Reviews For Out of Place
Reviewer: MC Anonymous Date: Apr 04 2008 12:21 PM Title: Chapter 22

I have read this story over and over... and i cant get over the emotions i feel as the story goes... When Usagi's family was murdered i cried as if they were mine... To create a story so bold and so vivid that you feel as if you are part of them and they are no longer fantasy is fantastic... Can't wait for the second part...

Reviewer: danielle Anonymous Date: Nov 22 2007 08:07 AM Title: Chapter 22

hi i aboustley loved it but it's a shame usagi is hurt could you send me more storys about salior moon please my e-amil is elled004@medway.org.uk i would be so grateful thanks danielle

Reviewer: Timeless14 Anonymous Date: Nov 14 2007 06:23 PM Title: Chapter 22

I can't believe it ended like that. It's so sad!

Reviewer: merangelgal Anonymous Date: Jun 24 2007 04:35 PM Title: Chapter 21

Awesome!! Another great chapter!

Reviewer: Merangelgal Anonymous Date: May 02 2007 01:38 PM Title: Chapter 19

Wow what a chapter!!!

There's so much I loved about it I don't even know where to start!  

Minako and her green dress.... Motoki's reaction to Usagi and Mamoru's date... Mamoru's possessiveness.... the list is endless... :D Yay for the quick update too!!! Thank you! 



Reviewer: Silver_Serenity Signed Date: May 02 2007 01:27 AM Title: Chapter 19

BEST CHAPTER EVER!!! I loved it when Serenity finally got Beryl back: "he's mine, bitch" HA! Love it! Plz keep writing!

Reviewer: merangelgal Anonymous Date: Apr 28 2007 11:05 AM Title: Chapter 18

As always, a great chapter and a pleasure to read. I look forward to the next chapter!!

Reviewer: Starryniteyes Signed Date: Mar 21 2007 12:34 PM Title: Chapter 15-16

I loved it, I love your style of writing! I am glad someone is finally showing an effect that the battles and what not, and in this case way more extreme than the manga or televsion show, are taking on the characters, they cant be the same exact person after things like that, anyway, i am enjoying! thank you

Reviewer: mycha_kk Anonymous Date: Mar 13 2007 03:37 PM Title: Chapter 15-16

Please do not take it as a flame but why, why do you torment Usa so much? Why is she hurting so much still? Why do we, the readers, and Motoki, and Rei,  and Mina, and probably everone else, who's seen them together know  that Mamoru loves Usa for being Usa, but she the said girl is to blind to see it?! Gosh I'm getting tired of this all.... Are you really planing on destroying Usa's soul by this? I'm not a fan of changed personality in Usa but here in this story (which is one of the best ever - and I mean not only in this fandom) we, the readers, see why Usa has changed we are not only told she's changed but we are shown the whole process and the part about her being the Princess (which is a lame excuse IMHO) here is sucha minor part that I'm not repelled by it. I love this story so much and I love you writting style, but I want to see the healing process of Usa to start finally. I'm aware that she probably won't be the same Usa (she went trhough so much) but I want for her to finally see the hope in her life! Gosh are you planing on making that Rei's vission of destroyed Usagi - the epitome of Death, its personification, to come true? Oh please, please, please, nomore for Usa's suffering.

I hope you won't seel offened or anything. I DO love thi story, but... it's just getting to much i think. I hope it will have a happy ending. And I can't wait to see the end of Demando/Diammond (never sure which name was Japanese and which dub). Please continue t and I of course will read whatever you'll write, but I hope for some more otimistic scenes in the future...

Yours first fan (always loyalm even if currently not too happy with the sotry)


Author's Response: Ok, first of all,I totally can take criticism,I promise! I'm sorry if the story seems to simply draw out her pain, but there is a necessary reason for it. This is not meant to completely destroy her,I promise. Through trials, we become stronger by far, and I am more than anything else trying to point out this fact. I don't believe in unhappy endings, and all of the changes she goes through are part of the plot. So many people simply assume that just because they both remember, everything in the past has been completely forgiven without ever saying it and suddenly the world is good. My point is to show that there are times in which the character has to readjust to her new environment. Since my style focuses so intently on the character development, it is imperative that she understands his motives completely instead of calling it as she sees it. Please trust me as an author, I promise you won't be disappointed with the end result.

Reviewer: Merangelgal Anonymous Date: Feb 19 2007 04:02 PM Title: Chapter 13-14

He hehe.... love the end there!! I was wondering why she had to move out! I was a bit confused about how she met her mother and then all of a sudden everyone had come back to life again, but you explained that really well a bit further in. Glad to see another chapter up!! Can't wait for the next! You write so well!!! 

Author's Response: Aw thank you!! i really try to keep things up to snuff on this thing, as it'll prolly be the only big one i have up for a while. We're only about half way through the story tho, so definately keep checking back!

Reviewer: Terra Anonymous Date: Feb 14 2007 12:16 PM Title: Chapter 1 - 2

OMG!!! i loved da nu chapter!! "mamo-chan u hentai" lmao ;) classic!!

Reviewer: Starryniteyes Signed Date: Jan 30 2007 01:06 AM Title: Chapter 11-12

wow that was an insane turn, i cant wait for the nect one

Reviewer: Starryniteyes Signed Date: Jan 20 2007 11:06 PM Title: Chapter 9-10

I loved this chapter, I cant wait for the next!

Reviewer: merangelgal Anonymous Date: Jan 18 2007 12:09 PM Title: Chapter 9-10

WOW!! Intense chapter! Love how you brought Usagi back!! Very touching indeed!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Reviewer: Merangelgal Anonymous Date: Jan 13 2007 07:40 PM Title: Chapter 7-8

This story gets better and better!! It's like reading an awesome novel!! Please continue!!!

Author's Response: Oh wow! what a compliment and thank you! i'm really touched that you guys would leave me such awesome feedback and i really hope everyone else is enjoying it too. I plan on getting the next couple chapters out fairly soon, so definately keep checking back.

Reviewer: Starryniteyes Signed Date: Jan 13 2007 01:20 AM Title: Chapter 1 - 2

thank you for updating its great i cant wait to see what happens next

Reviewer: Silver_Serenity Signed Date: Jan 06 2007 02:56 AM Title: Chapters 5-6

...are you ending it here?? Please say no!! I absolutely love the story, and I can't see it end here! The lines between Dimon and Mamoru were classic! "And who are you , her brother?...Her pit bull" Ha! Loved it. I hope you continue to write because the story really has me entranced. Ja!

Author's Response: Don't worry, i plan on working every little detail out in the plot, so there's still a lot to go. I'm glad you're enjoying it and thanks so much for the encouragement!

Reviewer: Ali Anonymous Date: Nov 23 2006 10:44 PM Title: Chapter 3-4

What can I say to one of the most amazing stories I've ever read? Well, I hope you update, first off. Second, I would love to learn why the timeline got so off. This is such an interesting AU. And where is Mina??

Author's Response:

lets just say that things got a little confused right at first and Mina....well, i'll let you find that out.


Reviewer: Anne Anonymous Date: Nov 08 2006 08:38 AM Title: Chapter 1 - 2

Oh wow... Just read the latest installment! You can't just leave it there?!!! :0) Wow... I reread the whole story so far, and I just love the whole thing! I am waiting (with baited breath) for both Mamoru and Usagi to figure out who they are! (prince/princess)... and why didn't he kiss her when they were in bed? that was sooo sweet though the scene about the tatoo.... I can't wait til you update again!!

Reviewer: srsmoon Signed Date: May 27 2006 09:12 PM Title: Chapter 3-4

I had been wondering when the connection between Usagi's father and Mamoru's teacher would be realized by Mamoru: great party scene by the way.  Totally creepy ending though.  Another awesome chapter, keep it up!  (You have Haruka spelled wrong, just so you know.)