow, what an interesting beginning. Grammer, spelling etc is good and plot certainly seems full of mystery so far. Hope you continue with it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I plan on updating soon, barring school and work's unfortunate precedence in my life right now... ;D

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