TEN WEEK ONE HOUR CHALLENGE - WEEK ONE:  Friday 21st, August - Friday 28th, August

Hi all, welcome to our Ten Week One Hour Challenge.  I picked ten of the funnest One Hour Challenges from the Master List and whoever joins in will be writing and posting a Oneshot Fanfic based around one of those Challenges, which could be a Scene or a Sentence. Anyone coming to the site can join in with this Challenge.

Feel free to write out the plots ahead of time-or even write the Fanfics if you like-BUT, you can't post the Fanfics until the due week.

Anybody can write for this, even if they've never written a Fanfic before.  We're very supportive of those who want to try their hand at writing for the first time. :)  Feel free to ask for help if you need it.

Here are the Rules:

•  Due Date: One week from the start date, as below. You can post your Fanfic at any time within those seven days.

•  How Long Can The Fanfic Be?: You have only as much time as you can write in One Hour. Stop if you need to and resume later, but make sure you know how much you have left when you come back. If you don't want to have to watch the time for every Fanfic, just note down how many KB you wrote in the first Challenge and use that for the rest.

•  Fanfic Type: It must be a Oneshot, which means a completed short Fanfic. To be based around the Scene or Sentence as your base plot.

•  Fandom: Any Fandom and romantic pairing you like. We welcome Slash or Lesbian pairings.  Encourage it even!

•  Writing More Than One Fanfic For Each Challenge: Absolutely you can!  If you want to be ambitious and write two or more Fanfics for each Challenge, and even with different pairings, feel free.  I might be too.

  Rating: Absolutely any. Sex is welcome! Or you can go as PG as you like.

•  You do not need to write for all ten weeks. We all have real life interference, so if you can only write for some of these, that's fine. If you'd like to catch up on those missed weeks, once we've passed them, you can do that too. 

•  Requirement: All Fanfics are to be posted to Destiny's Gateway site. It's only fair if you're using a Challenge that I thoughts up, right? Feel free to post to any of your other usual sites too. We can also always use more Fanfics to this site for everyone to read. :)


At the front of your Summary on the site, please put:  TEN WEEK ONE HOUR CHALLENGE - WEEK ONE.

If you have any questions or need help, please let me know. The best method to contact me and get support for your Fanfiction and to just talk to some very friendly people, is to join the site's Facebook group, also called Destiny's Gateway.  I am on the group for a lot of the day and night.


Have fun! And please spread the word!

 •  Week 1 - Friday 21st, August - Friday 28th, August

#683 - Scene - Your 'Couple' pretend to make out in a car, but it turns into real passion the moment they touch.

 •  Week 2 - Friday 28th, August - Friday 4th, September

#491 - Scene - Your 'Couple' both get locked in toilet stalls next to each other in a unisex toilet and strike an embarrassing conversation while waiting for someone else to come in and rescue them.

 •  Week 2 - Friday 4th, August - Friday 11th, September

#551 - Scene - One of your 'Couple' has to give the other mouth-to-mouth, which accidentally turns into a kiss.

 •  Week 4 - Friday 11th, September - Friday 18th, September

#653 - Sentence - "There's just something about skin-tight leather that gets me all hot and bothered."

 •  Week 5 - Friday 18th, September - Friday 25th, September

#36 - Scene - Your 'Couple' are fighting daily and one of them gets sick of it and shuts the other up with a kiss every time they shout, yell or screams something in anger.

 •  Week 6 - Friday 25th, September - 2nd October

#57 - Scene - Your 'Couple' are handcuffed together as a prank.

 •  Week 7 - Friday 2nd, October - Friday 9th, October

#595 - Sentence - "Boxers or briefs?"

 •  Week 8 - 9th October - Friday 16th, October

#286 - Scene - One of your 'Couple' is sleep-deprived and accidentally says something they shouldn't have!

 •  Week 9 - Friday 16th, October - Friday 23rd, October

#565 - Scene - One of your 'Couple' wear a t-shirt reading 'Kiss Me Quick'.

 •  Week 10 - Friday 23rd, October - Friday 30th October

#32 - Scene - Your 'Couple' get stranded in the middle of nowhere in a car-in the dead of winter- with no heat and only each other to keep warm.

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