Reviews For SoulBound
Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Jan 23 2011 11:23 PM Title: Prologue

Please write more! This is a fantastic story and really needs to be continued!



Reviewer: Jenbunny Signed Date: Aug 31 2010 01:17 AM Title: Chapter Five

Oh my goodness, I love love love love this story so very much. I can not wait for it to be updated again! I shall be looking forward to it ^_^. Great work!

Reviewer: Spriteofice Signed Date: Jan 09 2009 03:31 PM Title: Chapter Five

I gotta admit I'm a little confused by the opening sequence. Did I miss something somewhere? Or is it alluding to something else? I'm wondering if I have to re-read everything.

On another note, I love your descriptiveness. Lol, is that even a word? It makes everything come alive. I've probably mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. Still eagerly awaiting Usagi's reveal. And I know the look on Mamoru's face and what he's feeling at that point will be fully described!

Reviewer: Serenity Moon Anonymous Date: Dec 26 2008 10:49 AM Title: Chapter Four

Absolutely love it! Can't wait to

Reviewer: Spriteofice Signed Date: Dec 09 2008 02:39 PM Title: Chapter Four

Somehow it seems to me like Motoki might know something about Usagi being Sailor Moon. Or am I reading too much into his words? We know that Toki is the protective type, so maybe that's all it is.

Mamoru is so scatter brained, he's acting as spacy as Usagi. And that is hilarious, even though I doubt it was intended as such. I can't wait until he realizes his Moon is just a 'kid'.

Nice inclusion of the universally hated green jacket!

Reviewer: Spriteofice Signed Date: Nov 19 2008 12:58 PM Title: Chapter Three

Ah, do I sense a backbone growing in our blond heroine? I hope so. I've alway been one to like my Usagi's on the strong side. In this case, all the crap that keeps happening to the girl seems to be helping.

And as for our beloved Mamoru....all I have to say is, priceless.

Reviewer: Spriteofice Signed Date: Nov 11 2008 11:08 AM Title: Chapter Two

*Laughs* Ah, Mamoru, so sure of yourself. Hows that reaction for ya? That was the best. Poor Usagi. I can just imagine the torture she's going to be going through now. I just hope she stays mad at him for a while. Mamoru needs his ego dropped down a few pegs. Okay, more than a few.

I love your attention to detail, even if it's something someone doesn't like. Like Mamoru's description of his fan club. I can just picture the brainless hourde clamoring after him. 

Reviewer: Spriteofice Signed Date: Oct 28 2008 09:19 AM Title: Chapter One

Mamoru is so mean! I almost hate him, but not quite. And I know there is a reason he is this way. But I'm loving it so far!

Reviewer: MC Anonymous Date: Oct 15 2008 09:35 PM Title: Prologue

I thought that you would not be back for two years? But that did not keep me from hoping that you would sneak in a chapter or two .... I am very interested in this story.... Please continue... U are offically on my GOOD short-list...lol...