Reviews For The Mafia
Reviewer: alex Anonymous Date: Feb 16 2014 02:37 PM Title: Chapters 6-8

when are you going to finish

Reviewer: WolfCry Anonymous Date: Jan 24 2013 02:22 PM Title: Chapters 6-8

Update sooooon!! I'd love to finish this story!! :]

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Jul 19 2012 03:19 AM Title: Chapters 6-8

For the love of all thing good please update or I will mentally die from suspense!

Reviewer: monique Anonymous Date: Jan 21 2012 05:07 AM Title: Chapters 1-5

Reviewer: LunerHope Signed Date: Dec 15 2011 01:04 PM Title: Chapters 6-8

i love the story line please do continue updating

Reviewer: jarya Anonymous Date: Jul 22 2011 06:13 AM Title: Chapters 6-8

plssss keep going

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Jul 17 2011 06:21 PM Title: Chapters 1-5

Omg awesome job. Ur very creative:) I wish u would finish it its so Awesome. If u ever finish it do you mind emailing me at bfalcon54@yahoo.com

Reviewer: Iris1010101 Anonymous Date: May 08 2010 10:22 AM Title: Chapters 1-5

Omg! When I read this story I fell madly in love with it! You have to keep writing it! From all of the SessKag pairing stories I have ever read, this is the most original and well written one I have ever read! Please, please, please keep writing!!!!!

Reviewer: daggerheart Anonymous Date: Mar 27 2010 02:42 PM Title: Chapters 1-5

I love the story, it has a lot of potental. I wish you would update. It has been nearly four years though.

Even if you don't finish it, it was cool to read.

Reviewer: shikoncaller Anonymous Date: Jul 28 2009 05:52 PM Title: Chapters 6-8

Wow that was very very good and loved it u need to contiue

Reviewer: suga Anonymous Date: Jul 08 2009 01:08 AM Title: Chapters 6-8

i loved it no but more english make it longer and spell beter

Reviewer: Saya010 Anonymous Date: Apr 27 2009 11:18 PM Title: Chapters 6-8

Oh, this is good. Please update soon...please...

Reviewer: Tiffany Varadi Anonymous Date: Mar 30 2009 11:38 PM Title: Chapters 1-5

Awesome Story! I Absolutely Adore It(: Would You Mind E-Mailing Me When You Next Update? Tiffany0314(at)ymail(dot)com



Reviewer: carrie Anonymous Date: Dec 14 2008 03:53 AM Title: Chapters 6-8

that was cool i love kagome and sesshomaru

Reviewer: Vamp Anonymous Date: Jun 14 2008 11:26 AM Title: Chapters 1-5

I realy love this story .

I forst rood this in A- Single Spark it's a wonderful story please update soon!!!

And you did  wonderful jod apter Jennifer's death cip going!

Reviewer: Vamp Anonymous Date: Jun 14 2008 11:17 AM Title: Chapters 1-5

I realy love this story .

I forst rood this in A- Single Spark it's a wonderful story please update soon!!!

Reviewer: sami Anonymous Date: Mar 31 2008 09:55 PM Title: Chapters 6-8

i am in love w/ this story


Reviewer: moonlit marauder Anonymous Date: Dec 26 2007 07:49 AM Title: Chapters 1-5

it was great i loved it especally when kagome talked back to sesshomaru and he was shocked well that was the vib i got tho u didnt write it in words. can you email me when you next update please so i can read your next chapter, u should find my email address under my pen name

Reviewer: marqusiha Anonymous Date: Nov 11 2007 01:49 PM Title: Chapters 6-8

i hope u pdate soon so luv this it is really good i wonder when kagome and sango meet again please update

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Nov 04 2007 06:39 AM Title: Chapters 6-8

plz plz plz update soon