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Reviewer: fang77 Anonymous Date: Jan 20 2015 01:23 AM Title: Chapter 1


Reviewer: niyx22 Anonymous Date: Dec 04 2012 11:51 PM Title: Chapter 1

i love the storie very much. would it be ok if i copy it and put it with my stories on my fanfiction.

Reviewer: Utsuro San Anonymous Date: Jun 05 2011 12:03 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

Loved this story, you held my interest throughout. Oh also the love making scenes were not obscene (because i know that with some writers they become seedy). Well done and thankyou.

Keep writing,

Utsuro San

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: Feb 28 2011 04:04 AM Title: Chapter 1

it was very good i could never write a story as good as ur's and i've been writing since i was 8 yrs. old. i loved it. u should finish it.

Reviewer: laptopjen Signed Date: Nov 28 2010 03:43 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

wow this story rocks out loud!!!! awsome job!:)

Reviewer: laptopjen Signed Date: Aug 10 2010 03:58 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

i absalutly love it!!!! oh can you pls check out my story destiny is a funny thing? thanx c u soon

Reviewer: Dri Anonymous Date: Mar 07 2009 07:14 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

This story if u ask me was the BOMB!!!!!!!!                                        

I love this story!!! My friends suggested to me screaming and shreiling how good it is becuase of the Kagome and Sesshomaru love!!! MY FRIENDS AND I THINK THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER SO THANKS FOR LETTIN US KNOW THAT SOMEBODY THOUGHT THE SAME WAY!!!!!!     ;)

Reviewer: Serena Williams Anonymous Date: Feb 21 2009 10:01 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

it was beautiful and write another one soon.

Reviewer: carrie Anonymous Date: Dec 25 2008 12:02 AM Title: Chapter 1

lord of the western lands my ass  sesshomaru need's to let kagome tell him what's what insteed of having ...... :(... you know what

it still was cool

Reviewer: SWEET ANGEL Anonymous Date: Dec 22 2008 08:50 AM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue


Reviewer: Rocks Anonymous Date: Oct 24 2008 01:49 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

Very good story I loved it, thanks so much for your hard work!!

Reviewer: sammy Anonymous Date: Jan 03 2008 02:23 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

That was the best story I have ever raed! I loved it.

Reviewer: kiyoto Anonymous Date: Dec 30 2007 04:45 PM Title: Chapter 1

opps forgot to rate, I sent you another message, just I forgott to rate. LOL

Reviewer: kiyoto Anonymous Date: Dec 30 2007 04:43 PM Title: Chapter 14 - Epilogue

GREAT story!!! I really liked the part when kagome threw a pillow at sesshoumaru, thinking it was the guard! LOL!  true that in this particular story, sesshoumary was REALLY horny<LOL>and I think its cute how the son of sesshoumaru, and kagome was named Inu Taisho.  I am planning to write a story of my own, but dont worry, I WONT coppy any of your work, the only thing that MIGHT be similar is the woman < sesshoumarus mate> getting mad at the guard.  Thats it though, the rest will be entirely DIFFERENT!  I really enjoyed reading your story!  I give it a ten out of ten =) YEY!!!

Reviewer: kiyoto Anonymous Date: Dec 29 2007 01:29 PM Title: Chapter 1

 GREAT first page!  I really liked it!!  soooo interesting, what im wondering now is will miroku get togather with kikyou, and they will be mates!?  kinda ewwwww, but then everyone would be happy! LOL ..........wierd, I know.  GREAT story! =)

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