Reviewer: Junette Rose Signed Date: Feb 09 2017 06:23 AM Title: A Serious Case of the Snickers

I loved this! I have no idea why people didn't like the author notes. It really helped to make the story. It was almost like a sports commentator finally talking about a "sport" that everyone would like. Your notes throughout helped me really get into the story, it was almost like watching a movie while it was being made. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to read your other stories! 

Reviewer: Katie Franck Anonymous Date: Apr 08 2012 03:42 AM Title: A Serious Case of the Snickers

personally i loved the authoris notes in the middle of the story. i found them hysterical. if this story was meant to be a comedy and get a few laughs it defiantly did its job.

Reviewer: Angel_Eye Anonymous Date: Jan 15 2011 07:47 AM Title: A Serious Case of the Snickers

Okay, probably you won´t check up your comments after a couple of years BUT it was really fun to read it!

I totally was lying on the ground laughing when the author gave the comments; so funny!

 And I love the joke about the pill... could´ve really seen Usagi´s grin ^^

SO, please, write on girl and produce more stories like it!

Greetz from Germany

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