Reviewer: kitkat Signed Date: Jan 08 2013 07:54 PM Title: Epilogue

loveeeee it nice good work

Reviewer: Mel Signed Date: Aug 23 2011 04:06 PM Title: Chapter 9 - 14

Wow another amazing story but omg it made me rage so much. I can't believe Sesshomaru did that to kagome. I'm amazed at how she is now at the top of the world, though I'm kinda sad Sesshomaru drags her down from her pedestal. Haven't see any flaws yet. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: bob the builder Anonymous Date: Jan 15 2011 05:44 PM Title: Epilogue

i loved it

Reviewer: Mimi Anonymous Date: Feb 02 2010 03:07 AM Title: Chapter 1 - 8

I love this story. I cried on some parts and you really are able to touch the most inner emotions in your story. ^^

Reviewer: mu chan Signed Date: Jan 10 2008 12:47 PM Title: Epilogue

awesome story..i loved it. Rushed a little here and there but still good. yah, still good.


Reviewer: Silver_Serenity Signed Date: Apr 15 2007 05:34 PM Title: Chapter 9 - 14

This is so good! It had me hooked from the moment I started reading! I hope Kagome finds the closure she's looking for! Can't wait for the next update.

Reviewer: Daniella Anonymous Date: Feb 25 2007 10:39 PM Title: Chapter 9 - 14

COOLIO! Make that bastard pay! And she should take alover like Hiten or something...to gaun more experience. And she shouldn't be jealous of Sesshoumaru.






And I read your other stories, way cool!

Reviewer: mellisa Anonymous Date: Jan 22 2007 11:30 AM Title: Chapter 9 - 14

please finsh your great story. i truely can t wait to find out what happens next. i can t wait to see what kagome dose to sesshomaru. hurry.

Reviewer: season Anonymous Date: Jan 06 2007 05:40 AM Title: Chapter 9 - 14

this was a story worth an award.

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