Reviewer: Alsatia Anonymous Date: Nov 26 2017 10:15 AM Title: Prologue - Chapter 5

I enjoyed reading everyone's reviews here. It gave me a more in-depth understanding of the essay writing service reviews that I am currently writing.

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: May 10 2016 03:53 PM Title: Prologue - Chapter 5

I know I'm almost to the end of this story, but here at chapter 18 I need to take a break. I am actually physically nauseous. I don't think a story has ever done that. I also want to cry for Kagome.

In the previous chapters I never got the sense Kagome was being pretentious or having any type of superior attitude from how she was portrayed. She was kind and loving to her friends and way more tolerant and respectful of Sesshoumaru than he deserved. He has done nothing but be disrespectful and manipulative to her, constantly breaking promises, the word of Mr. More Honorable Than Thou, ha.

Plus he is still using sex against her, every time she begins to express her ire at his treatment of her he goes kissing, nipping, and fucking her. It is so frustrating. Oh, I enjoy the idea that the physical loving is great enough to make a woman weak kneed, we are in fact much more in control of ourselves than men are. Kagome, especially, should be able to rein in her hormones given her training and personal fortitude. Men have often portrayed women as the fairer sex/weaker sex, swooning at the merest hint of masculine hormones. Yet, they are the ones that think with their dicks and often will hump most anything with a hole, if we are stereotyping.

I understand that perhaps the author wants the confrontations currently occurring to help move the characters and plot along, but at least show Kagome enciting this wrath. Right now Sesshoumaru looks like a giant lying, abusive, manipulative, ass. And Kouga, what the heck, there is no sign of Kagome doing a damn thing to him and after everything he's done to her and she just offered her forgiveness and he pulls this crap. I hope Kagome beats all their asses when she wakes.

There is nothing wrong with a woman being strong and confident, that is not arrogance, that is not having a chip on her shoulder. Kagome never looked down on anyone, not even Inu Yasha, in either incarnation. She was angry, rightly so, but she dealt with it and moved on, even had a civil/friendly lunch with Yasha.

Naraku was Kagome's enemy before he was ever Sesshoumaru's, that gold eyed boy needs to get his head out of his ass.

Sesshoumaru may well be physically stronger than Kagome, certainly as a male, especially as a youkai. That in itself should give him pause, if he has any honor, when dealing with her physically. Not to mention, if he truly does think she is weaker than him, because he wouldn't mate a female who wasn't, then he damn well ought to be more honorable than to beat her within an inch of her life to prove it.

How often has Sesshomaru, at least mentally, sung her praises for her strength and spitfire nature, then he beats her down emotionally and physically for it. I'm glad the sex is great, but no one should put up with such abuse, period. Kagome has every right to leave his ass, and I would if I was her, any woman should. Love does not excuse his behavior, nor should it allow it. If he truly loved and respected her he'd treat her as such, Mr. Lord Honorable.

500 years supposedly protecting Kagome's sacrifice and this is how they reward her, returned to a bunch of assholes. Seems more like they were feeling sorry for themselves and wallowing in self pity. She gave her life for them and they abuse her for it. I see no maturation or character growth for them in the 500 years. They still behave like a bunch of gits.

Now, let me get this straight, Kagome trained Kasirei, Kasirei is Sesshoumaru's equal if not better in the dojo, in her next life Kagome was still besting Kasirei, yet she can't even stand up to Sesshoumaru, he just whips her around like a ragdoll. How does that make sense?

I had really hoped that when Sesshoumaru and Kagome went to the dojo, after facing Naraku, that he was just trying to bait her, get her to become better for the coming confrontation with their nemesis, yet here he was raising his hand against her in anger, again, like he has sworn not to do. How are we suppose to respect this arrogant deceitful prick? How is he supposed to be our hero to stand beside the heroine that is Kagome? I'm flabbergasted.

Yes, Kagome kept her memories and the sword a secret, and as she said, it was her right. She is doing what she thinks is best for the people she loves and if she needs time to sort things out, the by the gods she is allowed it. I believe in communication, it is one of the best things people can do for each other. No on will know how you feel or what is going on is you don't share it, plus the whole "if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you" thing is the most ridiculous and immature drivel to be born, even as a thought. While it is certainly easier to share burdens with others, you are allowed time to come to terms with things. It cannot be forced.

And what's with this you give me a hard-on, I'm gunna tie you too me forever, without even asking you, bite. Hey, we're physically compatible, who cares if there is something between us emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, bite. Let's base our eternal relationship on fucking, bite. Seriously? Bite my ass, maybe.

I truly hope Kagome takes them all to task for their ridiculous, immature, self-serving, abusive behavior, especially Sesshoumaru. He does not deserve her and I hope he pays dearly for his betrayal. Kagome has done nothing but try to protect these people and is constantly forgiving them their wrongs against her. Her tolerance and forgiveness is probably enabling their behavior. No one seem to ever learn from their misdeeds against her. They should suffer proper consequences so they can learn from their errors and become better.

I know the author only has to write "they lived happily ever after," but at this rate I'm not sure I'd believe it. Good thing this is fiction, I guess. We need that suspension of disbelief.


People, never ever let anyone treat you this way! You deserve to be respected as a human and as their partner. If they love you they should revere you. This should work both ways. As a partnership, it is a two way street. If there is trouble, discuss it, even with a mediator if necessary. Never violence and abuse, that solves nothing and truly hurts the one you claim to love. If someone is physically violent or emotionally/mentally abusive with you seek help. You don't deserve it, it is not an accident, and it is not and expression of love. There is no excuse for that behavior, none.

Reviewer: Mel Signed Date: Aug 25 2011 02:55 PM Title: Prologue - Chapter 5

Okay I've re-read it and uk I love the story but it pisses me off when Sesshomaru hurts kagome and all he needs to do is give her a few days and makeup sex.he almost freaking killed her again and left her to bleed. What if she didn't regain her powers? She could have bled to death and no one would have noticed till the next day. I wish kagome wasn't so weak. In the beginning kagome was so amazing, she was so headstrong mentally and physically. I love the story but I also mad/hate it :/

Reviewer: Mel Signed Date: Aug 24 2011 04:03 AM Title: Prologue - Chapter 5

Wow I'm so glad u wrote a sequel and finished it. I was sad for kouga cause uk I'm a KougxKag fan but I'm glad they had their first time with each other. I didnt notice any error to so Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Yumi Marie Anonymous Date: Jun 06 2011 09:48 AM Title: Prologue - Chapter 5

This was an amazing story. I loved every minute of it. I think that you are my favorite fanfiction author. ^ ^

Reviewer: jupiter_2005 Signed Date: Feb 16 2009 10:26 PM Title: Chapter 17 - 21

awesome story enjoyed that alot.

Reviewer: Anna Anonymous Date: Dec 16 2007 08:53 PM Title: Chapter 6 - 10

This story quickly caught my attention and i read both of them within 45 minutes!!!!!

Reviewer: Dora Anonymous Date: Dec 16 2007 08:51 PM Title: Prologue - Chapter 5

OMG i just love diz story!!!!!!!! :)

Reviewer: mellisa Anonymous Date: Feb 23 2007 10:28 AM Title: Chapter 17 - 21

both of your storys kicked butt. your a great story teller.

Reviewer: spasija Anonymous Date: Jan 29 2007 06:03 PM Title: Chapter 17 - 21

hi i just have to say wow this is so good hehe. i think you have show very strong power of your caracters thats cool and that it wonderfull.

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