Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: May 02 2016 02:34 PM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

Love is a very complex feeling. It is quite difficult to convey this feeling to your loved one. This fanfic is great and I just love the way this story is developed throughout. The custom essay writing services share many fanfics of this genre on their site.

Reviewer: Olaedo Onuh Anonymous Date: Mar 30 2012 05:50 AM Title: Chapter 22

How motherfucking dare you let Inuyasha end up with Kagome after all that has happened.Souls are always drawn to each soul they knew in a past life. If Sesshomaru and all the other demons that Kagome knew were still alive, the pull on her soul would have been greater because those were the exact same souls she knew. And the fact that Kagome and Sesshomaru were mates means that their souls were more closely entwined than everyone else's. I don't care if you say "At least Kagome is happy!" or some shit like that. I would feel much happier and safer with someone who shares my soul and would wait half a millenium to find me again. That ending was bullshit and I hate you for writing it. Thank you.

Reviewer: Lenneth05 Anonymous Date: Jan 23 2012 09:01 AM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

wow your story is cool.. It made me cry hard.. such a nice and sad ending.. Hope for another good story.. Keep it up :)

Reviewer: Mel Signed Date: Aug 24 2011 02:41 AM Title: Chapter 22

Wow another fanfic that met my expectations. I always wanted to read of a story where kagome dies. Congratulations on another amazing fanfic, though I will say that there were some spelling mistakes. I suggest you proof read over every page you write, besides that's I LOVE you Fanfics!

Reviewer: APAUL00 Anonymous Date: Oct 15 2010 08:05 AM Title: Chapter 22


Reviewer: Aspen8 Anonymous Date: Nov 30 2009 04:26 PM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

omg i can't believe i finally found this story again! i am soo happy. I've been a huge fan of yours for years and i pretty much read everything you've written, back in the animespiral days. i can not tell you how many fanfic sights i have gone through in search of this story and then the day came when i found it. TMYFML is by far my favorite fic and i just had to read it again. Thank you so much for reposting. You are truely a beautiful writer.

Reviewer: utsukushi shi003 Signed Date: Aug 23 2009 09:06 PM Title: Chapter 22

i'm crying like there is no tomorrow and i blame YOU FOR MAKING THE BEST STORY THERE IS!!!!!!!!!! i cryed when ginta said he did not want kagome to leave and to reconsider and i cryed when sesshomaru watched kagome turn to stone and what everyone said to him and i cryed when...when..when sesshomaru said she never know how much he loved her and when sesshomaru said "i love u kagome, it has taken me five hundred years, but i can now say it and be not afraid. I will love you until time runs out" that made me cry soo hard and i just have to reread that sentance and then i start crying again its like a sad movie i could press repeat and cry everytime

Reviewer: phantomgirl808 Anonymous Date: May 30 2009 07:22 PM Title: Chapter 22

OMG that was such a sad ending!!!!

I was crying throughout the entire story!! You really made the plot extremely good, but why??? Why did Kagome have to leave Sesshoumaru?!? He really did love her more than anything else in the world!!!

But in the end, he was happy for her new life. ^^

You are now officially my new favorite fanfic author for a SessKag pairing story.

I suggest you listen to the song "Gotta be Somebody" by Nickelback. It's really fitting for this sort of story!! ^_-

Reviewer: jupiter_2005 Signed Date: Feb 15 2009 06:45 PM Title: Chapter 22

great story enjoyed it alot. i cant wait to read the second part to this. keep up the good writing. i feel for sesshomaru, even though he made a good wish he was not able to be with the woman he loved.

Reviewer: starchild Signed Date: Jul 08 2008 09:20 PM Title: Chapter 22


Reviewer: mu chan Anonymous Date: Dec 30 2007 06:31 PM Title: Chapter 22

loved it loved it loved it

Reviewer: Izzy Anonymous Date: Dec 16 2007 09:09 PM Title: Chapter 1 - 5


Reviewer: Sapphire Anonymous Date: Nov 12 2007 03:51 PM Title: Chapter 22

Too bad Kikyo didn't die ... in the way that I wanted anyways - bloody and slow.

Reviewer: AlucardxSabrina Signed Date: May 27 2007 11:56 PM Title: Chapter 22

Great job.Keep up the great work & catch ya later.

Reviewer: lindajrjt Signed Date: Mar 02 2007 01:00 AM Title: Chapter 22

Very good story as always.  I am glad they kind of came back to life in the end.  I do wish Sesshomaru would have had another chance to be her mate though.  That is the only thing I regret.

Reviewer: Koori Youkai Hime Anonymous Date: Jan 07 2007 09:08 PM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

Loved it!! Very well written and it had a good story line. Keep up the awesome writing! :D    P.S. You get a cookie for your awesome story!

Reviewer: Angelphire Signed Date: Jan 05 2007 09:34 PM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

Yay!  That was awsome.  Please write more.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Reviewer: Koori Youkai Hime Anonymous Date: Jan 05 2007 01:14 PM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

Awesome! Lovin Kagome in this fic. Keep it up!

Reviewer: Siren Bloodrain Anonymous Date: Jan 05 2007 10:14 AM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

That was sweet! Good job!

Reviewer: Siren Bloodrain Anonymous Date: Jan 05 2007 10:13 AM Title: Chapter 1 - 5

That was sweet! Good job!

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