Reviews For Heal Me
Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Jan 10 2017 06:15 AM Title: Chapters 1-5

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Reviewer: Kai Charles Anonymous Date: Jan 07 2017 07:00 AM Title: Chapters 1-5

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Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Oct 14 2014 05:30 PM Title: Chapters 16-20



Reviewer: Eris Nyrea Signed Date: Jan 04 2014 07:56 PM Title: Chapters 1-5

I really hope you finish this because it absolutely stunning! I love it!!!

Reviewer: MysteryofHeart Signed Date: Aug 04 2013 06:04 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

This is a very well put together story and I cannot wait till the next chapter is put up

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: May 19 2011 05:59 PM Title: Chapters 12-15

this was a very good little story and  had many conflr=ects for it.

Reviewer: XxkuraixXkitsuneXx Anonymous Date: Dec 14 2009 10:58 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

plz update whenever you can iw ould love to see what happens next i really like the story

Reviewer: Lady Ryuu Anonymous Date: Dec 10 2009 10:08 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

Amazing though at some parts i wanted kagome to slap sesshomaru hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: selena Anonymous Date: Sep 02 2009 05:01 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

that was BEAUTYFULL (crys)

Reviewer: selen Anonymous Date: Sep 02 2009 04:42 PM Title: Chapters 12-15

that was sweet and sad at the same time and im a bit confused too because i don't know if kagome likes sesshomaru or inuyasha

Reviewer: jojo661538 Anonymous Date: Aug 23 2009 05:52 AM Title: Chapters 16-20

i hope you continue this story keep up the great work ^_^

Reviewer: sessandkags0015 Signed Date: Apr 04 2009 03:20 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

~Please, please, please make more, these where GREAT!!~

Reviewer: AniTokyo Anonymous Date: Oct 06 2008 06:42 PM Title: Chapters 1-5

Uodate Please! You are really good!

Not to be rude or FLAME, but why write a fanfiction if your're going to get people hooked and then not even finish?

Reviewer: inuSesshy2 Anonymous Date: May 30 2008 02:22 PM Title: Chapters 1-5

kawaii. that was cute and weird.

Reviewer: Jess1293 Signed Date: Jan 31 2008 04:09 AM Title: Chapters 16-20

Ahh this is one of THE BEST i have ever read!

Reviewer: Tiffany Frymire Anonymous Date: Mar 18 2007 09:57 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

please finish! i loved this!

Reviewer: Sherry Anonymous Date: Feb 21 2007 04:52 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

That was awesome! Is there more to this story or what and if there is could you email me and let me know when you add another chapter? I would greatly appriciate it if you would. my email is fangsoffury08@bellsouth.net and yeah if you would just put in the subject bar update on story i will understand thanks!

Reviewer: sherry Anonymous Date: Feb 21 2007 04:31 PM Title: Chapters 12-15

all i can say is that he does care and so does inuyasha and i think that inuyasha is going to fight for her eventually!

Reviewer: kellie Anonymous Date: Feb 11 2007 08:51 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

hey this is a great story keep up the good work

Reviewer: OMG Anonymous Date: Feb 04 2007 02:00 PM Title: Chapters 16-20

AAAAAHHHH!!! what happens next!!! please up date soooooooooon i think im going to DIE!!!!!